The political Left is marching off a cliff worldwide

“I don’t know how Jeremy Corbyn could have lost. He announced his pronouns and everything!” — British spoofer ‘Titania McGrath’

These are hard times for our liberal, progressive and socialist acquaintances. Christian compassion would dictate we conservatives show sympathy in this Christmas season. Maybe next week.

This morning, House Judiciary Democrats helped re-elect Donald Trump by voting to impeach for the most gossamer of reasons. Even after weeks of hearings and headlines, voters in this swing state of Wisconsin reject impeachment by 52 to 40%, according to the Marquette Law School poll that just came out 12-12-19. 

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Pip pip and cheerio!

Across the pond, Trump’s blond, tousle-haired doppelganger Boris Johnson and his Conservatives won bigly. They routed Jeremy Corbyn’s hard socialist Labour party by doing what Trump did here in the Colonies: capturing working class Joe and Jill Lunchbucket. Labour won its smallest number of seats since 1935, while Johnson’s Conservatives won 80 more seats than all the other parties combined — an absolute majority, no coalitions necessary, thank you.

Comment, respond, what do you think“This election couldn’t be more stark,” The Nation magazine wrote one week before British voting. [A choice] between the nativist, hard-right, hard-Brexit Conservatives and Corbyn’s Labour Party, which has produced the most radical left policy platform the nation has seen in decades.”

Remind anyone of Bernie and Fauxahontas?

Labour’s ambitious manifesto commitments to re-nationalize key public services, tax the wealthy, and finance a “Green Industrial Revolution” (the British version of the Green New Deal) to ward off climate catastrophe read less like a program for political revolution than like an ever-expanding wish list of promises that were never meant to be kept.

… The party’s left … got started on purges early, … even removing democratically selected candidates who were deemed insufficiently devoted to the Dear Leader. — D.D. Guttenplan, editor of The Nation and a member of the British Labour Party.

The conservative victory was also a victory over the Corbyn party’s hideous stew of rank anti-semitism. National Review observes that, under Corbyn’s watch, “Labour became a party in which anti-semitism started to have free rein. … Former London mayor and Corbynite Ken Livingstone seemed to blame the “Jewish vote” for Corbyn’s defeat last night (12-12-19), despite the fact that Jews are less than one percent of the population of the U.K.”

Even David Leonhardt at the NY Times had to admit, “the intellectual leftism offered by Johnson’s Labour opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t a winning message in many places.” Many, many places. Not just the U.K. but Poland, Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Modi’s India, Japan, and Israel. Bolivia. Welcome to the club!

Sorry, no sale

Jonathan Chait does a service by reminding readers of New York magazine that Labour’s old-style socialism was a beacon for America’s pinkoes. 

•   “Only Socialism Can Defeat Trumpism,” by Nicole Aschoff and Bhaskar Sunkara, The Nation, November 2016

•   “Jeremy Corbyn’s Success is a Model for American Progressives,” by James Downie, Washington Post, June 2017

•   “Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn Might Create a Revolution,” Robert Borosage, The Nation, April 2019

Blaska Policy Werkes must add our own John Nichols. The press agent for Bernie Sanders wrote on June 13, 2017:

•   “I have been very impressed by the work that Corbyn has done and the campaign that he is running [in that year’s election] and I wish him the very best,” the senator [Sanders] declared in a speech at the Brighton Festival.

Platinum Subscriber Bonus Detritus:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the Michigan race-baiter, blasted white supremacy after the recent New Jersey shooting targeting Jews, which was perpetrated by Black Hebrew Israelites. “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills,” the Michigan Democrat said Thursday in response to the shooting in a now-deleted tweet. Irony alert: Only a day after President Trump takes a firm stand against the growing anti-semitism on our college campuses.

Exiled Bolivian corruptocrat Evo Morales is ordering room service in Beuenos Aires (after leaving Mexico followed by a stopover in Cuba, of course), jonesing for those addictive coca leaves they grow back home for the worldwide cocaine market. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: This is convergence on a worldwide scale. Maggie Thatcher’s 1979 victory presaged Ronald Reagan’s triumph a year later; both ushering in a new era of prosperity. Indeed, the British pound jumped with joy this morning. Johnson’s victory suggests that nationalism and conservatism has strong winds in its back.

What do YOU think?

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18 Responses to The political Left is marching off a cliff worldwide

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Will Limey Lefties now begin a non-stop dangerous, yet voluntary, immersion into a catatonic, apoplectic, pillow-biting, pants $#!tting, bed wetting, wind-sucking, chest palpitating, vital sign triggering, mouth-breathing, fist-pounding, foot stomping, safe-space seeking, triggering, weenie-whiny, simpering-whimpering, complete metaphysical, emotional, existential, psychological, philosophical, full-throated, freaking out, melting down, totally collapsing free-fall ala U.S. Lefties?

    So long as it’ll be accompanied by photos of Pippa Middleton & Elizabeth “Hubba Hubba” Hurley, The Gotch says “run it up the Union Jack flagpole!”

    The Gotch

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    Cristiane Amanpoor hardest hit. George Soros second.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    A welcome reminder of the elation I felt the day after Trump’s election. Perhaps this time it really will signal the utter demise of the Labour/Socialist Party in Britain; it will most certainly signal the downfall, at long last, of the execrable Jeremy Corbin. Socialism, whether it be the British variety with a dash of anti-Semitism or the American version served with a dollop of identity politics, is doomed to ignominious failure. I for one, can hardly wait to see how that failure plays out in 2020.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    We may NEED to invoke a Mercy Rule knockout on Lefties.

