‘Do whatever you want’

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The Madison Left’s marching orders

Lone walker

Posted by Allies for Black Lives Matter

The BLM/Antifa/Resistance has a new hero — one Jacob S. Blake. Reportedly shot seven times In The Back. Not good! But still surviving, as of this writing. Then again, when can we learn two important lessons: 1) Do not resist arrest. 2) Do not commit crime. If it is the same guy, he had been charged with felonious sexual assault and multiple domestic abuses. When he was shot, he’s trying to get back into his vehicle. Might there be a gun inside?

Lone walker

Damage in Kenosha

Q. Is it too much to ask that folks restrain from looting the $200 gym shoes until the facts are out?

A. Of course it is!


Two buildings were damaged Sunday night on Madison’s State Street. We’ll see what tonight (08-24-2020) brings. UPDATE: Now hearing things will get real at noon today. The report from the Daily Wire:

Violent riots and widespread looting broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, late on Sunday night after a black man was shot by law enforcement officials who were responding to a call about a domestic incident.

RightWisconsin is asking some serious questions

Two screenshots raise questions about what Blake had in his right hand while walking away and of a possible object that fell from the car as Blake was shot.

Jake Blake has an extremely disturbing banner on his Facebook page depicting police officers in a squad with pig and demon faces. He also had an open warrant.

A previous gun incident involving a Jacob Blake of the same age bears similarities, as the man resisted and a K-9 was needed to get control. … It is very possible that these officers saved their own lives or the lives of others. It is also possible that what we saw was a murder. We must, however, wait for the facts before we draw any conclusion. — RightWisconsin here.

While Madison shootings continue

1 a.m. this morning 08-24-2020 — The 911 center received multiple calls of shots being fired in the 4500 block of Stein Ave.  Once on scene, officers found shell casings in the roadway, including rifle rounds.  Officers located two residences and two vehicles that had been struck by gunfire.  In total, officers found at least 12 bullet holes in the homes/vehicles.  Both residences were occupied, with rounds striking close to sleeping residents, but no one was injured.  The investigation is on-going at this time.

3:30 a.m. Sunday 08-23-2020 — Multiple callers reported hearing gunfire just before 4 AM in the area of W Olin Ave and Gilson St.  Officers recovered 4 shell casings in the roadway.  There have been no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.

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23 Responses to ‘Do whatever you want’

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Unless Mayor Satya orders MPD to stand down again, … looks like they’ll work some OT tonight.

    BLM and Antifa are the militant wings of the Democrat Party. These low-flow, lockstep lemming-like Lefty Luddites must always obey their master’s orders. There’s not a single free-thinker amongst the #HateAmericaFirsters, #AngryBlueFisters or end-stage TDSers.

    Their violent profanity makes their ignorance audible.

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  2. Liberty says:

    Of course they won’t wait to get all the facts.

    Cue the media agitators and liberal politicians as they trip over each other to call out “systemic racism” and remain silent as our cities burn yet again.

    More kneeling, Chief Wahl & Sheriff Mahoney?

    Most people want peace, and in November they will vote for whomever they believe will bring that peace. Hint: It’s not the Left.

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  3. Maybe these social justice warriors should start with the Governor’s Mansion in Maple Bluff, WI.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Then move on to every other house in MB, then on to University Heights and Shorewood Hills. Only then might city officials take notice.

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      • Michael McConnell says:

        I am beginning to doubt that the Madison mayor or the Wisconsin governor would change their stance even if the insurrectionists were able to burn the State Capitol to the ground. I believe the political class has come to this.


  4. This went out from me in an email to some friends this morning…

    In Kenosha; shots from an assault rifle ring out in the video, at one shot at 1 :30 and three shots at 1:40 in the video, note the police are not the ones shooting in the video, they are the ones throwing the CS gas. I suspect that the police will find 3-4 bullet impacts somewhere on their vehicle.

    In a group of about 30 people scattered around the vehicle, I counted two AR’s, I think I caught sight of one concealed pistol that printed under a shirt, one person had what appeared to be a bat.

    This is going to end very badly.

    Be careful if you choose to actively engage with these violent ******* morons.

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  5. Gary Kriewald says:

    A wonderfuil note on which to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Sterling Hall bombing–also the result of years of agitation and violence by the extreme left.


  6. The source for the call to arms photo that Dave posted is this…

    I just went to get a screen shot of the exact same post that I saw on Alix Shabazz Facebook profile page and it was deleted, then I went back to Allies for Black Lives – Madison and the posting has been deleted from there too.

    They are trying to cover up their criminal incitement to riot.

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  7. Balboa says:

    What those are not mobs or rioters, they are peaceful protesters. The firearms are just part of this groups culture, remember we have to celebrate and respect diversity.


  8. gorwell says:

    Nixon ’68 all over again…


  9. georgessson says:

    While the jury’s still not in RE: Why 7 shots in the back, Blake has a history of just… not… obeying… police commands.

    2015 Racine County Eye news article. “Blake got into an argument with another patron and pulled a black handgun. Blake pointed the gun at the other man, and the magazine fell to the floor. When arrested (later), Blake …started walking toward officers and ignored commands to get down on the ground.” A K-9 had to be utilized.

    Unless yer Clark Kent or J.C. -Just follow the officer’s orders. Meanwhile, Yes, expect s’more BLM escapades later this evening. Around 10:30 PM per the ABL poster.


    • Ed says:

      If your “protesting” starts @10:30 at night, it’s a safe assumption it’s code for rioting and looting.

      Two days ago Blake was a thug, today he is the honored dead. Then again we have an idiot governor tweeting in support of the unlawless.


  10. Gary Kriewald says:

    Just saw some video of the destruction in Kenosha on Fox News. A Unitarian “church” with an enormous BLM sign in front of it in flames. Every cloud has a silver lining.


    • Mark 78 says:

      Apparently putting BLM on the doorframes doesn’t guarantee Passover.

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    • Ed says:


      Imagine if they do that to the Unitarian Church designed by Wright? That would probably take the air out of the Protesters supporters here in Madison. It would be Sterling Hall type effect.

      But not any other religious building, sadly.


      • Gary Kriewald says:

        I doubt it. the rioters have shown their contempt for art of any kind, esp. statues. These people are quite literally barbarians–as much as those who sacked Rome after the collapse of the empire.


  11. Balboa says:

    The cops should have let him go, even if he was to hurt the 3 african american children in the back of the car. Remember Black Lives Only Matter if a pale skinned person hurts them or kills them. All others deaths can be blamed elsewhere and not worth rioting or looting over.


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