The Policy Werkes is open if you ‘speak easy’

Day #6 of coronavirus house arrest

Do we have to destroy the village in order to save it?

Is America over-reacting? 

“We are social beings. We need others to survive, and we need the freedom to associate with others in order to be fully alive.”  WI freedom activist James O’Keefe.

The old Squire did not leave the Stately Manor Friday. Not even to pick up the morning newspapers off the driveway. (The Lovely Lisa performed that chore.) We admit to a touch of cabin fever in the shutdown over the COVID-19 pandemic. Jonesing to go out and antagonize someone in person rather than remotely.

A growing movement of Coronavirus Dissenters warns that the harm to the economy exceeds the health risk.  These are some of the same people who condemned Obama’s supposed death panels. Must admit little patience for those who prattle “if it saves just one life. Unless the old Squire is one of them, of course.

⇒ Today’s laff: Shouldn’t we wait until after the pandemic to fill out the Census?

We are open

Something is open! Might go there just to go there

Paging Senator Burr

The exchequer of the Policy Werkes estimates a loss of 28% of the value of our strategic financial reserves since the stock market peaked one month ago (02-19-2020). Not to panic. If you don’t cash it in, you haven’t lost anything. It’s all on paper. Still, the Werkes procurement manager is reducing the amount of expenditures accordingly. WARNING: The Madison WI economy will feel the ripple effect in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Holman Jenkins Jr. predicts Mandatory social distancing might well break down. Look for speakeasies to re-emerge in New York and other shut-in cities.” Blaska asks: How many will suffer — even die — in a crippled economy?

shipwrecked islandLean hogs, si; silver, nyet

No one loves numbers more than the Wall Street Journal. (Thanks, Lisa, for fetching the newsprint. An extra biscuit for you!)

Its weekly market “Winners and Losers” charts only 8 winners, led by lean hogs (up 9.2%) but 64 losers. The latter ranged from the Chinese yuan (down 1.23%) through good old corn (-7.28%). The Russian ruble performed better (minus 9.2%) than silver (-14.58%). (Guess who bought silver years ago?) More worrisome is the big markets scuttering along the bottom of the list. The S&P 500 went down 14.98%, the Dow Jones Industrial -17.3%. Of course, the Werkes is invested in petrol (down 19.63%) and REITs, which are down 24%.

Can we pick em?

Distance thrill seeking

We wrote about distance coffee klatsching via the video-conference app, Zoom. The WSJ tells us 275,000 downloads of the app this past Wednesday, alone. Another 200,000 watched a three-year-old You Tube of a British official’s on-line BBC interview be charmingly interrupted by his toddlers.

Blaska toured the Czech countryside on a Moto Guzzi Audace this week, thanks to that You Tube magic. High temp next Wednesday predicted to be 55° F.  This serves as a warning to my neighbors in Orchard Ridge to prepare for the BLAAATTTT of my Harley Davidson. No particular place to go. It’s the journey.

What do YOU think?

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2 Responses to The Policy Werkes is open if you ‘speak easy’

  1. richard lesiak says:

    can’t speak since you won’t let me in. discriminate much?


  2. Lars says:

    My job is fini on Monday. Hopefully still be there when Governor Jelly Belly in the comatose state of Illinois, rescinds its shelter at home order.
    My family in Col. Went to Costco after they announced they had restocked, he was one of the first in the store. Shelves were still empty.
    Even he now wants the rifle he has been thinking about for years.
    If you can find it, read about the outbreak in 1957. People went on with their lives and some lost them. It is called life, or if you prefer death. Let us decide how we are going to live it.


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