With no cops, student fighting roils Madison’s high schools

Police not even notified

Madison public schools have been in session for about a month. It is the first month in many years without school resource police officers at the four major high schools. The woke school board kicked police out in 2019 and school last year was conducted virtually due to the Covid pandemic. The Werkes has been hearing chatter about multiple fights at those schools.

East high school fight

Now WMTV-15 is showing student-captured smart phone video of fights, including a one-sided assault at Madison East high school.

The latter shows a Madison East sophomore attacked by two other students who ran into his classroom as he sat in the front row. It appears they were not fellow classmates but entered the classroom to pummel him.

The mother told TV-15: “The teachers are hands off and I’m pretty sure they are told to be hands off.” The mother has pulled her son out of school. She filed a police report, not the school district.

The incidents are not isolated, as East high Principal Sean Leavy admits in a message to parents:

Since the start of in-person learning this school year, our administrative team and deans of students have responded to multiple alterations during lunch hour that have taken place on and off school grounds, with some of these altercations becoming physical.

In a second WMTV-15 report, spokesman Tim LeMonds (he has a tough job) did his best to defend the school district’s police-free safety plan: “The big difference is SROs … Our buildings are safe … will things happen? We hope not but yes, there will be incidents.”

The school district’s dense “safety plan” dictates that police are not called until the district safety director approves. The victim’s mother told WMTV-15, “The school did not call me, the school did not call my husband, the school did not call the police. I reached out to the school when I received a text from my son.”

School board president Ali Muldrow, who voted to expel police from the schools, told WMTV-15:

My fellow board members and I take very seriously the safety of our students. So any time a student is harmed, we want to be proactive in examining what we can do to support the school and the students involved and what we can do moving forward to make sure our students are as safe as possible.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The school violence was entirely predictable. Do you slow down to the speed limit when you see a police squad car? Would you be inclined to refrain from beating other students if you knew a police officer patrolled the corridors?

Well, would you?

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26 Responses to With no cops, student fighting roils Madison’s high schools

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    The East High School principal has a tough job, but it appears he can’t spell “altercation” correctly in his message to the community:

    “The incidents are not isolated, as East high Principal Sean Leavy admits in a message to parents:

    Since the start of in-person learning this school year, our administrative team and deans of students have responded to multiple alterations during lunch hour that have taken place on and off school grounds, with some of these altercations becoming physical.”

    At least the principal is not likely to be beaten up, as the students are.


    • Normwegian says:

      “alterations?” Maybe they’re bringing back “home economics.”


      • Kevin S Wymore says:

        Besides, they’re not beatings, or assaults. They hurt the victims much less if you call them “altercations,” however the principal spells it. Orwell told us as much.

        Is this where I pitch Madison’s very good Catholic schools? They’re not perfect, but random beatings of innocents are far less likely in the private schools. As Blaska notes, the school year is just getting started.

        Whereas, in Madison’s public schools, in-school learning’s most important lesson this year might be shielding oneself from the savagery of random blows.

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  2. Silence Dogood says:

    Maybe just maybe the school board will wake up and change it’s thinking if, God forbid, a gang rape or two occurs in the school.

    Otherwise it’s business as usual.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “… maybe the school board will wake up …” And maybe the sun will rise in the west and set in the east tomorrow.


  3. Liberty says:

    My heart breaks for the kids who simply want to be left alone and learn. If Progressives truly cared about black lives, they’d ensure this wouldn’t happen, because nobody can focus under these circumstances.

    Shame on any grownup who puts their warped ideology or politics ahead of what’s best for these kids. Ditto for those who know better but are too COWARDLY & SPINELESS to say anything. Selfish people.

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  4. Balboa says:

    It is just a matter of time, before a firearm or knife gets smuggled in by one of these kids that are getting ruthlessly bullied and they exact revenge on perpetrators. Apparently, this is what woke progressives want to occur because they are inviting more tragedy in the name fake systemic racism!

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    Maybe they should play “show tunes” for the students. It worked for trump.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      At least watching “The Music Man” wouldn’t warp their brains and teach them to hate anyone who doesn’t share their skin color. That’s assuming “The Music Man” hasn’t been banned because of its appalling racism.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s hoping the mother of the student who got beaten 1) sues MMSD for every dime it has, and 2) demands the teacher who let it happen be fired (not that a teacher in Madison has to worry about such a fate no matter what the circumstances). I wonder why WMTV was the only station who saw fit to share the video.


