Resign, Mayor Satya. Declare martial law, Gov. Evers!

Ring the Capitol Square with National Guardsmen
and deploy them all the way down State Street;

Round up the ringleaders now!

This is what Progressivism gets you: The statue of an immigrant Union colonel who gave his life to end slavery and quash the Confederacy — hauled down and dumped in Lake Monona.

Tuesday night’s (06-24-2020) riot (there is no other word for it) was not a protest against racial injustice, it was about creating demolishing civilization; vandalism for its own sake. Mindless mob nihilism. 

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This is liberal governance for you: Miss Forward, the seven-foot statue of a strong and proud woman standing at the prow of a boat as if to direct Wisconsin into the bright future, toppled. This is not a demonstration, it is an act of civil insurrection. And the City of Madison, Dane County, the State of Wisconsin is powerless to stop the destruction?

Here are your civil rights: A liberal state senator, Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, pummeled for trying to record the carnage. All because a petty criminal with a lengthy rap sheet resists arrest — an arrest for harassing and threatening with bullhorn and a baseball bat) at point-blank range innocent restaurant-goers? Accusing random diners of unproven racism? This is your hero? This is your George Floyd?

Put an end to this progressive terrorism!

If Tony Evers does not call in the National Guard today he should be removed from office. It is too late for Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway, the mayor of Madison who apologized for sympathizing with Madison’s tormented police. Who has directed the police innumerable times to stand down. She must, herself, stand down. (Liberal blogger Gregory Humphrey was the first to make this call.)

Where is Dane County Executive Joe Parisi? The City-County Building was firebombed Wednesday night? Why hasn’t Sheriff Dave Mahoney deployed his deputies? Madison is burning. Where were the Capitol Police?

Ha! “Sire Gq” took it down. Too incriminating.
Arrest Sire Gq, the guy who announces
“We got ourselves a M-F* * * -ing tow truck.” and
“C’mon downtown tonight, it’s about to go down.”

The police union must declare a vote of No Confidence in the mayor. Police Chief Vic Wahl must summon his inner Mike Koval and declare, publicly, that his job is to protect the people of Madison and to hell with kowtowing to the crazies.

School board president Gloria Reyes must declare that MMSD will honor its contract for police in the public high schools. The Common Council must declare that police will NOT BE DEFUNDED in the next budget.

The Wisconsin State Journal must demand strong and decisive action. Kaleem Caire, the Rev. Gee, Ruben Anthony, Michael Johnson, and other local civil rights leaders must denounce the terrorism. And every guilty white liberal.

Tim Carpenter

The Official Police Report

On Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, a group of 200-300 people along with a number of vehicles moved through the downtown Madison area.  The group initially marched, blocked intersections, and obstructed driveways. As the group’s behavior escalated, they entered a private condominium building and surrounded a towing vehicle (requiring the driver to abandon the vehicle).

The group later moved to the Capital Square and removed two statutes from the Capital grounds (Lady Forward and Hans Christian Heg), and broke windows in a number of buildings. Windows at the City-County Building were broken, and a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the building. The group went on to also attempt to force entry to the State Capital building. OC spray was deployed from within the State Capitol building to repel individuals who were attempting to force entry.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIt is the Broken Windows theory of crime; give an inch and they take a mile. There is no way to satisfy the anarchists’ demands. Madison is doing its best to re-elect Donald Trump. How long before The Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, et cetera show up in town? Me, I’m having lunch at Cooper’s Tavern today.

What do YOU think?


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49 Responses to Resign, Mayor Satya. Declare martial law, Gov. Evers!

  1. I like the idea of lunch at Coopers. Wear a catcher’s mask!

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  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    First, any insurance company that has paid out, or will be asked to do so, for damages from the RIOTERS (not protesters) downtown, should file suit against The City of Madison and Mayor Satya for gross negligence. They have provided no basic police protection at all. In fact they have instructed the police to stand down. No “protester” is to be arrested period.

    Next, there needs to be a class action lawsuit making the same charge on the behalf of property tax payers, for the precipitous drop in real estate values that will surely result. How about a real “civil” protest? How about everybody refuses to pay their property taxes? They can’t put us all in jail, and they can’t afford to confiscate all the property. A tax revolt might get their attention.

