‘Because of the abortion I didn’t have …’

‘… I didn’t go to Yale.’

As the Supreme Court deliberates a challenge to Roe v Wade, the New York Times files its amicus curiae brief for NARAL with a first-person account of a mother who regrets NOT having an abortion!

It’s a counter-factual to the regret most abortions evoke. The Times’ essayist apologizes to the baby she bore 20 years ago. “I’ve agonized about publishing this essay, because I don’t want to hurt my son.” (We doubt her essay would have hurt as much as You Know What.) In the succeeding two decades, the essayist reveals her continued failure to take responsibility for poor decisions:

I wasn’t really dating his father … When we had sex, we couldn’t use condoms …

And her selfishness. Just listen to her go “me, me, me:” “My personhood was erased and over written with MOTHER before I even know who I was … I had no idea how hard it would be for me to be a mother. … My relationship with my parents is stunted because I’ve never recovered … I’m still struggling to … hold on to a sense of self-worth.”

Of course, the reluctant mother eventually got a job at the university women’s studies program where — you’ll never guess this plot twist! She started an abortion fund!

NOT ‘a lump of cells’

Abortion is the latest crusade for The New York Times, succeeding its discredited 1619 Project. Must also knock down the adoption alternative. Sure enough, The Times casts as a victim a woman who found her birth mother, “heartbroken” about the years they missed. “Adoption is often just as traumatic as the right thinks abortion is,” she writes, “if not more so, as a woman has to relinquish, not a lump of cells, but a fully formed baby she has lived with for nine months.”

A few years back, the Madison WI Common Council denied granting federal funds to a non-profit that wanted to build housing for single mothers who opted against abortion and decided to bear their children. Shouldn’t encourage the pro-lifers, doncha know.

Abortion doesn’t help Democrats

Just 8% of voters listed abortion as the most important issue facing Virginia, according to exit polls. Even worse for Democrats, of the people who cared most about the issue, a majority voted for the Republican. — Politico reports.

As for the reluctant mother who missed out on Yale, she reveals that she did get to abort two subsequent babies. Apparently, her preferred method of birth control.

“I don’t think about who those people would have been,” she maintains, again unconvincingly. “I would have loved those people. But my life would have been harder.” She’s right about that, at least. Parenthood does take work.

Being so directly involved in reproductive right and justice activism as my kids were growing up has given me many natural opportunities to talk to them about abortion. … It’s not about the yes/no of a child’s existence, it’s about what kind of life the child will have.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: No, poor woman, that is exactly what it is about: the yes/no of a child’s existence. Ultimately, the child will make her own life — if not taken from her.

Have you apologized to YOUR children
for bearing them? 

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34 Responses to ‘Because of the abortion I didn’t have …’

  1. Bill Cleary says:

    The truth of abortion is that if I give the government the power to declare LIFE, not LIFE, in one circumstance, then I have by fiat, given them the power to say that MY LIFE is not LIFE!

    Just as soon as the circumstances permit them, the advocacy groups want it, their lap dogs in the media say it is okay, it will come to pass.

    That goes for anyone, any group of people, at anytime, anywhere.

    It is just that simple.

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  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Merely the logical conclusion reached through Critical Race Theory. This makes perfect sense to a progressive.


  3. One eye says:

    Children making their own life like Tony Robinson, Khari Sanford and Ethan Crumbley?

    Too many idiot parents out there that unfortunately probably never considered abortion and certainly not birth control.

    I’d like to see a scared straight program put on by single welfare mothers who realize how hard it is.


  4. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Years ago Ben Stein wrote that in the end, pro-life will prevail over “pro-choice,” because it doesn’t matter how you frame the question. When you get right down to it, the other side is in favor of killing babies.


    • One eye says:

      Alternate reality is the babies grow up and are killed by the police. Or imprisoned. or go on the dole.

      The one thing I’m certain of is that one side is never going to prevail.


  5. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    “I killed a baby, … and all I got was this Lamborghini.”

