Let my people vote on April 7

And play golf

Drive up and vote now in Madison WI

Come hell or coronavirus, the white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes are forced to agree with Wisconsin Gov. Evers, Assembly Speaker Vos, and Senate leader Fitzgerald. We’re voting this spring.  May not be perfect. Turnout may be low. So sad, so sorry. Democracy stumbles on. Abe Lincoln held an election in the middle of the Civil War. You second-guessing Honest Abe?

⇒ Green Bay files federal lawsuit to stop election. Story here.

Too much at stake. Madison school board. State Supreme Court. (Vote Dan Kelly.) One more chance to protect Joe Biden from elder abuse and ridicule by voting Bernie so Democrats can nominate Andrew Cuomo. (Hey, who’s looking out for you, poopsie!) Get yer absentee ballot here.

Sorry, Dane County clerk Scott McDonnel — no waiving of statutory I.D. requirements. The political parties, League of Liberal Women Voters et al. can do outreach and help the technologically stunted to electronically upload their identification, if need be.

Big Boy drive in

Curbside voting!

Former Madisons school board member and stand-up citizen Earl Kielley tells the Werkes: 

Voted today uptown, Madison city hall. Drove up in front, they took my driver’s license, I stayed in my Jeep. Woman went inside, came back with ballot, got my license back, penciled in choices, signed [and] sealed the envelope.

SWEET! Madison Ald. Tag Evers adds: 

[The mayor] just texted me to let me know that curbside voting is now for everyone. That means you … can drive downtown (or walk or bike) to MLK Blvd outside the City-County Bldg and the Madison Municipal Bldg, and vote without leaving your car.   You can even register to vote right there on the spot!

Sorry, you can’t get an extra order of fries with that.

Protecting life?

Police broke up a pro-life protest outside of Planned Parenthood Milwaukee for violating Gov. Tony Evers’ stay at home clamp-down. 

“Police returned … with four squad cars … threatened to arrest the pro-life protesters unless they dispersed, RightWisconsin reports here. Brother Wigderson questions whether the First Amendment was violated. Blaska Police Werkes says the almighty State was within its rights under the emergency conditions. 

But the irony is so thick we have to cut it with Paul Bunyan’s axe. Police break up a protest during the coronavirus pandemic in order to save lives so that the snuffing out of life at the abortion abattoir can continue. 

Golf courseNo ‘Fore’ play?

Go ahead and ban ultimate frisbee. But is golf truly banned? I find no prohibition of golf in Tony Evers’ 16-page “Safer at Home” dictat.

But the text does close “country clubs.” Does that cover only the clubhouse? Golf is a non-contact sport (but then, so is ultimate frisbee). Still, no reason one player need touch another’s balls. (Smirk here, then move on.) Reasonable rules, perhaps one player per golf cart, would allow people to get some much-needed exercise and entertainment.

Most states are keeping golf open. Story here. If you agree, sign the petition 

Dane County Sheriff Mahoney says: “Let’s all use common sense, the Sheriffs office and other law enforcement agencies are not stopping citizens to check your destinations.” That’s great, because Blaska has no particular place to go. I’m like Chuck Berry that way, I guess.

What do YOU think?

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5 Responses to Let my people vote on April 7

  1. George's son says:

    Absentee voter registration was easy & simple, 5 minutes online, and one minute to scan my D/L. FYI: Last night our ‘Hood had a NON-Contact” neighborhood music jam. We had a sync’d playlist and danced (or stood) in our separate driveways, MANY 100’s of feet apart. Fitchburg PO did come to investigate, not sure why B/C they were notified in advance. But happy to report -No cars stolen last night in our off-the-beaten-path location. I was glad to see the County took down their Orwellian form to rat out fellow citizens who “gather”. Not needed, we all figgered out “no gathering” pretty quickly anyway…. Stay safe, stay well.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Ran (literally) into one of the Midvale Heights (Sequoya Branch Library) poll workers earlier today; he didn’t sound too optimistic.

    The Gotch


  3. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Poor-choice progressive Gov. Tony Evers must think choicing babies is essential work.
    Here’s his proglobotic palindrome: EVILSLIVE at Planned unParenthood.
    Babies don’t.

    I agree with Thomas Jefferson’s view of government, ““The care of human LIFE and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”


  4. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    You need to scratch the reference to the balls.

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