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  3. AdamC says:

    Someone is going to get killed before any of Madison’s illustrious leaders lift a finger. Mayor Satyaphatassdown is completely incompetent — boxed in by her own ridiculous leftist ideology, excusing and enabling mayhem and failing to maintain even a baseline of public safety. The County Executive is silent as a church mouse. The Governor today said the equivalent of “stop, or I’ll say stop again.” All 3 of them appear to be weaklings, cowering in silence, trying to craft and compare public statements that won’t piss off radical violent anarchists. Meanwhile the rest of us watch this city being turned into a waste dump.

    I wonder how many so called liberals in Madison are going to quietly vote Trump.

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    • Mary says:

      Not sure about Madison, but judging by the recent growth of the #WalkAway & #Blexit movement, I’d say that more than a few will be voting for Trump.

      “I wonder how many so called liberals in Madison are going to quietly vote Trump.”

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      “If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” – Thomas Sowell ( American genius )

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      • pANTIFArts says:

        Destroying HISTORY is part of the bigger plan. “Sometimes – history needs a push.”

        – Vladimir Lenin – dead Russian guy in a glass box ( before he was dead )

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’M liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. THAT’S what’s INSANE about it.” – John Lennon – ( Lennon may have said it , but you folks have all thought it .)


  4. Mary says:

    Great wish list, but won’t happen. Not one leader among them! Not one suited to hold office. Cowards, every last one of them, including phoney Mahoney and Vic Wahl.

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  5. Jeff fields says:

    I am waiting for some nut roll to open up with a firearm……. It’s just a matter of time it’s really gone way too far.

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    • BlameTheBoomers says:

      If you mean a “far-right-winger”, don’t count on it. Madison isn’t innocent in this and has denigrated basically anyone who would mount a counter offensive, except the (ironically staffed with largely right wing) National Guard.

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    • David Blaska says:

      I fear the same. Just because it may not be justified doesn’t mean it should not be expected.


    • dad29 says:

      Oh, a “nut roll”?

      How about someone who is in fear for their life or grave bodily harm–or in fear that ANOTHER’s life is endangered?

      Given what’s happening in Lansing MI today, that’s not far-fetched.


  6. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Calling you out Satya! What are you going to do, arrest the criminals, or thank them for their anger again? That’s what you did after they looted Goodman’s. You thanked them for being angry. What could possibly go wrong from that, eh? I mean, you praise them for theft and destruction, and what do you know, they do it again? Who knew? I know, it’s crazy. It’s very hard to get a handle on their true motives and predict their behaviour. Just tell them they are doing fine. It’s bound to make them stop sooner or later, right?

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  7. Balboa says:

    so will Tim Carpenter be asking this be called a Hate Crime against him? Define Nut, do you mean like a police officer, National Guardsmen\women? Do you mean the fascist antifascists that already are carrying firearms?

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  8. Balboa says:

    Silence is Concensus amongst the City, County and barely audible Governor offices. Vote out all communists and Regressives that have taken over the Democrat Party this fall!

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  9. BlameTheBoomers says:

    I’m still wondering what the wake up call will be…

    The leader of BLM admits in today’s Cap Times article that they are domestic terrorists. Terrorism is the use of fear – especially threats or acts of violence – to advance political change. She justifies the acts and demands “Justice” – but is it clear yet that this is code for “Domination”?

    Get ready for a lot more of this. The summer just began, and the beatings will continue until moral improves.

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  10. pANTIFArts says:

    ” History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  11. AdamC says:

    Satyaphatassdown, instead of doing the only thing she should do now (RESIGN!), just issued the most garbled and ridiculous statement yet. It reads like large portions of it were redacted by leftist censors.

    Soglin: RUN AGAIN! The Madison you built is being turned into a garbage dump. Hell at this point I’d vote for Cieslewicz or even Bauman.

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  12. Melissa says:

    I’m sick, sad and disgusted at what is happening to my beautiful city. Save it before it’s too late, Mayor. Resign now!


  13. Calvin&Hobbes says:

    Silence is violence Madison alders


  14. Balboa says: Felonies anymore. Hate Crimes against state senator? Where is ole Josh Kaul and cohorts?

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  15. Balboa says:

    ole choo 5 county mass transit authority Mayor Dave looks sort of good right now. Bauman and the Dairy Land Chicks. ah yes the good ole dayZZZ

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  16. Mary Holden says:

    I’ve lived and worked here for 18 years and used to love Madison but I’m moving away and for the first time since moving here I’m scared to live in Madison


  17. Steve Schwoegler says:

    Recall the mayor!!