    It’s bad enough for the ghouls at Planned unParenthood to butcher a baby, but then tor the #HumanChopShop to sell her baby body parts for profit is beyond the pale. It’s just plain evil.
    Planned unParenthood exemplifies man’s inhumanity against man.

    Can you name another very profitable, private non-profit business that gets an annual federal subsidy of over $500,000,000? Holy buckets! That’s a lot of ching. Democrats are down with it because PunP gives some of that money right back to them in political campaign donations.

    The real crime against our common humanity occurs when Satan’s Little Helper, the clinician at Planned unParenthood was the only person ever to hold that little innocent baby girl. But it wasn’t a loving embrace. She was getting ready to cut through the baby girl’s face in order to “harvest’ a valuable intact brain specimen.

    Lefties have commodified Life itself. To them your worth is just the value of your body parts. When poor-choicers at the #HumanChopShop are allowed to traffic in stolen fetal baby body parts, it becomes a clear and present danger to not only our moral conscience, but to our nation’s identity, as well. When we don’t respect and recognize the sanctity of human Life, with awe, awareness and humility, we can never have a decent, just and free society.

    Abortionists wouldn’t do to a dog what they do to unborn babies.
    If they did they’d be in prison. And rightfully so.

    More Americans must begin to understand that abortion is not a social/political issue that sits on the sidelines of a mainstream agenda of important issues. Life is front and center.

    EVILSLIVE @PlannedunParenthood. Babies don’t.

    Pregnancy isn’t a disease. Abortion isn’t a cure.
    It’s certainly not “women’s health care”.

    Have you heard about the dyslexic abortionist who sold her soul to Santa?

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  6. Liberty says:

    Parenthood is a life-altering sacrifice and nobody should have children they don’t want or are not prepared for.

    That said, why do leftists put the burden for their own poor choices onto our shoulders? As if it’s our fault that they screwed up their lives. The solution is simple, really: Keep your legs crossed or use birth control, double up on it if you have to. If you do have an unwanted pregnancy, there are always good parents waiting to adopt.

    My biggest issue is with late-term abortion and not giving aid to babies born of botched abortions. You have to be a real ghoul to support this. Also disgusting are women who brag about their abortions. Sick.


    • One eye says:

      “That said, why do leftists put the burden for their own poor choices onto our shoulders? ”

      And the media is only too willing to prop them up. The standard article on minimum wage begins with the woe is me tail from the single mother to 3 or 4 kids : “How am I supposed to feed these kids on my dunkin donuts wage?” NO SHIT SHERLOCK! What were you thinking? You weren’t.

      We need free birth control and counseling that strongly recommends it’s use.


      • Liberty says:

        Agree, except for the last sentence.

        Birth control is pretty cheap so there’s really no excuse for anyone not to use it. Even if it was available for free, I’m not sure it would make a difference to the irresponsible and lazy.


  7. Almostarepublican says:

    Abortion isn’t ideal, but without safe and legal abortion, women will resort to life threatening measures to terminate unwanted pregnancies. I don’t want to go back to those days. Safe, legal and rare is my motto on abortion.


    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      Abortion is never “safe” for either the new unmother or the unborn baby.
      One proven method of making something “rare” is making it illegal.
      Just sayin’.

      Have you really seriously thought about it?
      Or are you simply parroting pro-abort talking points?

      This formulation has always bothered me because it is fundamentally dishonest. It’s painful to hear and offensive to all Americans of conscience. Planned unParenthood’s mantra of “safe, legal, and rare” is a lie. Their real goal is to encourage more elective abortions paid by taxpayers to increase their bottom line. What else would we expect from an evil organization that calls the destruction of an unborn baby’s Life,
      ……. “‘women’s healthcare'”?

      If an unborn baby is NOT a human life, (an evil sophistry that’s responsible for 62 million baby lives getting snuffed out), then why would you want to make it rare?

