No police, no State Street

Mother of accused murder says ‘Defund the Cops’

Social justice warrior a repeat offender

Madison’s State Street, the street that connects the great University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus with the State Capitol, is a plywood desert. Plywood creatively decorated with socially conscious artwork that meets the approval of the BLM overseers — but all the same, boarded up and shut down. On top of the coronavirus lockdown, the race riots were a double whammy.

Some of the more “woke” shop owners made brave statements sloughing off the progressive kristallnacht of broken windows and looted merchandise as merely property that can be replaced as compared to black lives snuffed out by racist police.  There’s a whiff of Stockholm Syndrome to that — maybe a little blinking the word “torture” in Morse code — but whom are we to judge?

Except that downtown merchants are now asking the City of Madison (read: taxpayers) for financial help and — Wait For It! — police.

“Without significant support, many of our locally-owned businesses will close, creating significant damage to Downtown,” said Jason Ilstrup, president of Downtown Madison, Inc.

Specifically, a refund on their property taxes (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars per business) and a freeze for five years on tax increases plus refunds be issued for occupancy, food and liquor permits. 

And those damnable police. 

Mother of accused murderer
wants to defund police

Remember the execution-style murder of Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre on March 30? WKOW-TV 27 is reporting that the mother of one of the accused teenagers, Alice Larrue, participated in a rally calling for defunding the same police department that arrested her son. 

“You know it’s time for us to come together and make a change for our community, for our people, for our youth,” she told 27 News. “The violence, the racism, it’s a lot.”

Victims were white; accused teenagers black.

Baseball bat protest

This is your social justice?

Devonere A Johnson

D. Johnson

TODAY 06-23-2020 at 12:30 p.m. From the MPD blotter: A 28-year-old man was arrested over the noon hour, outside of The Coopers Tavern, 20 W. Mifflin St., after entering the outdoor seating area of the restaurant and using a bullhorn to make loud statements where diners were seated and eating. He was also holding a baseball bat. 

Devonere A. Johnson has been tentatively charged with disorderly conduct while armed, resisting arrest, and attempted escape. After Johnson was taken into custody, he broke free from the back of a MPD squad car. He was tackled as he attempted to escape custody.

More about Devonere A. Johnson, social justice warrior. BTW: 16 entries on the state criminal justice data base. How many second chances do you get in this town?

Because State Street and the west side of Capitol Square have become, effectively, a BLM autonomous zone patrolled by race hustlers armed with baseball bats and in-your-face bullhorns. So the merchants wrote a letter to city “leaders” (if you’ll pardon the expression). 

“We have heard continuously that people, regardless of race, age, sex, etc., do not feel comfortable or safe on State Street with the current state of affairs. That perception is unlikely to change unless the city actively works to change it. Neighborhood officers should be peacefully present, walking State Street and pleasantly interacting with people in an attempt to rebuild relationships and trust with community members.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Tells you volumes that not one of those merchants dared sign his/her name to the letter. Reprisals. (Full story here.) Why? Because the merchants don’t feel safe, either!

Do YOU feel safe?

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22 Responses to No police, no State Street

  1. Back during the riots, Hawk’s Bar proudly made the public comment that “Our property is replaceable.”

    Now we’ll see if their customers are too. You tell me, who wants to go downtown now?

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  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Nothing says racial injustice like looting a high end jewelry store.

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    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      Not to mention that Goodman’s was truly charitable and philanthropic to the community, as well.


  3. WashCoRepub says:

    “Have you often longed for the unique atmosphere of exotic, far-away places like Mogadishu or Yemen, but haven’t wanted to travel? Now, Madison can bring it right to you!”
    Thin blue line, indeed.

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  4. pANTIFArts says:

    JUSTICE FOR MEKHI !!! PROTEST THIS SATURDAY AT CAPITOL SQUARE !!! PLEASE JOIN US AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. Every Life Matters !!! ELM ELM Every Life Matters ELM ELM ELM ELM Mekhi James, age 3, had just received his first haircut , when he and his current father-figure came under attack by Racists. These Racists allegedly made multiple uses of the N* – WORD as they shot him to death. We ask all advocates for black lives to turn out and show your outrage at the murder of Mekhi, and 13 others, and the shooting of 104 more this past week-end in Chicago. These murderous RACISTS have no regard for black lives AT ALL !!!


    • pANTIFArts says:

      UPDATE The planned protest for Mekhi James has been called off. We were informed that CNN , MSNBC , ABC , CBS , ETC., would not be covering our gathering . We reached out to other activist groups in the area , but no interest was shown from their leadership. They , instead , are planning a protest at the VILAS ZOO against the oppression of the animals ( reminiscent of slavery ) , and will demand their immediate release . FULL MEDIA COVERAGE We regret any inconvenience to those planning to attend our gathering , BUT , there is always NEXT week-end !!! ( We will just change the names of the victims ) SORRY – really sorry !


