How would you reimagine public safety?

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Is back, despite popular demand. Once again, our intrepid Werkes intern (unpaid) hits the pavement to query an unrepresentative cross section of Madison loiterers our usual loaded question. It’s a question the Hard Left (aka “progressives”) are asking from Madison WI to Minneapolis MN!

How would you reimagine public safety?

Reimagine safety Man Street

How would YOU answer?

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4 Responses to How would you reimagine public safety?

  1. sentient7 says:

    More Safety? Duh!
    Want more of something? Reduce price/cost. Want more crime? Eliminate or reduce penalties.
    Example: More bank robberies? Penalty for conviction to be 45 minutes of jail time. Anyone doubt that would not work?
    Want less of something? Raise the price/cost. Less crime desired? OK, build more prisons and apply proven methods–like the public stocks for fame and honor. Doubt that? Well, consider WHY the libtards have created painful felonious penalties for those who own AR magazines of more than five rounds; or the penalty for failing register sale of a rife to your own brother. Or look at the penalty for shooting a wolf without a permit. BUT…killing a Bald Eagle with a wind mill?

    Get Serious ! JMHO as a sentient being,


  2. Zgore80 says:

    More funds for training! Take money from social programs till we can feel safe in downtown Madison and Capital district. Till then, I ain’t going down there!


  3. One eye says:

    Force liberal voters to bear the consequences of their ideology. For example, put the next Tree Lane type development smack dab in the middle of Monroe Street then watch all the “No new gunshots!” yard signs go up.


    • Ed says:

      Turn the old Dudgeon School into subsided housing and community center. That will turn that area into Goldwater conservative.
      After a collective nervous breakdown and massive hypocrisy about affordable housing.


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