Keep judges out of my ballot box!

If it please the court — or not!

Forget the Russians. Our Democrat(ic) acquaintances are doing all they can to destabilize American governance. 

Bad enough that the liberal-progressive-socialist party never accepted the results of the 2016 election. (Did Hillary ever concede? Increasingly clear that Obama holdovers in the Justice Department aided and abetted her Russian collusion hoax. Impeachment over a phone call?)

Now the American Left is doing its best to scramble Election Day, to leave the results pending for weeks — dependent upon a clutch of newly discovered ballots in this obscure post office loading dock here and that back room there. 

“Another day, another judge unilaterally revising election rules.” 

The Wall Street Journal wrote that even before a federal judge  jury-rigged Wisconsin’s vote-counting. Federal Judge William Conley, appointed by President Obama, obliged a rash of Democrat(ic) lawsuits to extended the deadline for counting mailed by almost a week after Election Day!

This drive-by legislating from the bench follows that of Michigan, where a liberal judge ordered poll workers to keep counting ballots even if they are 14 days late! (Need more exclamation points!) That lawsuit was the handiwork of a Democrat front group.

In another swing state, Pennsylvania, judges bumped bumped the ballot deadline to Nov. 6, including for those without a postmark!

⇒ ‘We’re less than 45 days from the election, and the rules are being rewritten on the fly by judges …’

Here’s a thought: how about allowing duly constituted election officials to determine election rules? No great constitutional equal rights issue is at stake here. No racial or sexual discrimination is alleged. No one who takes reasonable care is deprived of the vote. If the coronavirus epidemic is a consideration, then use good old-fashioned prudence and mail those ballots sooner rather than later. 

State legislatures alone!

The Supreme Court’s 1892 McPherson v. Blacker decision makes clear that the Constitution squarely places the manner of choosing Electoral College electors in the hands of the state legislatures, not in the courts or state executive offices.  The state legislatures have discretion to direct how those electors are chosen, including by what means the popular vote is used to do so, and to establish procedures to govern contested elections.  — former deputy attorney general George Terwilliger 3rd.

Blaska’s Bottom LineAll of which makes an imperative case for naming that successor to the Notorious RBG, asap. Three reasons: if Gore v. Bush 2000 was bad, consider a 4 to 4 tie. Second, this nation needs an antidote to activist judges that consider themselves uber-legislators.  Third, if judges can jerk around election procedures 45 days before an election, a President and a Senate scheduled to remain in office another 78 days (at least) can name Justice Ginsburg’s successor.

When are YOU voting?


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8 Responses to Keep judges out of my ballot box!

  1. gorwell says:

    They’ve already announced, publicly, that they intend to never concede, and in fact, they will pursue it until they “win.” In other words, cheat until the results are what they want. And now, with the help of The Ministry Of Truth, they are gaslighting Americans that Trump intends to cheat and will refuse to leave office after Biden “wins” the election. Not sure how this will turn out, but it won’t be a good time in any event.

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  2. Gary Kriewald says:

    Here’s the most optimistic scenario: A period of chaos–months perhaps–ensues after the election, rigged in every conceivable way by Democrats, that makes the past summer look like a Sunday school picnic. Results too close to call, Supreme Court decides in Trump’s favor. More and worse chaos. Military intervenes, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al. are frogmarched naked to the nearest federal pen. Biden is consigned to the nursing home he should have been in for years. The Republic endures.

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  3. Bill says:

    This really scares me. I heard that Michigan can now count absentee ballots for up to 14 days after the election. I could easily see the Dem’s loosing a key state by 5-10,000 votes on election night and suddenly finding 15-20,000 absentee ballots all voting for Biden in the days after the election to be counted along with all the ballots counted on election day.

    This will inevitably lead to cheating on a massive scale from both sides as neither side will be able to win if they don’t cheat. This will lead to the American People loosing any confidence in our system of electing public officials.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Lots of pundits are predicting a “blue shift” in the days following the election, which means that if Trump is ahead on election night (called by some the “red mirage”), the BLM/Antifa mob will riot in every city in the country, including Madison. If Biden’s votes eclipse Trump’s after the mail-in votes are counted, MAGA mobs will riot–and they have guns. The only thing I feel safe in predicting is another run on toilet paper.


  4. Robski says:

    The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters called me and implored me to vote by mail. I hung up on them, I was kayaking at the time. While the USPS is alright, I don’t really trust that my ballot will be counted or arrive in a timely manner. I know a friend who knows a friend that delivered absentee ballots for the Spring Primary a month after it happened! So I will certainly be voting in person…


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