      If it is a “women’s right”, … why would you want to make it rare?
      What other individual human rights do you want to make rare?

      If we are just talking about a blob of tissue, why worry about reducing abortion?

      “Safe, legal and rare” was always logically and morally untenable: If Democrats wanted abortion to be rare thanks to its inherent immorality, there’s no reason for it to be legal.
      Honest Democrats have finally come around and are actually “shouting” their abortions, proudly proclaiming them from the rooftops, In fact, many feminasties celebrate their abortions. suggesting that there is some moral good achieved by abortion.

      Proglobotic poor-choice pro-aborts have evolved from “safe, legal, and rare”
      to “abortion-on-demand, anytime and without apology.”

      Why do pro-abort progressives want to make abortion safe, legal and rare,
      but then spend all their time on the first two and none on the third?

      It is relatively simple to reduce the number of abortions, even while keeping them “safe” and “legal.” Show the parents a sonogram of the baby they thought about killing.
      “Congrats, mom and dad, look, there’s 10 toes, 10 fingers, and … bingo baby! …21, … It’s a boy!”


  8. georgessson says:

    “It’s counter-factual…” Ya nailed it, Squire, and smacked it right on the head. The “ne plus ultra” in selfish, entitled and unnatural… And, as you point out, manifested later by her success in achieving murderer status via TWO subsequent abortions.

    We all see the ubiquitous yard signs that begin w/ “Science is real” and end with “Kindness is Everything”… Well then, for Cry Eye, what about the undeniable science that life is viable at 23 weeks? And… just how kind is it to end that life?

    And puzzle me this: “We couldn’t use condoms”. Say what ? Ya needed printed instructions ?

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    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      Printed instruction would’ve helped me. I admit I was nervous the first time I went to the drug store to buy some rubbers. The pharmacist asked, “What size?”

      “They come in sizes? I asked. He nodded, ” So, yeah, large, I guess.”

      I bought three Trojans. He rang me up. “That’ll be $1.29 with tax.”

      “Tacks! I thought they stayed on by themselves.”



  9. Special K says:

    I don’t believe any of the posters on this thread are women, so not sure how you would apologize for “bearing them.” And no, I’m not a lefty, but I am female. So much easier to offer your opinion when you’re not a woman.


    • Almostarepublican says:

      I believe that I am the only female posting here. I think. And, I am probably the only one who thinks that the decision should be left to the woman to decide.


      • One eye says:

        I’m Spartacus!


      • Liberty says:

        I think the father should have some say.


      • Special K says:

        I agree with you. Ultimately, it’s the woman’s decision.


      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

        Special K,

        No one could reasonably argue that abortion only affects women. A better argument would be “abortion affects women disproportionately”, but that doesn’t mean women are the only ones who can address the issue of abortion.

        Historically, slavery has affected blacks disproportionately, but it doesn’t lead to the conclusion that non-blacks are disqualified from commenting on a moral issue that’s boiled over into all segments of society.

        Something is seriously askew with a feminist worldview in which men are canceled, culturally cleansed, gagged and denied the right to protect their sons and daughters.
        Just as it was wrong to silence women in the public square in our America’s early history, so is it wrong now to silence men.

        There is no equality under the law when a father is forbidden to protect the life of his child. Yet this injustice is never spoken of in any debate.

        Pro-abort Proglibocrats at Planned unParenthood hold, “no uterus, no opinion.” That means that the viewpoints of wymyn count more than those of men.
        C’mon grrrl, how sexist can you get?!!!

        The NOW cows, NARAL nags, and EMILY’s “early money is like a yeast infection” Listers want abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth. Most sentient Americans don’t agree with that and want some reasonable time limitation placed on abortion. Of all 198 nations, only 7 allow abortion with no limits. We should join the rest of the civilized world and set some reasonable limits on ending a baby’s innocent Life.

