Madison schools kick the can down the road

Is it safe?

First get rid of the police, then figure out how to make schools safe. That’s Madison’s mad formula for its public schools, courtesy of Freedom Inc. and Progressive Dane (and its amen corner at The Capital Times). Parents, not so much.

After booting the school resource police officers last Spring the board began studying What Do We Do Now?! The school safety committee has issued its recommendations. They amount to creating another committee to do what the first committee could not. The lead recommendation:

    • Create a superintendent advisory committee to develop a plan to enhance youth and community roles in school safety.

That’s called kicking the can down the road. But wait, there’s more, said the TV infomercial pitchman (with the Werkes’ commentary):

    • A 3 to 5-year plan to implement holistic restorative justice. (Translation: Tomorrow! Tomorrow!) (“Holistic”? How about organic, as well?)
    • Hire two more restorative justice workers. (Can anyone define, exactly, what IS “restorative justice”?)
    • “Dedicated spaces” to support student mental health. (Could do worse than a giant sand box, pail and shovel. For the teachers!)
    • Yet another advisory group of community members, kids, and families.
    • Write up a big report every time schools call in the cops. (A tacit admission that police will continue to be called to schools — but they won’t be familiar with the kids like the school resource officers were.)
    • Smaller class size. (A sop to the teachers union but the $350 million referendum approved November 3 won’t pay for that.)
    • Continued trying to find and keep Black teachers. (Keep doing what isn’t working and doesn’t really matter. Good teachers are good teachers.)
    • Hire more support staff. (Another sop …)

‘Is it safe?’

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We can be thankful that Madison’s public schools are empty as A.O.C.’s brain (contrary to the advice of health experts). Instead, the chaos is playing out on the streets for everyone to see.

Two school board seats are open. One is Savion Castro, chairman of the committee that recommended the dithering detailed above. He is a candidate for a full term. The other is that of school board president Gloria Reyes, who  is not seeking re-election. Maia Pearson has announced for that seat. She’s at least as “Woke” as members Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli (Progressive Dane). Check our sidebar to learn how you can run.

Have YOU given up on Madison’s public schools?

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13 Responses to Madison schools kick the can down the road

  1. Allen Rickey says:

    Like the Marathon Man pic….dental nightmare

    Al Rickey



  2. Gg Mo says:

    All the baffling-with-bs , and NO disclosure on AI-ing public ed. “Never mined the CCP ,5G, surveilance state, mandatory Pharma rape behind the “resist” fist. WE FEEL stuff for your HURTSY, and we’re all “virtue” junkies together for the children (abstract).” These tools are an abomination.


  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I don’t want to give up, but I see no reason to fight them now. They own the school board and I don’t see anything that would change that in the future, with the exception of a catastrophic failure of the entire school system (which could very well happen.) Look at what they have already done, and the only negative reaction is a tut-tut from liberals like former mayor Dave, previously considered a voice of sanity.

    I’m afraid that the only thing that could change things is a tragedy. I’ll predict that whenever schools do start up again, there will be a fatality at a Madison high school within the first full school year, involving violence generated by a student. The SRO’s short stopped a couple of incidents in the past, but now they’re gone and all the gangstas know it.


    • Gg Mo says:

      Even in the face of exposure, history, and outsized homocide #’s, the “greater good” is cited. A “great leap forward”, a “Reset” . Break eggs (more murder), make omelet (troika “handlers” at the re-education camps, and AI head-sets (as in CHINA) to “encorage” “good” behavior/thought.) These monsters WANT tragedy, “Problem, Reaction, Solution”, they want choas in the streets for the same reason/goal. Take away,/erase SRO’s , like you said, Setting the Stage for “solutions” . Take away/defund/erase LOCAL police ? Same.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “I’ll predict that whenever schools do start up again, there will be a fatality at a Madison high school within the first full school year, involving violence generated by a student.”

      The Gotch’ll take that a step further; it’ll involve a feral parent/Uncle/Aunt (seemingly blessed with great jobs allowing them to be free…welp…just about always) who break in to redress a DISS, real or imagined.

      Mayhem will ensue, to be followed up by a strictly enforced SNITCHES GET STITCHES edict.

      Over-Under on how many…um…incidents have been averted due to the shut down?

      The Gotch

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  4. Balboa says:

    My MaMa always said, “Stupid is as Stupid does”


  5. Iam Pistoff says:

    BPW asks: “Have YOU given up on Madison’s public schools?”

    Affirmative, well over fifty years ago. As a lifetime resident and graduate [not attendee] of a city high school, the UW, and Madison College [MATC], I viewed firsthand, rejected, and survived the incremental “dumbing-down” [communizing] of policy, curricula, and expectations that served “the greatest generation” [as coined by Tom “lockjaw” Brokaw] quite adequately in preceding eras.
    Individual success, and by derivation, cultural and societal advancement depend on dissemination of proven knowledge tools, techniques, and realities; NOT leftist INDOCTRINATION!

    Abetted by the relentless promulgation of evermore phantasmagorical, delusional bullshit infecting the progressively enfeebled collective hive-mind of the of the electorate, we awake to find the
    various “ship[s] of state” captained by all manner anarcho-marxist fascists have deliberately
    run them aground, possibly irretrievably.

    Ignorance is remediable; dogged, willful ignorance suggests utter stupidity [congenital/cognitive
    disability excepted]. Evidence of the “Peter Principle” abounds…

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  6. Gary Kriewald says:

    “Can anyone define, exactly, what IS restorative justice?” Answer: White people giving money to black people. Letting black people get away with crimes. Letting black people out of jail. Giving in to any demand, no matter how preposterous, by black people (or those claiming to speak for all black people). Get the idea?


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