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You have the right to remain silent

We remember when The Capital Times would do its man on the street questions. Five unwitting citizens proffer their answers off the top of their heads. Each answer was accompanied by their “mug shot,” as we journalists called those face-only photos. Might be a good time to resume that hoary old feature, now that some brave souls are venturing into God’s Great Outdoors, blinking in the unfamiliar sunlight, albeit more masked up than a train robber in a Tom Mix silent western. 

Our first Man on the Street question (with a Platinum Subscriber bonus sixth respondent):

“Resisting arrest: good idea or bad?”

Tomorrow’s question: “What brand of plywood do you recommend?”

How would YOU answer today’s question?

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3 Responses to Our Question of the Day

  1. One eye says:

    Resisting arrest: bad.
    Not being able to quickly subdue someone resisting arrest: bad

    Sam Harris has stated the martial arts (BJJ in his case) community looks at some of these arrest videos and marvels at the police incompetence. Look no further than MPD’s take down of “Yeshua” last summer.

    Aside from the taser / gun mixup the same questions are being asked about the Daunte Wright arrest.


    • georgessson says:

      One-peeper: Cannot argue w/ that. The Keystone Kops never made a more ludicrous arrest. I say, “RE-FUND” the police, get more out there, get more out there that can resolve a conflict fast & efficiently. But in the current climate, likely velvet-lined cuffs and ergonomically-designed back seats. And a myriad of attorney biz cards proffered & tucked in the perps’ pocket.


  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Seriously, if President Barack Obama would devote a public information campaign and a series of lectures and Q and A format meetings to this topic, he would win a Nobel Peace Prize. And this time, he would most certainly earn one.

    I suggest Mr. Obama should argue against resisting arrest for all young people, instead of his unhelpful comments after the Brooklyn Center shooting.

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