        Myopic misanthropic misandrists, who need a man like a fish needs a bicycle, are constantly trying to reduce the number of voices that are eligible to participate. Since Roe, poor-choice pro-aborts have already silenced 62 million voices with the blade of a sharp knife. We cannot let them do further damage with dull ideas. Sharpening arguments requires vigorous debate. And vigorous debate requires acceptance of the idea that arguments are not gendered. Neither is the right to speak on matters of profound moral consequence, because it really is a literal Life and Death decision.

        The science of pregnancy is pretty basic. I’d even dare to say, “It’s settled science.” Every human embryologist agrees, “Life begins at conception.”
        When else COULD it begin? Every pregnancy consists of three people, … the baby, the mother and the father. If it’s a “choice” you must include the voice of the father, too.

        Don’t be poor-choice. Choose Wisely. Choose Life.
        Life IS good.



        • Special K says:

          Sheesh, GDHM…again, NEVER said it doesn’t affect ONLY woman. Please don’t put words in my mouth. And then you vomit an avalanche of words meant to rile up anyone who doesn’t precisely hold your point of view. All I said is that ultimately and understandably, the final decision rests with the woman. After all, the pregnancy is happening in her body, not the man’s. Ultimately, choosing life is always best. But, please don’t think that the vast majority of women who choose to terminate a pregnancy are being flippant about it. Get real.

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        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

          My bad, K.

          It was a case of mistaken identity. I mistook you for the feminist dressed up as a vagina at Planned unParenthood’s Pro-Abortion rally, hysterically screaming about how great her abortion was, how bad all men were and holding up a sign that read,
          “My vagina has a voice.”

          She was in obvious distress, but for the Life of me, I couldn’t decide
          if she needed a psychiatrist, a gynecologist or an exorcist.
          Proglobotically just an audience.


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    • georgessson says:

      K, “So much easier to offer your opinion when you’re not a woman.” I believe men and women are equals, even when it comes to opinions…


      • Special K says:

        Didn’t say they weren’t equals—your words, not mine. Just sayin’ that it is often a lot easier to offer an opinion when you’re not the one who it’s happening to.


    • Liberty says:

      Yes, it’s much easier to preach when you’re not the one in the situation.

      Because if you’re a young woman, unmarried, penniless, have no family, are from an abusive relationship, etc. the decision to bring a baby into the world that will actually thrive is much more involved.

      Conservatives would benefit by supporting and funding programs that allow women to take the time to make a proper decision. By “decision” I mean that these centers would prepare women to either give their babies up for adoption to good homes or to become good parents. It would teach them job & life skills, etc.

      Conservatives have to do more than preach. They have to offer actual SOLUTIONS.


      • a says:

        Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County does all of these things. They are well worth your donations.

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        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

          Say hey, a.

          I say, “Amen’. Please consider giving a generous Christmas donation directly to The Elizabeth House.

          These good and Godly folks not only minister to all the physical, (food, clothing, shelter), psychological, educational and spiritual needs of unwed moms,
          … they build families, as well.


  10. georgessson says:

    ” A man was the blame of it all…” Written for all the true misandrists !


  11. A Party of One says:

    6,000,00 Jews murdered by the Nazis is rightfully called The Holocaust.
    What should we call the murder of 62,000,000 children since Roe v Wade?
    God forgiver us!

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  12. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Anyone who’s concerned about this latest abortion kerfuffle, should watch Christensen’s video.
    It’s 16 minutes long, but it’s the definitive discussion of the issue, and well worth the time spent.


    The deteriorating state of law and order has Americans asking, “What is happening to our country?”

    The answer is simple: We’re all reaping what secular-progressives have sewn by devaluing
    human Life. The tragic consequence of the devaluation of human life is the culture of death now pervading American society. When our political leaders legalize the murder of innocent, unborn children, should anyone really be surprised when murder becomes mundane?

    When will Lefties get woke, look in the mirror and honestly ask themselves,
    “Why are we in this hand basket, … and where are we headed?”

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grown up to be Lefties.
    Lefties aren’t good for children or other living thin gs.


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