Money can’t buy you love

But it can get you American Samoa.

All you good government goo goos, raise your hands. How many of you still think it essential for democracy that we “get money out of politics”?  John Nichols, Jay Heck, Scott Milfred, Dave Zweifel — we’re looking at you, kid.

So Mike Bloomberg spent something like half a billion dollars running for president and all he got was American Samoa. He could have purchased the island itself for that amount. Tom Steyer, what did his millions get him? Hating on billionaires may get Bernie elected. California went big for Bernie last night. The line to vote off La Cienega Street in West Hollywood last night literally stretched around the block. I worked the line, telling everyone that all the candidates had dropped out and to go on home but had no takers.

They voted on Hollywood Blvd, but probably not for Trump.

Probably the candidate with the least cash was Uncle Joe Biden. Then again, the name is a household word. Challengers need cash to get their names known. But you still got to like the guy. Feel like you know him, would have a beer with him. U.S. Rep. James Clyburn was on MSNBC Tuesday night (yes, we watch until we can’t stand it). Said he told Joe to talk about himself, his values, his feelings, his essential humanity. On that score, Joe has it all over Mayor Pete (damn, I still can’t spell his last name), who came across as an automaton. Not one unscripted moment. (The incumbent, by contrast, is totally unscripted, it seems.) And don’t get us started on Bloomberg! You want him as city administrator, secretary of the treasury or commerce, something appointed. He is a manager, not a politician and I use the latter word with tremendous respect.

Joe Biden’s veep? Kamala Harris. Democrats remain a party riven by identity politics. She’s black, female, West Coast, and abrasive as 20-weight sandpaper. Balances off Joe. On the other hand, choosing Biden’s running mate is pretty much choosing his one-term successor. Let the auditions begin. As the newspapers here in West Hollywood, where I am prepping a movie script, put it in the run up to awards season, “For Your Consideration: [Name Here].”

No, Bernie will not get the nomination. Blaska wants the franchise for 4 by 8-foot sheets of plywood for all those Milwaukee storefront windows this hot and heavy August! (“Something’s happening here; what it is, ain’t exactly clear.”)

Camp fire in 2018 swept through Paramount movie ranch in Santa Monica Hills above Malibu.

Rejected scripts (small portion of a mountain of them) at Warner Bros studio.

Corvette, Ferrari, and Lamborghini (right to left) at Greystone Manor in Beverly (Hills, that is. )

So, we didn’t get in to see a taping of Last Man Standing Tuesday evening at CBS studios (yes, even thought the show is on Fox). But on way back to West Hollywood had a thrill ride down twisty, curvaceous Laurel Canyon in my rented Jaguar XE. Major car watching. Featured comedian at the Comedy Store Monday on Sunset Blvd rolling a joint behind the driver’s wheel of his Bentley. Porsches, white Mercedes, and Teslas seem to be the vehicles of choice here, just east of Beverly (Hills, that is). The Petersen Museum did not disappoint.

Monday in the Santa Monica mountains, visited Paramount Movie Ranch only to learn it had burned down in one of the camp fires two years ago.

Guy at the desk said, “Moose out front should have told you.”

What do YOU think?

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9 Responses to Money can’t buy you love

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    I went to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl a few years back. I was prepared not to like it; my bias in this regard was proven totally wrong. Improbably, LA has a working, living and breathing public transit system. No need for a car. We commuted with greater ease and success than Kobe Bryant did (sadly). And a French restaurant popped up to us a few blocks from the hotel. C’est magnifique!

    Let’s temper our impulses to rip on the City of Angels.


    • George's Son says:

      Kevin: All of a weekend spent there? I am humbled after spending years on their local blogs and seeing the self-admiitted mayhem going on. Please report in again next time ya get there for a few days, it’s so very enlightening….


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”Hating on billionaires may get Bernie elected. California went big for Bernie last night.”

    CA has more Billionaire$ than any other state; go figure. It also has WELL more than its share of gimmee gimmee Lefties so, balance…?

    “Blaska wants the franchise for 4 by 8-foot sheets of plywood for all those Milwaukee storefront windows this hot and heavy August!”

    The Gotch will lay off whatever he has left from his sure-to-be-printing-money gig set up for July 13-16 2020 at cost + 10 %.

    Consideration in the amount of ~ 4 #’s of that fast-approaching first crop asparagus will hold it; we got a deal…?

    The Gotch


  3. Bob Dane says:

    Good luck with your script.

    Biden’s slogan in the primaries: He’s Non Bernie!
    Biden’s slogan in the general: He’s Not Trump!


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Is that the script that tells the story of the plucky young conservative bloggeur who bravely takes on the liberal education establishment in a benighted midwestern town–sort of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” meets “Blackboard Jungle”?


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what part of Bloomie’s message resonated so profoundly with the inhabitants of American Samoa. And Milwaukee had better start honing its emergency evacuation procedures.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “And Milwaukee had better start honing its emergency evacuation procedures.”

      Lefty and those POS dainty, spongy, gutless, cowardly Antifa/Bernie Bro endomorphs best thank their lucky stars that Sheriff Clarke is no longer prowling around Greater Milwaukee!


  5. Scott F says:

    “Joe Biden’s veep? Kamala Harris.” Maybe, but my money is on Biden / Klobuchar…..


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Biden said that “black people make up the heart and soul of the Democratic Party” (the predictable result of decades of identity politics). Which means he’s already counting on a major black turnout. So he’ll probably risk putting another white person on the team–shameful as that is–if it will help in the upper mid-West.


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