Tonight in Madison WI: ‘Board up your property’

UPDATE: Jacob Blake was armed with a knife, WI Attorney General Josh Kaul (a Democrat) says. (More here.)

From Tiffany Kenney, Central Business Improvement District director:

As you are all aware there was additional damage, vandalism and looting last night [08-25/26-2020]. More than 50 businesses on the Capitol Square and dozens along University Avenue were damaged.

We have received notice that there may be additional protests this evening. As always we hope that these protests remain peaceful, however we encourage you to take the appropriate steps to protect your business and/or property.

The City of Madison Fire Department and Mall Maintenance team have reached out and asked you to secure your trash and DO NOT put garbage out tonight. Because Thursday is your normal garbage day, the city will run several pick ups so please do NOT put things out tonight. Wait until tomorrow morning to put garbage out.

If you have not already boarded up your property you may want to consider doing do. We ask you to bring in all patio seating, furnishing and fences inside or make other arrangements to secure equipment this evening. Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY be calm and be safe.

We are not sure what to anticipate but we do expect crowds to gather.

Urban Triage has this reaction:

#ThisAmeriKKKa where some white folks are showing up TO PROTESTS violent as hell
The media & ELECTED Officals [sic] show up and blame Black youth & Black protestors. The media & elected officals SUPPORT jump out squads arresting BLACK protestors…
They avoid ALL conversation of WHO and what is causing the destruction of property
Meanwhile, white militria [sic]are free to burn shit down without being addressed and they’re even allowed to shoot CIVILANS [sic] dead in the street with LITTLE COVERAGE WITH police support.
This is AmeriKKKA

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25 Responses to Tonight in Madison WI: ‘Board up your property’

  1. WashCoRepub says:

    So from the CBID, it’s essentially “You’re on your own… Good luck!” It’s come to that. Those property taxes you pay for essential services? Sorry, police protection of your property is no longer included in that.

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    • Liberty says:

      I’m not even sure at this point if I could count on a cop to come in time to help if I (not my property) was in persona danger.


  2. Gary Kriewald says:

    “As always, we hope these protests remain peaceful” says Tiffany, presumably without irony. How long before she moves from helpful suggestions like don’t take your trash to the curb tonight to cower under your beds and hope for the best? “We are not sure what to anticipate, but we do expect crowds to gather.” Pray tell, Tiffany, what’s happened every other time a crowd has gathered after nightfall in downtown Madison for the past three months? Nothing to do but wait for the inevitable round of righteous rioting–the only suspense is trying to predict which part of town will be the next target of the roving mob. Meanwhile in the rest of the city, residents can hug their BLM yard signs and hope to be spared this time round. It took a while for the chickens to come home to roost in Madison but it seems they’ve settled in nicely.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Tiffany hopes, facebook acts. The “Kenosha Militia was posting for it’s followers to come and fight. They did; people died. Page with 3000 foloowers taken down. THAT is something that will help.


      • sahmpaw says:

        I like the video of the guy putting out the fire in the dumpster with a fire extinguisher. Peaceful repellent. “That guy did more than any governor has done to quell the riots.”

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    • Paula Dent says:

      I know why wild primate societies segregate young males. Those noble animals have true instincts. Humans haven’t learned that the combination of testosterone and undeveloped brains is a recipe for disaster. Add to this mix the easy availability of guns and you have a huge potential for tragedy.


      • Fritzderkat says:

        As a species, we are not highly evolved.

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      • Gary Kriewald says:

        And in a few days thousands of these specimens (aka college students) will descend on Madison, all of them prime recruits for the BLM thugs. (Of coursse, most of them will join the mayhem simply because it’s the latest cool thing, but the results will be the same.) If you thought the riots up until now were something, just wait.


  3. jimydandy says:

    And where is Satya? Curled up in the fetal position, unable to act?


  4. I hate this. I hate the fact that it seems to be ok to execute a black man in the back while a white man shoots 2 people and gets to sneak back to Illinois. I hate that the protesters don’t know history and instead of having peaceful protests like Bloody Sunday or the Children’s March in Birmingham they are rioting and giving the Trumpites exactly what they want.

    Those protests brought us the voting rights act. Watts and the riots of 1968 brought us Nixon. Their shortsightedness is giving ammunition to those who will elect a wannabe authoritarian who has lied more times than I can count.

    The left is extreme, the right is extreme. The center can not hold. I don’t know if my sanity can hold if Trump gets re-elected.


    • Liberty says:

      Please be more specific about what Trump lies about incessantly and how he’s a “wannabe authoritarian.” To say NO politician has EVER lied is dishonest.

      Are you sure Trump’s the problem, or is it the 24/7 “hate Trump” media creating false narratives? Charlottesville, for example: He DID NOT make that comment about the white racists being “fine people.” That was taken completely out of context, and if you watch the entire piece, you’ll see how media exploited it. They do that ALL THE TIME. They not only do this to Trump, but to his supporters as well. Nick Sandmann, for example who’s been winning millions in judgments against media.

      Is Trump brash? Oh yeah. He’s a tough-talking New York real estate developer, and was definitely not groomed to be a politician. He says it like it is. I’d rather have him than a phony who changes positions like the wind, though.

      If you listen to the media, you will never hear all the good Trump has accomplished in such a short period of time. They’ll also give Biden and Harris passes for their own ineptness. Prison reform, for example. Biden had EIGHT YEARS as VP to enable change. What has he accomplished aside from talk and virtue signal? What about Harris, who helped flood prisons with black men?

      It’s TRUMP who enabled prison reform that allows non-violent offenders to get fresh starts.
      And he’s the problem?

