The recall of Mayor Satya is on!

60-day clock starts now

It’s up and running. Organizers of an effort to recall Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway began today with the filing of required paperwork with the city clerk.


Organizer Jon Rygiewicz cites the mayor’s role in “causing a public safety crisis.” The day after the riots that tore down statues and fire bombed city hall, Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway (Progressive Dane) wrote on her official City of Madison blog

“I have asked for Devonere Johnson, also known as Yeshua Musa’s initial appearance before a judge to be expedited so he can be released on bail. I recognize that we need better options to deescalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community.”

Within days, the federal government filed criminal extortion charges against Johnson and alleged accomplishes. The Dane County district attorney followed with state charges a few days later.

Petitions are up on the web site. So is a Facebook page and a mailing address (Recall Satya 2020/ 4230 E. Towne Blvd. / Box 154 / Madison WI 53704).

Under state law, the recall petition has 60 days from today’s filing to gather  25% of the votes cast in the city during the last gubernatorial election — which is 36,203 — to force a special election, for which the incumbent can seek re-election.

Blaska Policy Werkes was the first to report the recall effort.

Will the recall petition get enough signatures?

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21 Responses to The recall of Mayor Satya is on!

  1. Sheppy says:

    I would sign this tonight but don’t have a horse in this race since I moved my family out of Madison 14 years ago due to dissatisfaction with the schools (Memorial, Toki and Orchard Ridge) and the general direction the neighborhood was heading. I sincerely wish the City and people that live there all the luck and success in the recall effort. The mayor is unqualified, over her head and has complete disregard for law and order. She needs to go!


  2. sahmpaw says:



  3. Ian says:

    I have already signed a petition today, but I don’t think so. The organizer(s) seem unorganized and yard signs and print media aren’t being printed in any numbers. I hope I’m wrong.


  4. georgeorwell says:

    If R’s can’t get 36K signatures in 60 days, then fall to your knees, kiss the feet of democrats, and surrender. Enjoy your captivity.

    OR — you can WAKE up and get to work and beat this.

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  5. South of Reality says:

    Not a Madison resident. Here’s a slogan :

    See Ya Satya!


  6. pANTIFArts says:

    What Balls!!! That’s pissin in the other dog’s yard!!! (OH- I- AM- SORRY.) Testicular fortitude, that’s scent-marking the territory of your rival !!!


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The staggeringly illiterate, monumentally imbecilic Urban Triage:

    THEN: “Does (Mayor SRC) sound like a woman you can trust to create the job description for the police auditor and supervise the auditor? Does this sound like a woman that understands why black people and white allies across the country keep showing up and out? Does this sound like a woman that has what it takes to do right by the community? By black people?”

    NOW: F*ck them!! We aint (sic) goin (sic). THe (sic) people decides (sic) when folks get recalled. This IS A PRO POLICE AGENDA!! Satya Rhodes-Conway WE GOT YOUR BACK despite the F*cked up video! She is working to correct her misstep…..we may not be iN (sic) agreement 100% .. … AND WE AINT (sic) goin (sic) LET THE RT WING WIN!!! PERIODT (sic)!!! (bolds/italics mine)

    Wouldn’t these talentless, chronically unemployable miscreants be better off challenging the oppressive power structure MOST responsible for their pitiably pathetic situation?

    That’d be career Lefty MMSD Administrators/School Board members, awash in the bigotry of low expectations, who’ve allowed educational standards to fall so precipitously as to permit these epically suffocating halfwits to graduate despite the fact that all they’re capable of mustering is idiotic, unintelligible drivel.

    The Gotch

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  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Mayor SRC: “(I won’t be) distracted by a small group of people who want to divide this community.”

    Is she that freakin’ clueless? She’s ALREADY distracted by a small group of people (FreeDUMB Inc & UrBLIGHT Triage) who want to divide this community!


