RedMadison Socialists endorse Kemble

and Skidmore’s opponent

This just in! Socialists at RedMadison endorse Rebecca Kemble in Madison’s District 18 and Ald. Paul Skidmore’s opponent Nikki Conklin in District 9!

“Asked if she considers herself a Democratic Socialist, Kemble explains that she identifies more closely with anarcho-syndicalism.”

“We asked Nikki, do you consider yourself a democratic socialist? “I do. I do consider myself a democratic socialist.” 

The candidates were not asked if they renounced Satan.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Nikki and Becky are on the ballot for Tuesday’s 02-16-21 primary election. Both are also Progressive Dane.

Are YOU an anarcho-syndicalist?

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9 Responses to RedMadison Socialists endorse Kemble

  1. jimydandy says:

    Maybe they need to just ask if they have a portrait of Lenin hanging in their home?


  2. Liberty says:

    I know what an anarchist is, but had to look up “anarcho-syndicalism.”

    Per Brittanica:

    “Syndicalism, also called Anarcho-syndicalism, or Revolutionary Syndicalism, a movement that advocates direct action by the working class to abolish the capitalist order, including the state, and to establish in its place a social order based on workers organized in production units.”


    Makes you wonder how people get to be this way. I also don’t understand why those people who despise America so much don’t just move. Seriously, let them move to CCP or North Korea to see Communism in action,.

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    • No Body says:

      I read her paragraph at RedMadison and I’m not convinced she really has a grasp of the topic. It looks more like a pose or fashion statement. I’m sure she’s willing to be very generous with other people’s money and businesses.


  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    I renounce Satan. And all his empty promises.


  4. georgessson says:

    I, too, had to look it up.

    It’s closely ID’d w/ the early 1920’s IWA movement in Europe. Anarcho-syndicalists employ symbols, most prominently the circle-A and a BLACK FLAG, sorta like ISIS…

    GREEN-syndicalism is a synthesis of Anarcho-syndicalism and Environmentalism, arguing that the environment depends on decentralization, regionalism, direct action, autonomy, pluralism and federation.

    Humph: Kemble seems about right for their focus & support…


    • AdamC says:

      They want to tear down and dismantle pretty much everything we take for granted in America, including privacy, individual rights, private property, free enterprise and free markets, law and order, pluralism, one person one vote, civil disagreement, requiring individuals to contribute to society (i.e. work and the work ethic), etc.

      More like her running this city or county and I’ll have to accelerate my relocation plans.

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  5. jimydandy says:

    Why do they hate America?


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