Madison schools hdq vandalized

Freedom Inc. celebrates graffiti on its website.

Freedom Inc. and their allies hit the Doyle Administration building of the Madison Metropolitan School District with their profanity-laced hatred. Find their video here. They also painted “Police Free Schools” in large letters on Dayton Street.

“Cops eat S* * *” and “F-bomb” this and that written on the building. And demands of school board president Gloria Reyes, by name. Which is interesting, since Reyes threw in with the Police Out of Schools movement last week.

“We did have some protesters show up yesterday,” said MMSD spokesman Timothy LeMonds. “But all the graffiti were done in chalk and we were able to get it completely cleaned up. We took a pressure washer to the building.”

The painted slogan on the street remains. LeMonds said the district would not prosecute.

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Blaska’s Bottom LineYet another chapter in their lawlessness. More to come.

What will YOU vandalize in the name of protest speech?

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11 Responses to Madison schools hdq vandalized

  1. jimydandy says:

    Oh My

    Let the boogaloo begin. We will sort it out after the smoke clears.


  2. jedigolfer11 says:

    Defund Freedom Inc.


  3. georgessson says:

    Never assume Brandi Grayson is outta da loop. VID on her FB page 6/13: “Getting ready for OUR rage therapy EVENT!!l #SupportingHealthyBlackFamilies!” Whence they bash in a car with the implements at hand. Comment by a woke white lass: “Wait….y’all aren’t gonna light it on fire? I watched a video for 29 damn minutes and y’all aren’t gonna burn it. Bogus.” Hmmnnn…. Doesn’t bode well for those of us who respect each other and our property.

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    “Defund the Police AND PAY US”
    And make Brandi Grayson the auditor.
    Case closed.

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  5. “poor richard could rightfully defend himself by pointing out the perpetrators spell and capitalize correctly and make cogent statements.”


    The Gotch

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