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Go ahead Satya. Subsidize the looting, rioting and the anger you so appreciate.
    What you subsidize you get more of.
    Notice how few whites are out in the streets at night on once vibrant, lovely State Street.
    Seems like the Chicagoans imported for “Diversity” have segregated.


  6. Es says:

    Hope the merchants move to Hilldale, East and Westown Malls.

    Of course once the developers stop building and developing downtown then Satya will realize the jig is up.

    Who wants to live $$$ condos and apartments if it’s not safe. Or stores and restaurants to patronize.

    It’s bad enough the characters that roam around the top of State Street.

    To change this city around put some subsided housing in the Vilas and Highlands neighborhoods and turn Dudegon school into affordable apartments and center.

    Let the liberals enjoy some of their social engineering.


  7. dad29 says:

    but whom are we to judge?

    You didn’t REALLY do that, did you? You, a professional ink-stained wretch? You, owner (or at least reader) of Strunk & White? A practitioner of the NYT stylebook?

    ‘Tis enough to make grown men cry and your Mother disown you.


  8. Batman says:

    In just two nights, Satya ruined Madison with her stand-down order. What a legacy and it will be very very far reaching.

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  9. georgessson says:

    It IS compelling that the biz owners didn’t feel secure enuff from backlash to identify themselves. Considering the actions by Freedom, Inc, Urban Triage and BLM, that seems understandable. Considering the INACTION of the Mayor, DA and other municipal leaders, it is MORE than understandable, it is wise. The MPD has been fettered by civil leaders’ hypocrisy and conflicting instructions/restrictions, so cannot be counted on for a modicum of tranquility, much less safety.


    • Batman says:

      Even more compelling is that no one at the local, state, or national level is resisting the cultural revolution including rinos as T. Carlson has repeatedly highlighted. Lip service doesn’t count. Our elected reps are rendered impotent by fear. Disgraceful.

      You know things are bad when America’s leaders are shown up by a country of cheese eating surrender monkeys. Emmanuel Macron is protecting France’s cultural legacy of statues etc.

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      • Sprocket says:

        The Republicans have just been waiting for Trump to go away, so they can go back to mouthing platitudes and turning tricks. You will notice how they run as fast as they can from every grass roots group willing to go toe-to-toe with the lefties. I no longer have any doubt they are controlled opposition.

        The Republicans are apparently too stupid to learn from Trump’s election. They got Trump precisely because they are useless crap weasels. They just assume their electorate will come back one he’s gone. I don’t think anyone who voted for Trump has failed to note the cravenness of the Republican establishment. Screw ’em.

        It’s time for something and someone new. Trump was a step in the right direction, but he’s too flawed as a person and the establishment Republicans didn’t miss a chance to kneecap him. We need a party more vigorously patriotic and nationalist, who’s one true desire is to see the lefties cleansed from the face of the earth.


    • Mary says:

      Have lost faith in law enforcement to keep us safe. Madison PD, once one of the most highly regarded police department in the country has become useless under Vic Wahl. But hey, let’s go arrest people for going to church. Like a bad nightmare.


  10. AdamC says:

    State Street has been turned into a trash dump. From the Capitol to Library Mall it is one long gigantic cesspool and that includes the pathetic immature “art” and obscene graffiti. Up to 40 businesses there have said they may never reopen…I won’t be surprised if it is more than that. I may never again set foot in that trashy wasteland and likely won’t spend one white dime there again as long as the current state of affairs continues. Mayor Satyaphatassdown should wear the demise of State Street around her neck like an albatross.


  11. AdamC says:

    Late this evening while Madison slept they tore down the Forward statue at the WI State Capitol AND tore down the Col. Heg sculpture and dragged it down to Lake Monona where they dumped it.

    Col. Heg was a Norwegian immigrant, anti-slavery activist, and Union Army officer who died in the Civil War.

    When will Madison wake up? This is on Mayor Satyaphatassdown for encouragement of mob violence and lawlessness.


  12. Mary says:

    You do realize we’re alone, right? Elected officials have betrayed & abandoned us. Republicans sit back like cowards, as bad as Democrats. The police are incapable / unwilling to keep us safe. Vic Wahl has proven to be ineffective, as has capital and state police, joining the political wuss ranks of Mahoney. 15 FBI agents to investigate an allegation that turned out to be a “mistake” while our cities burn and law abiding are put at risk. It’s disgusting.

    On the bright side, the second amendment is being strengthened. Gun sales are through the roof.


    • dad29 says:

      Was at McMiller range a week ago Saturday. At least 200 people were either on the line or waiting their turn for every minute of the 3 hours I was there.

      By the way, you can’t buy .223 any more, and 9mm and .45 are very hard to get.


  13. Mary says:

    Even though Madison PD is being told to stand down by the mayor, don’t cops have an OBLIGATION to keep us safe?


    • dad29 says:

      It’s likely that the “stand down” order was an ILLEGAL order, but there is no Captain, Lieutenant, or Sergeant in that Department who has the guts to issue a contrary order and then lose his/her job. And no foot-soldier is going alone into that crowd unless he’s equipped with a Ma Deuce and a few thousand rounds.


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