      How is Trump an authoritarian? If he was truly an authoritarian, he would have, for example, disregarded the Oregon governor’s refusal to keep peace in one of her cities (Portland), and sent the Guard in to restore order.

      The LEFT is extreme. Most with good sense have left the Democratic party or become independent. The Republican party has changed, and in fact its support from Black Americans and moderate Democrats has SURGED. Why? Because they know that liberal policies aren’t working and are helping to destroy this nation.

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    • Liberty says:

      As for your other statement, these are two separate situations involving different sets of people in different locations and with different circumstances.

      In the one case, the officer possibly (I say possibly because all the facts are not out yet) felt threatened and that he had no other choice but to shoot. He had a split second to make a decision, and unfortunately that’s the choice he made given that things were moving so quickly. Be grateful you’ll never have to make that type of life-saving decision. It’s easy to second guess after the fact when your adrenaline is not pumping.

      In the other case, Mr. Rittenhouse had his arms up and was surrendering. The cops arrested him and took him away. What else should they have done? Fed him to the raging mob?

      You’re also assuming that Mr. Blake was shot because of his race rather than because of his actions. That would mean policing is systemically racist, and that is a lie perpetuated by the Left.

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      • Madison1218 says:

        Ummm nope. The cops didn’t arrest him and take him away. He walked away from the scene and subsequently fled the state. That’s really a major point in this case. Do you really believe that had Rittenhouse been black, that he could have just walked away after shooting 3 people? That he could have had his rifle hanging from his shoulder and simply walked by the police?
        I’m not saying anything nefarious happened by the police. I am extremely pro law enforcement. But there are obvious double standards that so many people refuse to acknowledge.


        • Liberty says:


          No, the DATA does not confirm your ASSUMPTIONS about double standards in policing. Are there bad cops? You bet. But applying outlying incidents from the comfort of the keyboard after the fact, to make sweeping statement about policing in general, is deceptive, ignorant, and unethical. Yet much of the media thrives on this deception, creating a narrative that puts all of us at risk.

          Cops police areas that have more issues (this is often done by the requests of the law-abiding residents themselves), and so it stands to reason that people in these area will have more confrontations with the police. This is not about applying the law differently to different segments of the populations. It’s about saving lives based on crime DATA and citizen requests.

          Despite the fact that certain crimes are more prevalent in certain areas, consider that last year alone, police fatally shot 9 unarmed Black people and 19 unarmed White people (unarmed doesn’t necessarily mean the suspects did not present a clear and imminent danger as perceived by the officers).This is actually according to the Washington Post’s database, a LIBERALLY-BIASED news source. So where are the double standards?

          About .01% Black people are killed by police, and in the majority of these cases, the suspects were armed or considered dangerous.

          Focusing on the .01% while refusing to address the crisis of Black people shooting other Black people is dishonest and harmful to Black people. A growing number of Black Americans are not only recognizing this, but calling it out.

          Let’s turn this argument around now. People suspected of serious crimes (both Black and White) are being released from jail ROR, courtesy of bleeding heart district attorneys and bail reform laws (NY state for example) that treat criminals like victims.

          If there are any double standards, I’d say criminals of all races are being preferential treatment over the law-abiding.


        • Liberty says:

          I want to add that I think most conservatives are fair-minded. If we see an injustice, we most definitely want it corrected. All Americans are equal and should be treated as such under our laws.

          But making decisions based on biased narratives, raw emotion, and anecdote is not how we operate. At least it’s not how I personally operate.


    • jimydandy says:

      Black man goes for knife. No put up hands when popo suggests he does it. What beez so hard to understand????? Why do they want to struggle wit da popo? What would you does if the popo says you under arrest?


    • madisonexpat says:

      Your tenuous hold on sanity is hardly anyone else’s responsibility.


  5. Ted says:

    Satya is doing what Marxists do in her position. I’m not exactly sure what that is other than ‘not helping’.

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  6. Ted says:

    “BID’s [i.e. Tiffany Kenney’s] goal [job] is to increase the vitality of the Downtown and to promote its businesses”. I pity that woman.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Good advice on how to save your garbage. Your business? Your livelihood? Can’t be done in downtown Madison.


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Is it just The Gotch, or are these…um…MOSTLY PEACEFUL advocacy
    /pressure groups as grossly illiterate as their communications demonstrate?

    The Gotch


  8. georgessson says:

    Posted today: Detroit -“Where are some cops, we want to shoot them”. 4 cops shot at during a traffic stop. One of the shooters? A 13 year old girl…


  9. Balboa says:

    The Dude was Tased and kept walking away defiantly in the face of orders from a law enforcement officer. When people are called to a scene for domestic disturbance, is it not their job to question all people involved regardless of why or what they are doing there. This Broken MAN not a kid,
    a Man defied police orders, was asked to stop, he was tasered and kept on walkin. We do not know what led up to that tasering or why the officers felt it was necessary to pull their firearm. Police are not supposed to pull a firearm unless they are threatened or others could be at risk of harm. Something happened that caused them draw their firearms. He kept walking and proceeded to attempt to flee the scene or get into the van filled with 3 minors. Pretty sure alot of things are going through their heads at this time and it had nothing to do with Race. Pretty sure the “protect” in “protect and serve” was in full effect. If the Grown Man gets in the car and proceeds to take off, hurt those minors or women because the police let him go, would their be the same outrage? Because this is what BLM and Urban Triage want, or even worse they want community policing for areas. Which would lead to even worse atrocities to human beings. Allowing communities to enforce or not to enforce laws the way they see fit, or worse yet, instant justice without all facts is what takes place in third world nations.
    we have seen or watch real racism where lowlife Dad and Son chased down and killed a man early this year. That is hatefilled racism.


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