They want to shut me up

Because anarchism has nothing to say.

Would bullets work?

Inquiring minds: Why is a Black Lives Matter attack on State Sen. Tim Carpenter, a gay white man, not being called a hate crime?

We say “no peace no justice” because the criminal class that is so coddled by local law enforcement is now free to act their inner bully on the playground. Thanks to cover from Freedom Inc., the Democratic party, Mayor Satya, and The Capital Times. (Still no disapproving editorial! Hmmm.)

They are taking our lunch money and smashing what they have not built and did not earn and being hailed as heroic martyrs for doing so. FREE Yesha Musa!

Not to be overshadowed by what police like to call “frequent fliers” —  LOOK! Over there! On his Segway! His cape billowing in the breeze: Here comes Jeremy J. Ryan *, the nuisance that harassed journalists and elected officials during the Left’s intifada against Act 10.

Ryan, now 32, was arrested shortly after 2 a.m.Thursday 06-25-2020 on felony charges of making terrorist threats against … The Sheriff! Didn’t say the boy was the brightest of bulbs.

Ryan was arrested for Facebook posts he made threatening and sharing the personal information of Sheriff Dave Mahoney as well as his family members. We’re talking street address, personal phone number, e-mail address, etc. It’s called “doxxing.”

The sheriff’s office said Ryan made threats trying to force Mahoney and the department to release 28-year-old Devonere Johnson, a frequent guest of Mahoney’s jail who helped shut down Coopers Tavern earlier this week with a bat and a bullhorn.

Welcome to the club

Name calling and on-line harassment are just two of the many tactics self-righteous social justice warriors use to stifle dissent. (One of the Werkes minor pleasures is watching them use reverse somersaults to justify their depravity. Just claim victimhood.) Property destruction and beating people are two other tactics. Madison’s Police advocate Paula Fitzsimmons reports that she, too, has been subjected to threats from the BLM rioters. So has Our Ms. Vicki McKenna. Vicki has gone to the authorities. So has Blaska

Christine ElaineAn anarchist named Christine Elaine went up on Facebook Thursday with a large-format photograph of Blaska encouraging the cadres to take appropriate action because Blaska (supposedly) “takes pictures and uses them [to] dox people / write horrible think pieces on them.”

Her charge of doxxing is a slander first circulated by Freedom Inc. when Blaska spoke at and reported from the school board when Madison was considering evicting school resource officers. Even Christine, when challenged, could find no (zero, none) evidence of doxxing anyone. As to whether his think pieces are horrible, we suppose that depends on the fool being exposed.

Facebook hate #2Facebook hate #5 guillotine

de-platformed AND be-headed!
That should shut him up!

Thereupon ensued much spit-balling on how Blaska could be stopped from writing his horrible think pieces — “de-platformed” was one term. “Would bullets work? another posted. Perhaps the guillotine should be oiled and sharpened. (We’re not the first to note the similarities here in Madison these past weeks to the terrors of the French Revolution.)

Jason Louise Huberty“I’ll get his address,” another offered. A Google earth photo of the Stately Manor was posted. I believe the Food and Drug Administration requires this warning label:

BE ADVISED: Stately Blaska Manor is protected by the law firm of Sturm & Ruger with additional consultation from Remington, Taurus, Springfield Armory, and Olympic Arms. Of counsel: Iver Johnson. Motion detectors will light up the neighborhood like Broadway on opening night so the cameras can get a good look, activated by motion detectors.

We don’t know if bullets would work. Let’s not try to find out, O.K. gang?

Personal note to

Hey David, shouldn’t your racist ass be losing a local election? Or making yourself look like white trash scum on TV? That’s what you’re good at, so its interesting seeing your cowardly ass offer any brain dead chickenshit thoughts on something important. Interesting as in pathetic and stupid, not actually interesting. Be careful if you ever work up the courage to come downtown again.

I have forwarded your question, Mr. Brocolli, to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

( * Segway Boy was convicted in February for attempting to use nuclear material that was likely to cause the death or serious bodily injury to any person.) Channel 3000 has more.)

Blaska’s Bottom LineJust because Madison police, the sheriff’s department, Capitol Police, and State Patrol can not protect the Capitol and the City County Building doesn’t mean Blaska can’t protect his own Werkes.

What would YOU serve for Blaska’s last meal?

