Mars Perseveres

What Moxie!

Some HogAnon disciples have concluded that the rusted out Harley Davidson motorcycle pictured in the header of this blogge is a sure sign that an ancient civilization of road warriors once existed on the Red Planet. Performing extra-terrestrial poker runs. Such is not the case.

The true story of the rusted-out Hog is much more prosaic. A private entity, its anonymity protected by the secretive 401(c)3 IRS code, dropped the two-wheeled device suspended by cables onto the planet, much as did NASA with its rover, Perseverance. Unfortunately, the contract for the cables went to the low-bidder. You can surmise the rest.

Sack o' spudsThe unnamed, unmanned probe also dropped a bag of potatoes. You never know.

NASA’s Perseverance rover is a Swiss Army Knife of a vehicle. Only a matter of time before Tesla comes out with its own six-wheeled, solar-powered vehicle — complete with a robotic arm equipped with a drill and sub-surface radar. (Think of the fun you could have with that!)

Perseverance and its tiny drone are just what we needed.

It’s been a long and lonely winter back here on Earth. (Mars Attacks! Texas Freezes!) The Packers were eliminated in yet another championship game. Badger men’s basketball couldn’t find the hoop with an ultra-violet spectrometer. The Trump blow-out has Republicans feuding like Hatfields and McCoys. Rush is dead. Police are bad, Kenosha is burning, and the good guys are wearing masks. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but sheesh!

So Perseverance is our Little Engine that Could, Rhett getting back together with Scarlett. Bill Cosby doing Jello commercials. Sharon Tate locking the doors. I want to hold your hand. Mom baking brownies with powdered sugar on top. America is Mayberry again and Andy is the sheriff. Happy Days!

Found this stuff interesting:

Enjoyed the movie The Martian, but no way a manned visit to Mars would leave during a hellish sand storm. Which is how Matt Damon gets left behind. The crew would wait it out. Besides which, there are no ferocious sand storms on Mars for the simple reason its atmosphere is thinner than Karen Carpenter.

Perseverance Rover

Potatoes not included

The atmospheric pressure on Mars is 0.6% of Earth’s. Six-tenths of one percent. One would have to ascend 22 miles into Earth’s stratosphere (above where large passenger jets travel) for the equivalent. What atmosphere exists is 96% carbon dioxide. Good for potatoes. (Earth’s is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Plus some carbon particulates from burning Kenosha.) 

Gravity on Mars is not much more than a third of ours. But it does have polar ice caps, mostly water but also frozen carbon dioxide. And seasons. (Greetings!)

Temps can range from minus-225° F at the winter polar caps to highs of 95° F at the Mars equator during summer. It’s a dry heat (and cold) because, again, of the thin atmosphere. (Sorry about the Karen Carpenter reference.) 

Mars is the last solid planet before one hits the gas giants. (Now Jupiter has storms!) Mars is half the size of Earth (only Mercury is smaller — not counting Pluto. Sorry.) and only 11% of our mass (it’s less dense). But Mars has the highest mountains in the solar system. Go figure!

A year on Mars last 1.8 Earth years, due to its greater distance from the Sun, but its day is only 39 minutes longer, meaning it rotates more slowly. (As an aside, Venus is the only planet that rotates west to east. Most astounding: A day on Venus lasts longer than its year! They figure a big asteroid whacked it some time back and spun it backwards.)

Mars has two moons but they’re not round; likely, just asteroids captured by the planet’s gravity.

Took eight months to get Perseverance to Mars (that’s without layovers); 11 minutes for radio waves. It’s impact on the national psyche: immediate.

Blaska’s Bottom LineThank you, NASA. Do visit the Mars probe here.

Do you agree?

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  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:


    Women are from Venus, men are from Mars,
    … the other 56 genders are from Uranus.

    Ole went to school and took up space. He said he was going to the Sun.
    Sven said, “Ole, you dumb Norveegun, … you can’t go t the Sun, you’ll burn up.”

    Ole replied, “Not if I go at night.”


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  2. pANTIFArts says:

    (1) That eyesore of a bike had been sitting in my buddy’s yard for years. We all told him to get rid of it, the city threatened to cite him, but “I’m gonna fix it up someday” he’d say. So one day a bunch of us got together. And you know that prank, where you tie the laces together on a pair of someone’s shoes, then flip them up and over a power line, where they can not be retrieved? Well we thought we could go one better, and……
    (2) Potatoes are the universal peace offering, and the perfect gift for all occasions. (Don’t pretend that you all don’t know this)
    (3) I was glad to see that my report, on this blog (2/18/21), of the rover’s theft, was a bit premature. Still, I hope that when NASA starts it up on cold mornings and lets it run,to allow it to warm up (and at minus -225 degrees, this can take a while), I hope they lock it.

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  3. georgessson says:


  4. George Parrino says:

    As a member of the “Sputnik Generation” I live for space stuff, must be why I have a science degree. This mission is a perfect example of why certain tasks require the expertise of scientists, not politicians. Like the internet meme shows Scientists are in charge of the Mars Percy mission, republicans are in charge of Texas Energy.


  5. A Party of One says:

    96% carbon dioxide on Mars? I never knew there were so many farting cows on Mars. We’re certain to reach that level here on terra firma within the next 9 years, at least according to AlGore and AOC.
    It’s nice to get a glimpse of what earth will look like then. Ride On Mars Rover!!!

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