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  18. sentient7 says:

    Y’all remain clueless. This is only chapter 1.5 The next iteration of BLM will be the justification of multiple simultaneous firebombs throughout the fiefdom of Dane; there will not be enough fire trucks to stop them all. Violence against Heg? It is just the beginning.

    Think I’m wrong? Consider the silence of the “responsible” black community leaders.
    Time to speak to the mob in terms they can understand — terms which the woman in the State Journal’s video voiced, terms they can understand.

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    • BlameTheBoomers says:

      Exactly correct. Silence is consent… this was, in jail terms, “getting checked” – and Madison proved to be willing to squeal like a little piggy. To make matters worse, the “Silent Majority” (read: those who looked away when the boots kicked in their neighbors’ doors) is acting guilty. This only and always perpetuates the violence.

      Time to choose whether you’re all more afraid of being called a racist than watching your society get ripped apart.

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    • sentient7 says:

      Fact -> Protester Ebony Anderson-Carter said…”while the Forward and Heg statues stood for good causes and movements, those in power are not taking that same stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

      “I just hope some people realize that sometimes you need to talk to people in a language that only they understand,” Anderson-Carter said. “Stop trying to make us speak to you in your language.”

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      • patrickmoloughlin says:

        You beat me to it. I wanted to post that quote. It epitomizes the deep philosophical underpinnings of the BLM group. Now we just need to translate it into English.


  19. Skipper says:

    Vote Trump. Vote GOP. Buy a gun. Patrol a statue. Be a “well regulated militia”.


  20. madisonexpat says:

    Gee, Soggy fit the civil wawah all over again when he defaced a public monument and defeated the Confederacy. He knew enough history to stop before wrecking Hans Christian Heg (the spot where Heg fell at Chickamauga has a nice marker). The barbarians demanding money for Brandi Grayson to distribute in “programs” only knew they had a tow truck and no interest in Wisconsin or Madison heritage and statues cause RAY-cism.
    It is a masterful passive agression to have the spokesmouth of the Free Devontre/Jesus Moses movement say this arson, destruction of public property and vehicle theft is Settyaphatassdown’s fault because they’ve not been heard with bullhorns, blocking traffic, arson and looting.
    If only there was a plain spoken, leader somewhere, since there isn’t one in Wisconsin, that could reverse this lawlessness and protect the citizenry.
    Oh wait, that’s right and BLM ain’t votin’ for him unless they want to turn in their race card.
    What’s BLM looking forward to tonight, I wonder?

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  21. madisonexpat says:

    And Malcolm said, “The most dangerous man in America is a Negro with a library card.” That leaves out BlackLiesMatter.

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  23. Batman says:

    “Blaska’s Bottom Line: It is the Broken Windows theory of crime; give an inch and they take a mile. There is no way to satisfy the anarchists’ demands.”

    Batman recalls a conversation with the Squire some months back with Batman advising removing the disruptors at the school board meetings by force if necessary. Your response was—that is what they want, better to arrest them later. Well big surprise, neither happened and the enabling just continued and emboldened these assholes.
    Care to now admit that Batman’s instincts were right and yours were, well, not right?

    Either a municipality stands for law and order or it doesn’t. Naïve feckless Madison reps clearly, obviously, do not believe in law and order but appeasement instead. Brilliant!

    Regarding the toppling and defacement of statues, looting, arson, crashed windows, etc., expect more bleating of bleeding heart Madison leftys: “it’s just property.” as too many on local neighborhood websites are saying. Must not upset the mob ya know because they might retaliate and do something bad.

    “Stupid is as stupid does”
    Even Forrest Gump gets it and he has an IQ of 75.


  24. madisonexpat says:

    Never mind the National Guard, Madison has more than enough muscle to defend itself. If only there was resolve and a credible show of force. Mayor/City and County Councils have cops and sheriffs more than capable of going to the square and arresting the 50 or 60 BLM morons and rioters. But then what? The DA will prosecute? The judiciary will sentence serious jail time?
    Madison, you’ve subsidized so many “programs” for so long. It will never be enough.
    These are not your chickens come home to roost. Oh no. YOU ARE the chickens and the foxes are getting hungrier.
    Good luck.

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  26. We should all call the senator’s beating “peaceful” – think I’ll tweet reply that…

    …looked up his twitter account and found a WMTV article with the headline saying “alleged attack” and repeating the line that these were “protests turned violent.”