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18 Responses to They want to shut me up

  1. nathanemarks says:

    David, you do a great job with providing both fact and perspective to the topics you blog about. It’s frustrating to hear that there are intolerant folks trying to silence you, or worse.

    I just wish that everyone could come to the table with the same level of open-mindedness, patience, and respect for each other. We’d all get further ahead.

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  2. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    I’ll send you a message with my phone number to call if you ever quickly need some “company.


  3. Sprocket says:

    I noted after the 2016 campaign and the Berkeley riots that the left was working to normalizing political violence. Is seems that train is approaching the station. These people are idiots. They don’t realize what an anomaly this period is in the history of the human species. It’s taken us thousands of years to reach this point, and they think they can tear it down and build something better. The narcissism is remarkable.

    For anyone not planning on crawling into a hole and hoping to escape their notice; they have clearly state their goals and their plans for you. Proceed accordingly. Develop your networks, educate yourself, and train.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “What would YOU serve for Blaska’s last meal?”

    After hearing the…um…security line-up The Stately Manor boasts, something with SWISS CHEESE comes to mind.

    One possibility? The Gotch’s signature Chicken Reuben Bake!

    The Gotch


    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:


      Thanks for the Swiss Cheese link to The Urban Dictionary.

      Proglobot is also in there: proglobot. noun)

      a progressive person who’s undergone brain surgery, i.e., a lobotomy, rendering him incapable of rational thought.

      Obamabot Zombies, Hate America Firsters and petualnt proglobots were peacefully protesting.
      by GOOD DOG, HAPPY MAN December 06, 2016

      Law enforcement works every time it’s tried. But if the PC Pajama Boyz in the glorious Republic of Makistan refuse to use law enforcement, perhaps a well-regulated militia would work just as well.

      You don’t bring a baseball bat to a gunfight.

      Do Svadanya, Comrade.


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  5. jimydandy says:

    We’re patiently waiting for their caravan to arrive out in the burbs. We will welcome them with loaded mags and they won’t be loaded with jelly beans.

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  6. Mary says:

    Jesus, just be careful. These are not sane people we’re dealing with. Stupid? Yes. But also deranged.

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    • David Blaska says:

      They’re cowards. They are more afraid of me than they are of the police because they know the police will stand down.

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      • pANTIFArts says:

        Now that your site has gained some new followers, some with bad intentions, perhaps a bit of common sense is in order to keep everyone safe. Guns, and being proficient in their use is not just a “right wing ” thing. Ever heard of Rachel Maddow? (She’s a gun nut). Gun enthusiasts tend to have some outside training. They also have a great deal of experience with their weapon, and feel quite comfortable with it . If the last two sentences don’t describe you, then here are three very simple rules for gun safety. (1) DO NOT CARRY A GUN – (if you do not pose a threat, you have nothing to fear from me). (2) AGAIN, DO NOT CARRY A GUN (if I see a weapon, I will assume that you are prepared and willing to use it). (3) If at any point, you unholster a side-arm or move the muzzle of a weapon in my direction – I WILL (REGRETFULLY) SHOOT YOU DEAD. (That wonderful little speech that you were going to deliver, as I begged for my life, will never be heard). The hellish chaos of a fire-fight is not somewhere you would want to be. The real world is not a video game, and this IS the real world.


      • Mary says:

        Of course, they’re yellow-bellied crybabies. And stupid ones, too. Losers in life who are just taking advantage of mob mentality. Still, they’re deranged, so just be vigilant.


  7. Lars says:

    Jocelyne Rodriguez, as in across the street?
    Locked and loaded, patriots must stand!


  8. Robby White says:

    Sounds like Christine Elaine is a malignant narcissist and Colin definitely needs sensitivity training and a better perception of time. Joselynn is a Junior Spy from Owell’s 1984 and she doesn’t even know it. I know for certain that Segway J. is a dangerous, criminally insane psychopath. I think some institutional healing for an extended period on the North side is in order. But hey, the social media works both ways. The behavior of these people is embarrassing and they leave themselves so exposed in return. I am embarrassed for these sjws.


    • Mary says:

      They’re losers in life. But I don’t underestimate their malevolence for a second, especially not Segway’s. Agree with your assessment of him and would add grifter to that description. There’s something very damaged inside his brain and soul and I’m not certain psychotherapy would help. Don’t think he cares a lick about social justice and is using that as his excuse to exercise his criminal tendencies.


  9. White Hills says:


    Blaska Lives Matter!

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