    • madtownforsure says:

      Really? Do you realize how bias the local media is? Does major coverup for our mayor among the huge crime wave. Such a nice city to take a bike ride. Ya, go ahead and do this on any bike path when the sun sets. Set up cameras to catch them might help. A joke if you think our local media covers the crime wave. Nope, let’s just dance with the stars until they turn blue.


  7. madtownforsure says:

    Well of course, this will only get much worse until someone of somewhat importance gets hurt, then they will bring back the men in blue. Idiots is only word I can think of. Principal McPike of East High school made sense, too bad he is not here. And, he was black, took care of business.


  8. Batman says:

    Listening to Muldrow spin for the media reminds me of Jen Psaki despite their very different appearance.
    Muldrow sleeps like a baby secure in the knowledge her little darlings do not have to navigate the public school jungle she oversees.

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    • Liberty says:


      Warped leftist policies are fine for other people’s kids but not their own. How selfish is that?


    • pANTIFArts says:

      “Listening to Muldrow spin for the media reminds me of Jen Psaki …..”

      The powerful and the very stupid have something in common. Instead of changing their views to fit the facts, they try to change the facts to fit their views. (or they “lie their asses off”)

      Hold off winterizing the wood chipper this year, it’s just going to get worse.

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  9. Jonathan E. Burack says:

    Muldrow says “we want to be proactive in examining, “not just “we want to examine.” And she says they need to find out “what we can do moving forward,” not just “what we can do.” These people know how to fill the air with bureaucratically sanctioned verbiage that means nothing. It’s what they do best. I guess that’s the true form of the moving forward and proactive Progressive class. Meanwhile, the mothers of the kids wait, and wait, and wait.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Jon, so very true.

      I think we can expect them to hold a press conference to announce the formation of a committee to discuss the development of a Task Force to outline the creation of a panel to find the root cause of the violence. Of course each step will have to be adjusted to assure “diversity” and “equity”. And if ANY of this produced ANY findings, THEN, they would have to “develop knowledge optimization initiatives to leverage their key learnings”.

      (Might take a couple of years, depending on elections, social justice complaints, death tolls, etc.)


  10. Mike says:

    Make all schools closed campus so the miscreants are stuck in one location. At least then the rest of the public will be safe.


  11. Sir Arthur says:

    What was to be expected after the “woke” school board’s anti-police left-wing suck-up policy? The folks who run our schools do not have a clue. They don’t recognize the ills of society and the poor parenting that so many kids get at home, resulting in this hoodlum behavior in our schools. It is more wise to fight fire with fire – treat hoodlum behavior with a response in kind. That’s the only language these hoodlums understand. Our school boards and school administrators shirk their responsibility because they are weak and powerless, and do not hand down sufficient consequences to the offenders. “Thou shall not punish” is their credo. Wait! In months, they will be clamoring for the return of the police in our schools, just like the cities throughout America are now seeking more police after the crime rates shot up following the “Defund Police” movement. Absent deterrence, crime will soar. What did our educators think? That removal of the police at the behest of the Left will result in the young hoodlums behaving because they will no longer feel threatened by the presence of law enforcement in their schools? Clueless and incompetent! Replace the bunch of them!

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  12. pANTIFArts says:

    I read a lot about the kids who just want to “go to school and learn”. It is the responsibility of society to protect them from the kids who just want to “go to school and settle scores, sell drugs, and establish their “cred” as worthless pieces of stool. There has to be a way to separate “gangsta wannabes” from the other students. Of course, this is the polar opposite of Progressive thought, the School Board feels they have the answers, they feel …… You know what? (pardonez moi mon francais) F**k their feelings. It’s all “fun and games” till somebody gets their eye poked out, and it’s all a “social experiment” until there’s a mass shooting.

    Life is tough, but it’s got to be tougher if you’re THAT stupid.

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  13. AdamC says:

    Just call it an “insurrection” and watch how fast the woke school board puts up fences, locks down the schools, and brings back “public safety representatives”.


  14. Mark Lemberger says:

    Looks just like my high school years in Chicago.
    Why is that?


  15. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Why would any parent in his or her right mind send their kids to Madison’s public schools? Some may have no choice, but there are many who, I suspect, are willing to sacrifice their own kids’ safety (to say nothing of their education) because of their blind allegiance to the woke agenda.


    • Almostarepublican says:

      My niece attends east and I plan on asking her what she thinks of all this. Last I checked, she was in favor of keeping the police in schools, but that may have changed with George Floyd. That’s when the school board flipped.


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