The Bidens’ Burisma connection has NOT been debunked

U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham, the most interesting man in the Senate, told the Washington news media today (01-23-2020) about calling witnesses to the Senate impeachment trial: 

Schumer said yesterday, ‘we’re not willing to trade Joe Biden for anybody.’ I think I know why.”

In a news briefing today with Capitol reporters, Graham said what many of us have been thinking and saying:

Uncurious news media

I don’t know how many times it was said by the [House] managers that the Biden conflict of interestallegations has been debunked and there is no scintilla of evidence in terms of conflicts of interest and potential wrong doing. …

When the managers tell me this has been looked at and debunked. By who[m]?

“Nobody, particularly in your business [the news media], has done much looking at what happened in the Ukraine with Hunter Biden. You’re going to hear more about that. In 2014 Joe Biden is given the Ukraine portfolio by President Trump [meant Obama]. Within a month … the vice president’s son is hired by Burisma, one of the most corrupt countries in Ukraine, at a fairly exorbitant salary. Burisma also hires John Kerry’s stepson and on and on and on.

Influence for sale?

The prosecutor, who I think was corrupt,opened up a case in May 2014 against Burisma, raided the president of Burisma’s home, and six or seven weeks later, was fired. In 2015, the president of Burisma was named by our ambassador as someone who should be looked into for corruption. The person who followed the fired prosecutor dropped the case against Burisma.

Doesn’t pass the smell test to me. You can say they are corrupt but they’re not stupid. …

From the time they raided the president [of Burisma]’s home, Joe Biden called the president of Ukraine four times, got on a plane and told the president if you don’t fire this guy you don’t get the billion dollars.

Were they buying insurance when they hired Hunter Biden? They sure weren’t buying expertise.

Does Joe Biden’s candidacy immunize him?

The President believes that what happened in the Ukraine with the Bidens was inappropriate. … If you’re in the prior administration does that mean no one can ever look at you? If you’re going to be a potential opponent does that mean your family can do anything? I don’t buy that. …

What do YOU think?


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9 Responses to The Bidens’ Burisma connection has NOT been debunked

  1. geo_ says:

    Hunter Biden is immaterial to Trumps impeachment and if SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts knows the law will say as much. It could open the door to the illegal deals Trump received from Russia, and Ivanka’s crooked, influence peddling China deals.


  2. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!! says:

    The message I get out of all this is, if you ever catch wind of yourself being investigated for corruption or possible crimes. Just file he proper paperwork and declare candidacy for a public office for the opposite party. The higher the office the better. That way if you are going to be investigated you can say the opposite party is trying to interfere in the election. I mean how can a sitting “fill in the blank” pursue an investigation while I am a candidate for that office.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Wouldn’t we have to hear Hunter Biden’s testimony to know what’s in it? Do you think the Bidens have done things for their personal benefit even while VP Biden was lining up big bucks in foreign aid skims and kickbacks?
    Barack and Hillary, for two were certainly worried. So THAT was not debunked. I perceive a pattern.
    What do YOU think was debunked, geo.


    • geo_ says:

      Hunter Biden’s case is a totally different issue here, isn’t it? Trump is being impeached for withholding congressionally approved aid to an ally, a violation of the 1974 Impoundment Control Act and Obstruction of Justice. Hunter Biden has nothing to do with these charges.

      Why didn’t the republicans investigate Biden and Clinton when they controlled all three branches of government? Oh they did and found nothing. It appears Republicans can’t do anything right.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        You’re acting panicky and running scared, geo_.

        Glass half full?

        A LOT of Lefties are doing likewise!

        The Gotch


      • Batman says:

        The Orange Master did not withhold, he delayed.

        Not obstruction of justice but rather obstruction of congress, and abuse of power.


  4. George's Son says:

    I understand the following anecdote below may be boring, but it is germane to the “De-Bunking” of the Biden situation. At just what point in time was Hunter Biden exonerated. I apologize for an ad hominem comment, but that kid is about as lazy and sleazy as they come. Worth to a company/corporation? About 30 bucks an hour w/ 10 bucks saved for upcomin’ alimony and child support. Definitely NOT 50 or 60 large per month from a foreign company.

    When a progressive old pal from HS posted on FB that the sky is falling (minorities sufferin’, Health Care being better in EU, ad nauseum) I reported that the stock market is soaring, unemployment is the lowest in 50 years, (including minorities) and wages have risen dramatically (try hiring any one these days for less than 20+ bucks an hour). Further, I posted stats & facts about how health care in EU is NOT better AND their punitive personal taxes. He & his minions response? “You (that’s me) are using “traditional facts”.

    Weasel words and slippery phrases, plus an alternative universe…. That equals Joe Biden’s immunization as a candidate.

    If we have seen ONE, we have seen DOZENS of national Dems, (and even local “Mayor Dave” in Isthmus) who admit their mainstream party posture is w-a-y too far to the left (Communism disguised as socialism). Couple that with the disarray Dems have -not only w/ the NUMBER of potential candidates, but also the name calling and lack of support among themselves.

    So let’s rest easy, the Dems are making the case for us… Not just impeachment, but also for 2020.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Agreed. geo is the new ABob insofar that you can see the DNC talking point of the day right after you see it on CNN/MSNBS/WaPo etc.
      Today’s effort is ‘debunked’ and immaterial.
      Tune in tomorrow.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Hunter “baby daddy” Biden lives in a $12,000 per month beach property in So. California.Yet he claims he’s unemployed to the Arkansas judge who is trying to assess child support for his son and needs to know Hunter’s net worth and income.
        Hunter has yet to provide said info. Does Grampa Joe know?


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