    Not your ordinary fight stoppage, mind you, but a Iron Mike Tyson -v- Trent Singleton type TKO!

    Hor Hank “Guam Might Tip Over And Capsize” Johnson (Delusional-GA) thinks The Donald should be impeached for being Too Tall

    It gets worse.

    Johnson thinks Zelensky looked/acted like his daughter was, and I quote “duct taped in the basement” during his conversation with Trump.

    Your choices Lefties; your consequences!

    The Gotch

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  5. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!!! says:

    Fake news leftish outlets are already using the tired old cliche how can this be we totally predicted our gal\guy to win. This must the work of some boogieman Russian election tampering. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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  6. George's son says:

    As convoluted as United Kingdom democracy (and their political parties) can be, this DOES seem to be a final disposition of the weirdness of “BREXIT”. Soon the US of A may get it’s own final resolution of a convoluted & weird (and futile) impeachment.

    Tho as “Boom Chaka” suggests, and past history shows, the left will never move on, never let go…..

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  7. AdamC says:

    Watching the coverage of the UK election is like a Brit version of what happened here 3 years ago

    BTW–Longtime Madison Dem here who WILL vote Trump next year. Hardly anyone I know would guess I’m going to do this but I also know I’m not the only one.


    — Amazing economy (“experts” said Trump would destroy the global economy)

    — Identity politics insanity which includes nonstop anitwhite, anti male, antiChristian and anti American hatred — all of it directed squarely at me and many people I care about

    — Extreme ideological insanity around gender — this is the TRUE antiscience movement that denies basic biology

    — Language police (craziness like gender pronouns) and enforced conformity around extreme political positions masquerading as “inclusion”

    — Excuse-making for bad behavior and violence by anyone who isn’t white

    — Trashing history, culture, and common courtesy by lying and seeking to destroy anyone who doesn’t too their line and carry water for their cause

    — Making up stories, pushing extreme socialism which only destroys civilizations and economies

    — Fomenting division, hatred, resentment, and anarchy — rebelling in it even

    — Calling anyone who disagrees or even asks questions backward uneducated racist white supremacists

    Shall I go on?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Shall I go on?”

      I may not be alone on this; please do!

      The Gotch


      • AdamC says:

        Oh yes….

        A few more I forgot:

        — Educational indoctrination
        — Impeachment sham
        — Russia and Ukraine hoaxes (eg choose 1 key reason Hillary lost Wisconsin because (1) the Russians stuffed ballot boxes in the Northwoods or (2) Hillary was a total crap candidate who didn’t bother to campaign in Wisconsin, maybe to punish us for handing Bernie a big win in our primary?)
        — Anti semitism
        — Environmental hysteria, panicky exaggerations, and apocalyptic predictions that the globe will be gone in 12 years — what the HECK!?!! Rigid, dictatorial commands from a weird teenager (Scoldilocks from Scandinavia) make it look like people have taken complete leave of whatever senses they still have.

        Madison and liberals — love y’all and know y’all very well but you are stuck in a bubble, still don’t get it, are letting Trump live rent-free in your heads, and have forgotten common sense in your hysterics….

        Can y’all keep it up for 5 more years without completely losing your heads, cuz that is what we are going to see.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Born-n-raised-n-love Madison too, but still SMFH at some of the $#!t that becomes priority.

          “Scoldilocks from Scandinavia”

          Heh! Word of caution; at least one regular here (who shall remain unnamed, though his initials are @AnonyBob) is positively smitten with St. Greta and may take umbrage with your blasphemy.

          FWIW; folks like you are the reason I include the disclaimer (some, not all) before I launch into one of my…um…infrequent unbiased/moderate/middlin’/centrist assessments of Lefty.


          The Gotch


        • AdamC says:

          Gotcha, was raised to be tolerant (and also to think critically) but it’s all just…. way way too much you know?

          The Blame White Male American Christians …for every thing under the sun…. enough already.

          The loudest shrillest voices about gender, race, class are often the most sexist (against men) racist (against whites) and elitist arrogant jerks around and they don’t even try to pretend anymore.

          And they get away with it.

          The secret ballot is going to be one of the fewest days ways to tell them all where to stuff it.

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        • Batman says:

          Great stuff AdamC,
          God almighty everything you wrote is true and when not some form of violence, all of it is done in the most disgusting priggish condescending fashion.


  8. AdamC says:

    And Scoldilocks just today said if world leaders don’t follow her orders, “we’re going to put them all up against the wall” until they do.

    That ain’t no saint talkin’!

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Too bad no one asked her what would happen AFTER they’re lined up against the wall. The metaphors one uses are always revealing (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not). In this case it clearly reveals the bloodlust lurking just beneath the pious surface of the climate change fanatics.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Anyone wondering why Lefty’s marching off’n a cliff, wonder no more; not when WaPo is one of their handlers:

    WaPo then (1998):

    “The House Judiciary Committee has now completed its task, and it has failed miserably. It has approved four articles of impeachment, of which TWO ARE ILL-DEFINED AND TWO ARE UNSUBSTANTIATED. (bolds/caps mine)

    1st Article: “On August 17, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth before a Federal grand jury of the United States. Contrary to that oath, William Jefferson Clinton willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury…..”
    (bolds mine)

    2nd Article: “On January 17, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton swore under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in a deposition given as part of a Federal civil rights action brought against him. Contrary to that oath, William Jefferson Clinton willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony in response to questions deemed relevant by a Federal judge…..” (bolds mine)

    Were these the ill-defined or the unsubstantiated?

    Doesn’t matter; WaPo now

    What changed…?

    The Gotch

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