Spending like there’s no tomorrow

‘Don’t just do something! Stand there!’  Ronald Reagan

But do so six feet away, please

We called our restaurant on Parmenter Street in Middleton Tuesday asking if it would be open for our bi-weekly breakfast of wise old guys (not old wise guys). The co-owner sounded delighted to have our business — any business. Later that day, Gov. Evers closed her place — and all restaurants and taverns in Wisconsin. — It’s a small restaurant, not a chain nor a franchise. We hope she and her sister make it. Big tips next we meet there.

Did Andrew Yang win after all? When did Mitt Romney take charge of Republican policy? How did Barack Obama burrow back into the White House? Is Bernie now commissar of the treasury?

The securities collapse of the past few weeks may have felt like a market apocalypse but the lesson of past downturns is that it could get a whole lot worse.… A recession now looks inevitable.  — “Streetwise” in the Wall Street Journal 03-18-2020.

Stae St deserted

Madison WI’s normally crowded State Street was deserted mid-day Monday (03-16-2020)

Industry bailouts, low-interest loans, expanded unemployment bennies, mandated sick leave, tax holidays — even direct cash payments. STAT! Trump’s treasury secretary seems poised to send Blaska Policy Werkes a check for $1,000 as part of a One Trilliondollar relief package. Why? Our drive-through window remains open as always: from 3 to 3:15 p.m. the fourth Thursday of every month. Our blogge numbers are way up. No, we will not return the check. We’ll plow it into stocks held by our Roll-over IRA as soon as it arrives, while they’re still cheap.

We will survive the coronavirus panic as Americans adapt, as they always do. We’re less confident of the Washington panic, as our politicians rush to throw money around without much thought or economic logic as they almost always do. — Wall Street Journal.

The Big Gummint goo-goos are elated

“The era of small government is over,” exults one headline in the New York Times. As with liberals, progressives, and socialists everywhere, the Billions with a B in fresh expenditures from government printing presses is/are not enough.

“Even the most ambitious proposals are nowhere near powerful enough to actually stop the coronavirus from destroying the economy. To do that, policymakers have to go beyond stimulus or bailouts for select industries. … They have to take responsibility for economic life on a scale not seen since the New Deal,” the NY Times urges.


All those coronavirus fighters jammed up on the stage. Social distancing, anyone? BTW: Is Dr. Fauci the Man of the Year so far?

Holman W. Jenkins Jr. of the (indispensable) Wall Street Journal taps the brakes on the pell mell rush to spend:

We’ll be spending a lot more than we’ve ever been willing to spend before to avoid flu deaths. 83% of our economy will be suppressed to relieve pressure on the 17% represented by health care. … Wouldn’t it make more sense to pour resources into isolating the vulnerable rather than isolating everyone? 

Jenkins adds, “… Testing becomes a tad mootish now if the goal is to isolate even young and healthy people.” A tad mootish!

The camel’s nose is under the tent

Following Rahm Emmanuel’s dictate about never letting a crisis go to waste, Elizabeth Warren would attach all kinds of strings to any aid; among them, force recipients to adopt a $15 minimum wage, bring worker representatives onto corporate boards, and end share buybacks, among other requirements. (Can Pelosi be far behind with abortion on the taxpayers’ dime?)

(Under the evocative headline “What is to be done” along with the requisite photo of Lenin, The Nation magazine demands the nationalization of major industries.)

“But none of this is actually enough,” the Times communist/columnist concludes. It never is.

How will YOU spend your $1,000?

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8 Responses to Spending like there’s no tomorrow

  1. sahmpaw says:

    It’s a toss up between replacing our 16 year old furniture that our young kids have roughed up pretty well or buy mutual funds now that they are on sale.


  2. John Marx says:

    I’ll be donating my $1,000 to Amy McGrath, the woman running against Mitch McConnell. The sooner he is sent home, the better. In the meantime, I expect more bailouts for corporations. Airlines, cruise lines and, unbelievably, casinos are all lining up for a GOP Senate-supported handout. A bigger handout I’ll add than the stimulus Obama pushed through to the consternation of so-called fiscal conservatives ten years ago.


    • David Blaska says:

      Invest your $1,000 in Blaska Bitcoins, instead.

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    • John Marx wrote, “I’ll be donating my $1,000 to Amy McGrath, the woman running against Mitch McConnell.”

      Only a dang fool would do such a ridiculous thing. Don’t spend it the $1000, save it; it’s possible that you’ll need it before this Wuhan-Coronavirus pandemic is over.

      It really is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.


  3. Eric Z says:

    madam mayor one term is buying breakfast and lunch for the Metro drivers today and making a personal appearance. Buffet style in the garage. I asked my wife if there would be more than 10 people and if they would be 6ft apart. And contrary to what madam mayor one term stated, the only reduction in busses is because the school dodgers arent running. The rest of the schedule is the same with the same number of drivers. she continues to speak with a forked tongue. What she SHOULD do is spend the breakfast money on hand sanitizer for the drivers. They are out.

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  5. George's Son says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that this chart below shows the (current) PROOF that Covid-19 is tiny compared to past epidemics. At the bottom, we can see a lone tiny dot, barely discernible, in comparison to past episodes….


    And, I was comfortable that the current (updated hourly) one page summary showed that Italy, the second worst area affected outside of China, had shown no NEW CASES for the last few days -after they quarantined the whole nation.


    However, today they are back on the charts with 4,207 NEW cases.

    I believe we’re in for a bumpy flight economically as a result. BUT -Throwing untold amounts of dough at it (and the usual un-related “add-ons” to Congressional bills) doesn’t bode well for our future.


  6. Mark Porter says:

    It is kinda funny watching Republicans in the House and Senate develop and pass stimulus plans quite similar to those they decried in 2008 and up til 2016. Et tu brute?


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