Madison police arrest 26-year-old man in connection with arson of City-County Building

Madison police have arrested a 26-year-old man as a “person of interest” in the arson of the City-County building last week. Marquon Clark, aka “Sire Gq” was picked up after 7 last night (07-01-2020) on a traffic stop and probation hold.

While officers were trying to stop Clark’s car, the driver of a pickup truck – which was following behind Clark’s car – intentionally swerved at a marked Madison Police squad car. The squad would have been rammed had the officer not taken evasive maneuvers.
The truck’s driver, Conner M. Fleck, age 25, Pardeeville, WI, was arrested for second degree recklessly endangering safety.


Sure enough, protesters march through neighborhoods Wednesday evening, stopping at DA’s house, to demand release of the “jailed activist,” as WKOW-TV27 calls him.

This is the same guy who teamed up with “Yeshua Musa,” the alias used by Devonere A. Johnson, who is facing federal charges for shaking down Downtown Madison businesses for money and beer by threatening to unleash Black Lives Matter on them.

Baseball bat protest

More at Capital Newspapers.

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12 Responses to Madison police arrest 26-year-old man in connection with arson of City-County Building

  1. Gordy Sussman says:

    “Jailed activist”? Last pm the kiddies were celebrating him as a black political prisoner. I urge my fellow Blaskites to follow Freedom Inc on Facebook to read firsthand and in real time what the crazies are up to. The local lamestream media certainly won’t tell you.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:


      Nor will the local “investigative reporters” ever be so truthful to report Mr. Clark’s criminal record.
      Since becoming of age, he’s had at least 17 criminal conviction, three of which were felonies.
      Currently he’s out of prison and in violation of his probation. He’s looking at a long stay in the Crowbar Motel, unless the cowardly SJW proglobotic pusscookies demand his immediate release.


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  2. WashCoRepub says:

    Astonishing (not really) how the local ‘media’ fails to ask BLM, Freedom Inc., Satya, etc. for their comments on any of this, to see if this would be one of the ‘black or brown bodies’ (demeaning language, BTW, reducing someone’s life and soul to a skin color) who should never be jailed, or released from jail/prison since the entire system should be dismantled. Of course, if a right-leaning politician would say or do anything even slightly controversial, every single member of their entire political party would be hounded for a comment on it for weeks on end.

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  3. Wiseagle says:

    If Sheriff Clark has a son…oh, nevermind! The good sheriff has an “e” at the end of his name.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Mr. Clark; considering your extensive criminal history on top of these current FELL OH KNEE charges, you’re looking at…ooooh…’bout 20 years minimum.

    “It may come as no surprise that pretty boyz like yourself seem to attract a lot of what most heterosexuals consider Unwanted Attention in the joint, acquiring, after a VERY short period of time, the nickname PINCUSHION.

    “Taking that into account, perhaps you’d like to tell us what you know about one Althea Bernstein?”

    Mr Clark: “Where Do I SING“?

    The Gotch

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    • Ed says:

      The scenario will be great if it’s the Feds. But the DA…lots of luck. He can’t find his ass with both hands.

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      • Bob Dorn says:

        And Molly Beck had lovely video on her Twitter feed of F-bombs at Ozanne’s house with his 2 kids at home and later going through Hilldale (F* this sh*t, such a wonderful message on a nice summer night). Surprised no windows were smashed.


  5. Jason Oleston says:

    Lots of priors on this particular individual, should be in jail forever already. Here’s a hint for our future leaders: scum can’t get paroled early if they’re executed.

    Now that the plinths have been emptied, there’s room for new statues after our next civil war. I nominate the first citizen who empties a mag into the next guy interrupting anyone’s day drinking with a megaphone.


  6. AdamC says:

    3 words:

    Federal. Terrorism. Charges.

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  7. georgessson says:

    Yep, the FEDs are NOT gonna give him the “Get Outta Jail Free” card. I had to laugh when Freedom, Blinks and their ilk complained about the “violent arrest”…. This guy’s built like Arnie S. in his earlier days. Not only got loose, but B4 that, Yepper, a lotta cops wish they had spent more time at the gym. JUST DON”T RESIST! Whatta jerk, like the other guy w/ the Molotov -taking advantage of the moment to regress back to “thugdumb”…. We need only to review the Squire’s past VIDs of MMSD meetings to see that these folks are kinda familiar.


    • georgessson says:

      BTW, the l’il gal who shot an killed the ex-boyfriend on the Northside had been arrested twice for gun crimes. A total of 9 crimes/convictions, & all but two were dismissed. The other two were “deferred sentences” handed down by none other than our new Supreme Court justice Jill Karofsky….


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