BLM agitators turn minor fender bender into racist hate crime

Taking the grievance culture to small town Wisconsin.

On their car-driven “march” from Milwaukee to Madison this past weekend, Black Lives Matter agitators stopped in bucolic Lake Mills WI where they did what they do best: play the race card to cover up their own personal failures. 

The Lake Mills Leader newspaper quotes Lake Mills Police Chief Mick Selck: “When they got here on Thursday night they marched around downtown and pounded on windows.”

Lake Mills Commons Park

Lake Mills Commons Park

The BLM contingent of 30 to 40 set up camp at Commons Park, an old-fashioned town square complete with bandstand, in the center of the downtown, before beginning their march and removing a “We Back the Badge” sign at a gas station.

As described by the chief, the next day (Friday 07-03-2020) the protest organizer, named as Ebony Anderson-Carter, age 29, drove out of a parking space and struck a passing vehicle. According to the newspaper, “the Black Lives Matter protester has since taken to Facebook in a video saying a ‘racist white woman’ in Lake Mills hit her on purpose.”

“She said she needed medical assistance said an officer drew a gun.”Both allegations untrue, Selck told the Leader. Despite illegal parking and causing an accident, Anderson-Carter was not ticketed. (Police cam video of the accident here.)

“Just about everything she said was a lie and it was made to incite people.”— Chief Selck.

Ebony Anderson-Carter

Ebony Anderson-Carter justifying removal of Capitol statues

The Lake Mills Leader reports that “The organizer whose car was damaged posted pictures of the woman and her license plate on her Facebook page. The photos were taken by other protestors at the park, who surrounded the woman’s car while she talked with police.”

The [organizer] has gone online and created a narrative using a false name to say a racist white woman ran into her downtown,” Chief Selck is quoted. There are people searching to find this woman online. It’s implied they are going to do something to her.” 

Lake Mills school board

Lake Mills social media shut down over hate messages like this, reputedly posted by a local official.

“The victim of this incident is the person who was run into. This person needs to be scared for their safety and some people in Lake Mills are perpetuating that,” Selck said.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: ‘Woke’ harassment and intimidation knows no city limits.


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24 Responses to BLM agitators turn minor fender bender into racist hate crime

  1. William Tyroler says:

    Hate Hoax ought to be a penalty enhancer for the extent crime of lying to the police. Speaking of which: crickets are still chirping around Althea Bernstein.

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  2. Here’s a video of the crash…

    [video src="" /]


  3. Ebony Anderson-Carter should be sued for libel.

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  4. AdamC says:

    Lake Mills!?!!

    Lord I have to find a way to get away from these crazy anarchists and never thought they would actually barge into a nice little town like Lake Mills to spread their hate and lie about good people.

    Attention nice Madison liberals: THIS is the kind of disorder, disruption and dismantling that these hateful antiwhite racists want to inject into YOUR neighborhood whenever they see fit. Remember that ad you ignorantly and blindly hold up their signs, chant their slogans, carry their water, and pay taxes to clean up all their messes.

    Is even the police chief too nice to charge that liar with disorderly conduct and filing a false report??

    Eff them!! Seriously. BLM is a violent racist anarchist Marxist hate group. Don’t ever forget that.

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    • Mary says:

      I knew it was coming, sadly. It was just a matter of time. This happens, and will continue to happen, because the silent majority doesn’t speak up. Good people can run, but the vileness will just follow them. Been saying this all along, but nobody listened.

      “Lord I have to find a way to get away from these crazy anarchists and never thought they would actually barge into a nice little town like Lake Mills to spread their hate and lie about good people.”


  5. Marge Bils says:

    My in-laws lived in Lake Mills for years! Also died & buried there. It is a sweet little town. Old fashioned niceness at its best. Telling lies about an incident & pounding on windows unacceptable.!! Provoking & intimidation are not going to help their cause. This is no longer about racial justice. Also saying they were threatened by KKK sounds ridiculous. Rural Wisconsin is not hiding white Supremisists,
    conservatives maybe, but not white supremisists.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Never been to Lake Mills but it sounds like one of hundreds of towns in Wisconsin that could claim to harbor “old fashioned niceness at its best.” Imagine the rage those BLM thugs felt at being in such a place: so white (i.e. automatically racist), so clean, so orderly. What’s surprising is that they didn’t trash it on principle since it clearly embodies everything they scorn and have vowed to destroy (sorry, transform). Also surprising is that they didn’t try to extort food, drink, money, etc. from at least a few citizens. As for the damning video of the accident, nothing deters a fanatic from his goal and nothing makes a dent in his self-image or his self-awarded virtue. Get used to seeing roving bands of thugs wherever you are–they’re part of the new normal courtesy of their Democrat enablers.


  7. Robski says:

    If I were the person who was backed into, I’d take legal action against Ebony Anderson -Carter for online harassment/bullying or something. What a sick and toxic person Anderson-Carter is! To be such a low quality human being where you can’t even own up to your own screw-ups doesn’t compute with me. Where you have to lie and accuse a total stranger of being a racist after you damaged their vehicle is just beyond sick! I wouldn’t let Anderson-Carter get away with it. My Dad always tells me “you are never safe from other people’s stupidity” Well Anderson-Carter takes that phrase to a new and even more dangerous level. With a lot of reckless driving in my ‘hood, this event makes me reconsider on how to interact with a potential person I meet by accident. Sharing/exchanging insurance/info could get you threatened on social media and branded a racist. How pathetic that is… I’m glad I’m not on social media.


  8. Jeff Giese says:

    “and removed a Back the Blue sign from a gas station” didn’t a certain Republican state legislator pay $30K for removing a vulgar sign at the Capitol under the guise that his/her free speech was violated?


  9. dad29 says:

    “….no charges…….filed…”

    She’s got a ticket to ride………..and she don’t care”

    The Beatles were right.


    • Mary says:

      And that’s the problem: too many spineless law enforcement officials scared to piss off the mobs.

      What steps is his department taking to ensure this person is kept safe?

      “The victim of this incident is the person who was run into. This person needs to be scared for their safety and some people in Lake Mills are perpetuating that,” Selck said.”


  10. madisonexpat says:

    I think Black Lies Matter has made Lake Mills solidly for President Trump and anyone with any sense for governor.


  11. Balboa says:

    Hey David, If I used the “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” bomb on here once, let alone 50 times would I get banned. Seriously Lake Mills, that should never have been allowed to be posted ever. Every other word is a fbomb. that is lol ignorance, what a waste of a human and human energy.


  12. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    These monumentally blithering imbeciles really have no alternative to their useless existences.

    A STUDY conducted by a Professor Jeremy Berneth San Diego State University has discovered that the easily offended make terrible employees.

    Why? Because they never get anything done.

    (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
    “Those with a high PTBO (Proclivity To Be Offended) have a ‘tendency to view an array of events and/or traditions as offensive.”’

    “They also ‘are likely to feel that social events or traditions to which they take offense also violate moral or equitable standards,’ the study notes.


    “Dr Berneth found that high PTBOs are less productive, because they are constantly worrying about how the organisations they work for are ‘less fair,’ than everywhere else, and they ‘consume a lot of time complaining about trivial matters.’

    “The person offended by everyday occurrences diverts important and limited cognitive resources away from the client (and potential sale) towards a task-irrelevant stimuli.”

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED…said no one!

    The Gotch

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  14. Tonya says:

    Robski, Ebony didn’t back into the car, she drove into the car. Kind of like she planned on driving into this other car.


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