Chicago’ teacher contract shows why Scott Walker got it right

Chicago gets more broke

The Chicago teachers union contract approved after a two-week long teachers strike is analyzed by two scholars at the American Enterprise Institute. This is an excerpt:

Chicago’s New Teacher Contract Shows Why Scott Walker Got It Right

[The contract] will boost Chicago teacher compensation — already among the highest in the nation … to nearly $100,000. (By contrast, the median Chicago household earns $52,000.)

Comment, respond, what do you thinkTeachers will now be permitted to bank an incredible 244 sick days (up from 40) and claim full pension credit for those days upon retirement, creating new demands on a teetering pension system.

The deal keeps teachers’ retirement contribution at just two percent of annual salary while slashing health care copays.

The contract will cost up to $1.5 billion over the next five years, in a city whose debt burden is already a staggering $119,110 per capita.

What did Chicago win in this latest negotiation, you might ask, for its $1.5 billion outlay? Well, the CTU did abandon its demand for more affordable housing. That’s about it. …

The American Enterprise Institute’s bottom line:

⇒ Wisconsin schools have not suffered from Act 10

Scott Walker[A] former Obama administration education official … has observed, despite the apocalyptic predictions about the impact of [Scott Walker’s] Act 10, teacher turnover, salary growth, median years of experience, and retirement rates [in Wisconsin] “all look pretty much in line with long-term trends.”

Nor has Act 10 had any ill effects on student outcomes: Since 2011, Wisconsin’s performance on the National Assessment of Education Progress has mirrored or modestly exceeded the nation’s.

What do YOU think?

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    Once they get the Juicy Smollett thing squared away, it’ll be a wash, am I right…?

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    Default is right around the corner.


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