Madison is getting what it voted for

Who knew Madison’s race-based policies
would bite a black man in the ass?

Could some of the kids of color be racists?

Madison voted for a school system that will throw a black man to the curb for trying to make a troubled teenager stand up and fly right.

It was inevitable that a policy based on race and not academic achievement or disciplined comportment would come back to bite a black man in the ass. This is former school superintendent Jennifer Cheatham’s legacy as enacted by the Madison Board of Education.

This is not the first time the Madison Metro school district has undercut faculty or staff. The adults are not in charge; the kids are and they very well know it. Because, you know, racism. 

Did anyone ever consider that the kids might be racists? Black kids?

West High

Madison West high school

Because Madison Metro school district must make the numbers work. Too many kids of color are disciplined. Must stop disciplining them, however badly they need it. Too many kids of color are failing. Only 9% of black high schoolers who were tested can read at grade level. Must make the numbers work.

We saw the result this week. He is called to help West high school’s vice principal control and out-of-control slacker who is spewing a stream of N words and their variation. Logan Wroge of the WI State Journal reports that the assistant principal did not even attempt to stop the student from uttering the slurs.

“Do not call me nigger,” Anderson admonished.

For that, after 12 years Marlon Anderson is out of work; at most, the kid will get a five-day vacation out of school. (Although, from Kaleem Caire’s observation, the kid has been on vacation IN the school. The lesson is not lost on other kids on the cusp of failure.

Comment, respond, what do you thinkMr. Anderson’s saving grace is that he, himself, is of African descent.  Unlike “Mr. Rob” at Whitehorse middle school, who followed the positive behavior coach rule book like he wrote it. Which he did. But Mr. Rob is out of a job, has changed his appearance, and had his career destroyed. Unlike the white teacher at West had already been given the old heave-ho for using the N word in an instructional manner.  “She happened to be one of my daughters favorite teachers,” says former Urban League president Kaleem Caire, “who actually connected with and inspired her students, and kept parents informed.”

Kids walked out of West high school today. Some of their teachers marched on the Doyle administration building. Irony of ironies, Mr. Anderson’s son is president of the West High black students union. 

Public opinion will press the school board to reinstate Mr. Anderson without enduring the labyrinth of administrative hearings and appeals. If they make this exception, where are the others. At least, Marlon Anderson is fighting instead of slinking off into the good night of oblivion.

This school board is looking for a successor to Jennifer Cheatham, who left for Harvard University and is now stamping out more Jennifer Cheathams, atoning for their “white privilege” and detecting implicit bias under every bed.

Blaska’s 2nd-to–the Bottom Line: This nonsense is of a piece with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s rapid transit first, public safety last budget.

Blaska’s Final Bottom LineKaleem Caire for superintendent of Madison public schools. 

What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to Madison is getting what it voted for

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Pardon my French, but where the F*CK are these two on this?

    The Gotch


  2. White Hills says:

    Good job morons. You made international headlines and you aren’t being lauded for your political correctness like you thought you would be. That only happens in your own minds and filter bubble. Everyone else thinks you’re a disgrace.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    I think the MMSD is a disgrace. They are racists.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sprocket says:

    The unremarked upon subtext here is that the student in question (in addition to using the dreaded word) stole a cell phone and assaulted the assistant principal. Of course the school does not call law enforcement and is committed to keeping him in the school, inflicting him upon the students and staff. Those with memories longer than last week will remember, it’s policies like this that kept the Parkland shooter walking around free, instead of in a cage. Enabling the garbage of our society seems to be a common theme in public education.

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  5. RICH says:

    Why is this gansta in school terrorizing people? He only has 5 credits and he’s a senior? THAT is a perfect example of the failing school district.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Why is this gansta in school terrorizing people?”

      All may be saved…welp…unless you’re wearing a MAGA Hat; if so all bets are off.

      Those hats? Incuriously, the same thing @AnonyBob equates with the KKK, am I right?

      Anywho; former (mercifully!) Madison Alder Amanda Hall would slobber:


      The Gotch


  6. chris gargan says:

    A true sign fo leadership failure is the inability to anticipate the consequences of a policy as ill conceived as “zero tolerance”. The librarians might as well start clearing the shelves of Twain, Baldwin, Morrison, Faulkner, Gregory, Conrad and all the myriad of authors who have used language that when otherwise contextualized could be determined to be offensive. By writing this ridiculous rule the board was only intent on virtue signaling a political position that might attract voters otherwise averse to actual critical thinking.
    The tragedy is that Mr. Anderson will get his job back but the six other employees who have been fired will not. When we decide that discourse and reason are no longer necessary to decision making, only inflexibility and rules, we have become the model of intolerance we pretend to abhor.
    This is a shameful moment for Madison public education.


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