    The Gotch


  9. Mag says:

    Sayanara Satya, Sack Satya, whatever you call it, we just need to make this happen! She meets with the protestors but will not acknowledge anyone else in this city! So many people have tried to reach out to her in so many ways and she has ignored them all. Why she likes to kiss the asses of the protestors is beyond me because they are NOT the majority voice of this city, but it shows her lack of leadership skills. Oh wait, she only kisses their asses in public. Any other support is a secret, and she can’t even secretly support anyone without it leaking. She just can’t get anything right! There are shootings every night here in Madison and she has no say about it. She is pathetic.


  10. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    She kisses their asses for the same reason every other guilty white liberal in Madison does: they’re so petrified at the prospect of being called racist that they’ll go to any lengths, cave to any demands, endanger lives and property to avoid it. If the socialist cow in the mayor’s office is in fact recalled, who do you imagine will replace her? No right of center candidate stands a chance, and no Democrat of any stripe in Madison would do anything to stoke the wrath of the thugs/criminals/ anarchists & bored, clueless millenials who now effectively run this city.


    • Mary says:

      Very true. Not even a left of center candidate has a chance. Only far left radicals and misfits fare a chance in Madison.


  11. SouthofReality says:

    Will they get enough signatures? Doubtful. If they do, will Satya be recalled? Even more doubtful. That would look like a win for the white supremacists and the libs and progs in Madison will close ranks against THAT.


  12. Pete says:

    Your recall organizer has a healthy rap sheet on CCAP there. Not exactly a boy scout.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Healthier than the felonious Devonere A. Johnson AKA Jeshua Musa who:

      *Alder Evers believes should have treated with kid gloves and
      *Whose preliminary appearance the hopefully-soon-to-be-recalled Mayor SRC wanted expedited so he could be released in order to get right back to committing disorderly conduct and extortion while armed/shaking down businesses…I mean…community organizing and peaceful protesting?

      The Gotch


  13. Batman says:

    A tax revolt is a far better form of resistance to the current insanity that is Madison governance.
    Finally the facts are overwhelmingly on the side of people not paying for services un-rendered.

    The hard working middle class worker bees that literally are the backbone of this once fine city should be coalescing around no longer coughing up terribly high property taxes for those in charge effectively allowing the mob to run the city while people live in fear.

    Now this is a movement that would garner national attention and other cities would then likely follow. There are people in Madison who can make this happen. All it takes is for Blaska to contact his contacts. The Satya recall effort is a mere pipsqueak compared to full-on tax revolt. What are banks going to do, foreclose on 1000 homes especially when the progress is being televised nationally. Nah, use the leverage you have effectively.

    P.S. all the property tax money conservative Madisonians pay out every quarter support the policies that are quite literally destroying Madison. Peculiar…

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      SING IT, muh Man!

      The Gotch


      • Batman says:

        Can citizens sue the City of Madison to include the mayor and police chief?
        Same for being able to sue the governor?

        A lawsuit is probably the only way to learn exactly who said what during the first two nights of rioting and then as things continued up to the state capital being vandalized and monuments destroyed. Let’s see what Satya, Wahl, and Evers, say under oath along with everyone privy to those conversations and then compare to public declarations.
        Would also be nice to know what Evers told the National Guard regarding rules of engagement.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Phone conversations, texts, and emails are taxpayer-funded, ergo, public property, ergo, subject to FOIA requests.

          The Gotch


  14. Sir Arthur says:

    Madisonians, and Wisconsinites elsewhere, should withhold a portion of their property tax payments for services non-rendered by our political leaders; namely The Guv, Mayor Hyphen, Dane County Joe. They have refused to provide protection and safety for the citizens – government’s primary responsibility by law! Also, we should withhold that portion of our property taxes that goes to education because we are not getting what we pay for there either, as schools and colleges go more to virtual learning. Our kids will suffer going forward, so as we receive less education, we should have to pay lower taxes accordingly. Withhold portions of your tax payments.

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