Is it too late to impeach Hillary?

The Bidens profited financially,
Trump only politically

In 1864, during the height of the Civil War, President Lincoln encouraged Gen. William Sherman to allow soldiers in the field to return to Indiana to vote. What was Lincoln’s primary motivation? He wanted to make sure that the government of Indiana remained in the hands of Republican loyalists who would continue the war until victory.

Politicians pursue public policy, as they see it, coupled with a concern about their own political future. Otherwise legal conduct, even when plainly politically motivated … does not amount to an impeachable “abuse of power.” — a constitutional law professor.

Did anyone stay up till 2 a.m. CST (01-23-2020) to binge watch Impeachment, the mini-series?

Adam schiffThe indentured servants did watch all two hours of Adam Schiff’s opening arguments yesterday afternoon. They agree the bug-eyed fellow delivered a masterful presentation. Well modulated, starting with a genuflection to Founder Hamilton concerning the Senate’s duty, then segueing into who said what at which Kyiv bistro. Does Rudy know the DNC has secreted a GPS tracker into his briefcase? There is a reason Schiff, not Nadler, is doing the Democrats’ heavy lifting. Our only criticism, on style, is TWO effing HOURS!

We’ll pass on the rest until Mr. Sekulow and Mr. Cippolone take the podium. 

Inquiring minds want to know

  • Did Pelosi delay transmitting the Articles of YouKnowWhat for three weeks in order to give time for Schiff’s team to prepare? Twenty-four hours of presentation by seven House managers, complete with PowerPoint, do not write themselves.
  • The Trump tempest is more serious than Bill’s blow job but less serious than masterminding a break-in to the DNC’s HDQ at the Watergate.
  • If John Bolton could help the GOP, they would call him.
  • Trump’s delayed transmission of the money did not leave Ukraine unlocked and unloaded — the money was down payment for future purchases. Indeed, Ukraine never noticed the delay.
  • If Mitch McConnell is working with the President is Chuck Schumer working with Nancy Pelosi?
  • Has Congress declared war on Russia or just its Democrats?
  • Hannity’s constant reference to the “Schiff Show” is a turn-off and counter-productive.

Is it too late to impeach Obama?

As usual, the Wall Street Journal brings some clarity.

Comment, respond, what do you thinkHouse Democrats are … declaring that Mr. Trump’s acts are impeachable because he did them for “personal political benefit.” He isn’t accused of corruption per se. His Ukraine interventions are said to be corrupt because he intended them to help him win re-election this year. In other words, his actions were impeachable only because his motives were self-serving. …

Every President has made foreign-policy decisions that he thinks may help his re-election. That’s what President Obama did in 2012 when he asked Dmitry Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin to ease up on missile defense until after the election. Mitt Romney was criticizing Mr. Obama for being soft on Mr. Putin, and Mr. Obama wanted a political favor from the dictator to help him win re-election.

Was Mr. Obama’s motive also corrupt and thus impeachable?

Is it too late to impeach Hillary?

Karl Rove asks whether Democrats would have moved to impeach Hillary Clinton had she won Wisconsin in 2016. 

Hillary !!!It would have been revealed that her campaign hired the opposition-research firm Fusion GPS, which assigned Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence official, to reach out to Russian counterparts to solicit dirt on Donald Trump. Recall that the since-discredited dossier Mr. Steele peddled to the media in the fall of 2016 was made up of unsubstantiated rumors from former Russian agents.

It’s naive to believe the Kremlin was unaware that Mr. Steele asked Moscow pals for dirt on Mr. Trump. Those spies are retired, but they rely on Vladimir Putin for their pension checks. Who among congressional Democrats would now be calling for Mrs. Clinton’s removal if she were in the Oval Office? I doubt any. I’ve searched in vain for Democratic criticism for her soliciting foreign involvement in the 2016 election — the principal charge of their impeachment case against President Trump. 

Is bribery an impeachable high crime?

We remain troubled that Trump wanted only an announcement of an investigation into the Bidens, not an actual investigation. The Bidens SHOULD be investigated, probed, and interrogated under a swinging light bulb. Hunter Biden admits he got the lucrative Burisma gig on the strength of his father’s vice presidency, says he did nothing wrong and promises never to do it again. We lose patience with the Resistance news media that pooh poohs that scandal while hanging Trump for meeting with the Ukrainian president at the United Nations instead of the Oval Office. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe hope that Donald Trump will learn from this ordeal be more circumspect in the future.  We also hope that Wisconsin will reclaim the Upper Peninsula as its rightful property and that the Hapsburgs, oppressors of my German-Bohemian ancestors, will be restored to their rightful thrones.

How much of the impeachment hearings have YOU watched?

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  1. George's Son says:

    “… investigated, probed, and interrogated….. under a swinging light bulb.”

    Nice…. Brings “noir” to my mind, Jake. Any chance a radiator hose could be an addendum? When/why did they go outta fashion?

    BTW, Hilary looks her best when she’s spittle-fleckin’, (Thanks, Sir Gotch), kinda hides the mileage.


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