Madison schools will decide your kids’ pronouns

Secret school policy encourages kids
to decide if they’re male, female or whatever

The things Madison public schools won’t tell you.

They’re teaching your children that they may not be boy or girl. Five and six years old. Gender confusion, et cetera. But don’t tell mom or dad. Because the policy enacted one year ago was secret. Until now.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty uncovered this policy, never before revealed to Madison voters or parents:

At least parents acquiesced. From the Babylon Bee (click photo)

In April 2018, the Madison School District adopted a document containing the District’s policies around transgender  issues. One of the policies allows students of any age to change gender identity at school by selecting a new “affirmed name and pronouns” to be used at school, “regardless of parent/guardian permission.” The policy reads, according to the W.I.L.L. letter addressed to the Madison school district:

All teachers and district staff must “refer to students by their affirmed names and pronouns,” and “[r]efusal to respect a student’s name and pronouns” is considered “a violation of the [District’s] non-discrimination policy.” The Policy then forbids teachers from “reveal[ing] a student’s gender identity to … parents or guardians … unless the student has authorized such disclosure.”  

W.I.L.L. is giving the Madison Metro School District a chance to rescind that policy before it brings suit. 

These policies won’t stand up to a legal challenge. There is a long line of cases from both the United States Supreme Court and the Wisconsin Supreme Court holding that parents have a fundamental constitutional right to control the upbringing and care of their children. The United States Supreme Court has described this right as “essential,” “commanding,” a “basic civil right[ ] of man,”“far more precious … than property rights,” and “established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.”

Comment, respond, what do you thinkThe Wisconsin Supreme Court reaffirmed this right just this summer, holding that government interference with a parent’s right to parent is subject to the strictest form of judicial review. Lower courts around the country have recognized that schools violate this right if they attempt to usurp parents’ role, especially “on matters of the greatest importance.” 

Again, from W.I.L.L

The Madison School District is now actively teaching children that they might have a gender identity different from their biological sex. In fact, the District’s policy declares that Madison schools “will strive to … disrupt[ ] the gender binary,” and will pursue this “disruption” through “books and lessons,” “limit[ing] gendered and binary language,” and interrupting and correcting “misconceptions about gender or language that reinforces the gender binary.”

The District has posted a list of books and lessons that it recommends for classroom use here. One of the books recommended for grades K–2 is “I am Jazz,” a book that teaches children that some people are “born with” “a girl brain, but a boy body.” J

Just last May, a Madison elementary school played a teacher’s gender transition videoto the entire school, kindergarten through fifth grade. The teacher read the book “They call me Mix” to the children, including statements like: “Are you a boy or a girl? How can you be both? Some days I am both. Some days I am neither. Most days, I am everything in between,” and “Many people understand that my gender is something for only me to decide.” 

W.I.L.L. already has some plaintiffs but is seeking more. Contact W.I.L.L. here. 

The complete complaint here.

What do YOU think?

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13 Responses to Madison schools will decide your kids’ pronouns

  1. Bill Fetzner says:

    A secret policy? No hearings, no public input? Too controversial for open airing, but essential to convey to the kids? Likely to provoke parental outrage and unset elections, so let’s prevent them from being discomfited?

    Something like this, if true, sounds evil, sinister and non-American to me. Serious minds have to wonder if this is what democracy looks like in Madison, what the MMSD should be promoting or what Madison schools should be teaching to impressionable minds.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    regardless of parent/guardian permission.>/b>

    Hopefully this will be the albatross that both hangs uncomfortably around Lefty’s pencil necks in agonizing perpetuity AND their eternally damning their epitaph!

    Anyway to find out who both submitted, and supported, this?

    The Gotch

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    We are told there are at least 100 genders with, I’m sure, more to come. Pin MMSD down on the number of possible genders they will allow as choices, how they will promulgate them, when and to whom.
    Make this collapse by holding these bureaucrats to their own rules. Shouldn’t take long.

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    • Batman says:

      Indeed, demand woke MMSD idiotcrats put it in writing with the appropriate pronouns for each gender choice so that people can be politically correct and then send to parents and all school personnel.

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  4. Kevin Wymore says:

    Madison’s Catholic schools, and other private schools, uphold parental rights. I believe the choice is clear.

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  5. Tom Paine says:

    But what if you think you’re a rock or a flower or a bug, or a reincarnated cabbage or hemp plant?
    Yikes… Shall we acknowledge diversity and inclusion for those who are inanimate?

    How does MSD teach sex education? What are eunuchs to do? Are they included in AV films and PPT’s? And what of those who have married their pets, before coming of the conventional age?

    The real question:–>> Can your pet snake wear earrings? Can your pet hamster procreate with your neighbor’s dalmatian? How do wolves court St. Bernard’s?

    In the old days, it was so much simpler. Now, too many are Konfused.


  6. madisonexpat says:

    Parenting dies in the darkness.
    When MMSD struggles with gender fluidity, equity lenses and ERO’s it does not have to address falling test scores, no discipline in classrooms and disastrous teacher morale.
    Death spiral. Flee.


  7. Bob Dorn says:

    Yep, my kids go through this every day – my older one thinks it bunk, my younger one not so much. Thanks MMSD for spending educational time on “what’s your identity” instead of, you know, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Bring back the days of the school marm, when she could hit you with a ruler if you didn’t address her by the correct one of 2 genders.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I recently read an article in The New Yorker in which the subject–transgender, gender fluid, pansexual, who knows?–insisted on being referred to by the plural pronouns they, their, them, etc. I nearly shed a tear at seeing so many basic grammatical errors committed on the pages of a publication once renowned for its demanding standards of grammatical correctness. E. B. White must be spinning in his grave.


    • Bob Dorn says:

      From Wikipedia:
      The Christian New Testament gospels of Matthew (8:28-34), Mark and Luke describe an incident in which Jesus meets a man, or in Matthew two men, possessed by demons who, in the Mark and Luke versions, when asked what their name is, respond:

      “My name is Legion, for we are many.”

      Where’s the herd of pigs?


  9. Sprocket says:

    The same clowns that can’t teach the kids to read and write suddenly believe they get to weight in on their gender identities? I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that public education has been captured by degenerates whose goal is to burn society to the ground. Declaring that the children are in charge has to be the ultimate expression of the left’s desire to break down all social institutions.

    You can’t trust five and year olds to choose their own breakfast cereal, unless you’re fine with Fruit Loops and Count Chocula. So now we’re going to manipulate the course of their lives based on thoughts they express before they even know what gender is? I wanted to be an “army guy” when I was a kid. I suppose these days it would be imperative the school district provide me an M4, some body armor and a few frag grenades?


  10. Batman says:

    I’ll bet nearly 100% of woke citizens displaying “Science is Real” yard signs believe in gender fluidity. How do they reconcile biology with transgenders insisting everyone recognize their sex reversal as real.


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