Mayor Satya proposes cutting 4 police officers

Not adding 8!

The mayor of Madison WI says the budget she proposes for next calendar year adds 8 police officers. But it doesn’t — not really. The city is absorbing three-quarters of the Town of Madison, which has a force of 18 police officers protecting a population  over 6,800 (before it began not filling vacancies in anticipation of its demise as a separate political entity). The City of Madison will absorb 5,000 of those residents.

Town of Madison Police Chief Scott Gregory tells Blaska Policy Werkes that an equitable division would send 12 police officers to Madison and 5 to the City of Fitchburg. According to our math, Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway proposes a reduction of 4 police officers. 

Overall, it appears law enforcement is being reduced, if someone were to ask me,” Chief Gregory told us. The City of “Madison is basically making the Town one beat on the south side. So, they are covering the Town with only one officer.”

Fitchburg/Madison new boundary

Current City of Madison is purple; Fitchburg is orange; Town of Madison is green.
Red line demarcates new boundary.

The annexation does not fully take effect until 10-31-2022. That would delay the increased policing burden on the City of Madison until the last two months of next year. But it is also likely the City would put off hiring until then, which would still result in reduced protection. (Former County Executive Kathleen Falk would add sheriff’s deputies but put them on the payroll on December 31.) Don’t forget, the City of Madison also absorbs roughly three-quarters of the Town’s property values for taxation purposes, although the City contemplates a tax incremental finance district to upgrade infrastructure like curbs and gutters.

The real question,” Chief Gregory adds, “is how many will the city council approve?

Mayor Satya did manage to find money for her independent police monitor and Police Civilian Oversight Board: $459,308, a 1.9% increase. (The city police budget would increase 1.8%.) Last anyone noticed, that Woke tribunal was arguing over personal pronouns.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe have taken the police oversight board to court for racial discrimination. The hope of the complainant is that the City will cut its losses and devote that half a million dollars to keeping Madison safe.

How likely is that?

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9 Responses to Mayor Satya proposes cutting 4 police officers

  1. Liberty says:

    Interesting that you heard from Chief Gregory and not Chief Barnes.

    I think I heard on Vicki’s show that he wants to add an internal affairs officer?


      • Liberty says:

        Did you hear the segment where Vicki read an anonymous letter from a Madison police officer? Wowza. And why is it that we haven’t learned the name of the cop having sex in the squad car? It’s easy enough to find out, but his silence makes you go hmmmm.

        Seems to me Chief Barnes is just another politician, not a real cop or leader. Probably using Madison as a stepping stone. But of course, anyone with any amount of good sense can figure this out.


  2. georgessson says:

    Good snag, David, some tricky subterfuge goin’ by Hiz/Her honor. Well, it ain’t over until the Fat Lady squeals. Hopefully Madisonians will see the net sum gained/lost by LEO’s. As you point out, the Police Civilian Oversight Board commitment was: $459,308. Coulda/shoulda paid for real law enforcement positions, not a buncha ne-er-do-wells arguin’ about nonsense alla time. Sheesh.

    Speakin’ of racial discrimination lawsuits (and yers is a good ‘un), WILL is taking the UW to task:

    Local MDSN news: “The conservative law firm (WILL) behind several high-profile lawsuits is threatening legal action against the University of Wisconsin-Madison over allegations that the university hired three mental health providers to work exclusively with students of color.”


  3. Bill Cleary says:

    Like I have said before, what government at all levels has become is an extortion racket. Pay us your money and we’ll give you protection. Only problem is that in our case the mayor, Satya, has no intention of providing the protection to the average slob like you and I.

    No, if you live in places like Maple Bluff, Shorewood, Bishops Bay or the Monroe Street area, your just fine. The rest of us will have to deal with the scum that breaks into our cars, goes for joy rides in our cars, beats up people, steals from businesses and homeowners, uses Madison as a drug dealers hotspot, steals and shoots off guns in an ever increasing amount and commits murder at an all to frequent basis.

    The drugs, the gangs, the lack of police officers, the lack of the support for our police officers and the lack of prosecution of those who are committing the crimes will spell the death of our once fair community.

    When this “Shit Show” comes to places like Maple Bluff, Shorewood, Bishops Bay and the Monroe Street area then you might see some change. Only problem is that once that happens, it will be too little, too late for Madison.

    To the progessive socialists out there: You might not have to pay for it, but you certainly will own the Hell that you will unleash upon Madison.


  4. redleg12 says:

    It sounded fishy when I read that she was going to add police. And, now the lies have been revealed.


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