    Brainless, complicit, yet in control. What a combo – the societal level of drunk driving on display, Senator Carpenter in the back seat, bound and gagged wondering, “how did I get here?”


    • madisonexpat says:

      Madison newspapers;
      “Mostly peaceful demonstrators”
      “Protestors lit a small fire” used to be called a fire bombing.
      “An activist said…….

      We should also ask why convicted felon (and many others) moved to racist hell hole Madison from Chicago? Answer …. In Madison it pays to Mau Mau the system. And pays well. Plus… no Cook County jail and no cops.

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  27. The growing problem as I see it is, as the City of Madison and the State of Wisconsin continue to shirk their sworn duties, at some point the citizens will rise up and do the job of protection of our businesses, elected leaders, and historical monuments for themselves and then there will be blood in the streets. This blood will be on the hands of the “leaders” that don’t give a shit about anything but virtue signaling to their precious social justice warriors.


    • It seems like Progressives are pushing and pushing the protesters until they get some martyrs to use, my fear is that if things continue down this path that they’ll get their wish.

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      • I think you’re right on target. Consider the other side, too. Generals often fear their troops won’t pull the trigger – and this mob is getting field training… including increased willingness to use deadly force, along with inculcating the propaganda that it is morally right and necessary. They’re getting all of that, in the field, here in the soft and seemingly willing target of Madison.


  28. Alberticus says:

    How much have you been paying your “teachers”??
    All those LEFT-wing “educators” who spend all their time pushing for higher pay and counting their pensions?
    For decades the Nation’s teachers have been infusing concepts of entitlement, oppression, as we see in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland today. Teachers have been attacking the self-image, self-esteem of their White pupils with the Racist Hate message of mythical White privilege”. Teachers have rabidly attacked the foundations of the Nation to sooth their “Daddy issues”.
    Well these teacher’s unions have been quietly stuffing their pockets with overly LIBERAL pensions and benefits at the expense of the oppressed People of Color. Therefore in the spirit of Equality and Reparations which the teachers haveLIBERALLY preached for so long it is only proper that 75% of those FAT pensions be LIBERALLY distributed to the Elderly People of Color who were denied the opportunities the privileged teachers milked for all they could.
    Stop the RACISM, Equalize the retirements.

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  29. Balboa says:

    I support and fully believe black lives do matter, I do not and will not ever support the Fascist BLM groups and subgroups. Those are two separate issues.

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    • Nice sentiment, but unfortunately even your statement of “support” is a sign of weakness that will be pounced upon and used as a torture rack. How many lights do you see? You already are saying five, adding “but can you please stop the torture though?”.

      The proper response today is, “I’m not part of your commie cult, so scram.” or something like that. Years ago you’d have been amazed it was even a question and been bewildered, responding “well of course – what are you talking about?” But we are past that point, obviously. It is now the rhetorical bended knee.

      Zero acknowledgement of the wizard’s spell is the only way. Ask King Theodan how he fared against Grima Wormtongue…


  30. georgessson says:

    Freedom Inc and Urban Triage have already posted reminders about tonight’s planned events. After reviewing the local news at 5 AM today, I thought I couldn’t be more dismayed. I’m betting I am horribly mistaken tomorrow… This has devolved into totally meaningless & unprovoked terror for this city.


  31. Richard Helgren says:

    “A movement is now on foot among the Scandianavian [sic] societies in this country to raise funds for a statue to Col. Heg’s memory.”

    Above is from an October 1922 news story reporting the death of Mrs. Hans C. Heg, widow of Col. Heg, commander of the Fifteenth Wisconsin regiment in the Civil War. More of the story is at:


  32. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    While getting the pudding pounded out of him, Lefty Tim Carpenter lamented, “But, … but, … but I’m on your side.”

    Tim, buudy, these people don’t have sides. They’re nihilist anarchist Marxists. They’re self-made men who worship their own Creator. They don’t give a red rat’s ass about you or your politics.


  33. Anyone else watch the Mayor’s address an hour ago? They’re capitulating again in the face of this evil. Sponsoring a resolution to remove school resource officers. Total surrender message – this “mayor” is dangerous. She clearly either doesn’t understand what is going on or is, at best, negligent.

    Madison just got checked, and the mayor flinched so hard that she tripped and fell to the ground.


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