BLM to State Street diners: ‘F-bomb your food!’

And not the horses they rode in on?

The march down State Street that always precedes the nightly mayhem. Monday, 08-24-2020. The narrator at Allies for Black Lives Matter cannot believe her eyes:

“People are out here eating lunch and enjoying themselves. Fuck your ignorance! Fuck your food.”

They’re boarding up their stores to protect their things. Instead of out here, walking with us, they’re protecting their windows, they’re protecting their merchandise. People are putting up their boards again. Which only gives away they want to protect their shit because they know it was wrong to kill a black man.”

Have you ever seen anything quite so self-confidently stupid?

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  1. Robski says:

    Well it looks like Jake from Kenosha won’t be toddling away from the man ever again. Nothing screams social justice like having a bunch of basic large butted white females and twiggly armed neck beard having jizzstain white guys screaming at me while I eat. All in the name of defending the honor of a domestic abuser who can’t follow simple commands. And no I’m not going to eff my food, I’m going to eat it! I’d say the real ignorance is harassing diners for the poor decisions of that jackass in Kenosha. Thank goodness the UW is reopening, Bucky will keep these fragile and mentally deranged youngsters busy for a couple months.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I’m afraid you overestimate Bucky’s powers. What is more likely is that returning students will be instantly dragooned into the BLM mob.and eagerly participate in the ongoing chaos. Why? Cuz it’s the latest cool thing.


    • Amos Roe says:

      Robinski – you say “All in the name of defending the honor of a domestic abuser.”
      First off, that 29 year old “domestic abuser” actually has zero convictions for any crime you can name. Do you have information to the contrary on that? Or is this just another case of “guilty until proven innocent,” a meme taken straight out of BLM? Secondly, not one in these IMO completely counterproductive and unjustifiable violent riots are claiming to be “in the name of defending the honor.” They are “protesting” – provided that you take all this at face value, which I actually don’t – that a black man, with NO apparent prior criminal convictions was shredded into mincemeat by 7 gunshots into his back at close range by the police. See my reply to Dad29 for a description of the condition that his “honor” is now in……


      • Robski says:

        Yea you do know that Jacob had a warrant out for his arrest? I believe the charges were disorderly conduct, 3rd degree sexual assault and trespassing. So you do know that trespassing at your ex’s house and trying to cop a feel on that ex is technically domestic abuse right? If Martin didn’t do anything wrong why was he not complying with officers? What was he going to grab that justified a cop shooting him in the back 7 times? And usually when you are trying to get away from the cops isn’t that an admission of being guilty of something? I guess I could have worded things differently though. Would it be more accurate if I said “ these morons are protesting the wounding of a deadbeat dad who was a domestic abuser who couldn’t follow simple commands” As a result innocent diners minding their own business are subjected to harassment from the angry mob of jackasses. All in the name of defending the “life” of this loser. Bothering people minding their own is protesting, its harassment. Finally, I read your reply to Dad and it’s just a medical summary of his injuries. I guess he should’ve followed the commands from the police. Nice try though, very thoughtful and powerful posts on your part.


      • Robski says:

        Well actually Amos- Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest. I believe the charges were disorderly conduct, trespassing and 3rd degree sexual assault. Now I don’t know the details but if you go trespassing at your ex’s house and maybe try to grope/cop a feel on that ex then that is technically domestic abuse. As for the guilty till proven innocent thing why would Blake act in the fashion that he did? Usually when someone is trying to resist and get away from the police they are usually guilty of something. If you are innocent and not doing anything wrong why would you act so bizarre? Now I do agree that emptying a clip into a guy at close range is an excessive use of force and i hope that the truth comes out. But why would you put yourself in that position where you’re not following commands (with your kids in car) and then try to reach for something with a cop pointing a gun at you? If that isn’t asking for suicide by cop then I don’t know what is. I also could have worded things differently in my first post. Basically these agitators are harassing citizens exercising their right to freedom of movement and dining in a public place, all in the name of defending the wounding of a man with a warrant out for his arrest for domestic abuse modifier(s) who was resisting commands by police and then got shot to hell by an overzealous police officer while acting like he was going to do something that would put the cops life in danger. And no, these “protesters’ are ignorantly harassing businesses and citizens who have absolutely NOTHING to do with Jacob Blake’s poor decisions. Getting someone to agree with you by harassing/intimidating and by force is Fascism. I vehemently do not support that and these little Nazis should be ashamed of themselves. Finally, the truth is sometimes very ugly. If Blake had followed commands he would still be walking today. Kenosha might not be burning, there might not be dead bodies in the streets of Kenosha either and other lives not ruined.


        • Amos Roe says:

          Robski – I’m aware that he has a warrant out for his arrest. Just as the 17 yr old kid who ended up shooting and killing several members of a mob who was attacking him in full force now faces 1st degree murder charges. So you’re saying this kid (watch the videos) did indeed commit 1st degree murder given the formal charges against him?
          As to the rioting and harassment of “businesses and citizens who have absolutely NOTHING to do with Jacob Blake’s poor decisions” I don’t think you will ever find me disagreeing with you on that.


      • eddie willers says:

        I bet you feel pretty silly now that the actual actions of Blake is coming to light.


  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    I’ll share an open letter, my buddy, Glen Hazelwood, posted on his site @PlanetCommonSense,

    “Dear Generic Democrat Militia Miscreants,

    If you approach and surround me someplace where I am eating a meal, and demand that I hold up a raised fist in solidarity with your broken, degenerate ideas about what America is supposed to be, or you will continue harassing me until I comply, I am absolutely, one-hundred-percent knocking at least one of you the fuck out.

    Whatever comes after that is a “come what may” scenario, which I will have created for myself. I’m fine with that.

    But I promise you…as sure as a duck with a hard-on drags seaweed…I will NOT be going to the hospital alone that day.

    Your pal,

    Most Righteous, … Glen dawg! #MeToo.

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