Some Americans are never grateful …

… because ‘America was never great’

If only the high commissioner of lucky breaks had placed these ingrates in Burkino Faso, South Sudan, Myanmar, Togo, Guyana, Belize, the Seychelles, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea, Kirabati, Lesotho, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Moldova, Mali … Greenland, even …
some place where they could have dreamed big dreams
and achieved greatness

The Babylon Bee is replacing The Onion as the go-to source for humor here at Blaska Policy Werkes. We suspect that is because the conservative humor site has more batshit craziness to work with than the Onion. A.O.C. is practically its own laugh line.

The Bee’s latest scoop:

“Everything is Bad, the World is Ending
and You Shouldn’t Have Kids,
Says Party of Progress.”

The old editor at the Policy Werkes would add this subhead: “Plus, you’ve got more white privilege than a loaf of Wonder Bread.”

American never great

Protests at the 2016 Republican national convention in Cleveland (Blaska photo)

The Werkes has been running a feature we suspect will get a thorough workout through November 2020 called “America Was Never Great.” That may as well be the unofficial theme of Democrats as the campaign season heats up. (At least the DNC has imposed forced busing on the 2020 Milwaukee national convention. Kamala Harris should be pleased.)

Without a hint of irony, Dane County’s Progressive Voice publishes a piece that puts Babylon Bee to shame. It is headlined,

“Many survive despite America, not because of her.”

One Natasha Oladokun got her piece published by meeting The Capital Times’ rigorous editorial vetting process; to be considered, an opinion piece must:

  • Trash America first
  • Claim to be a victim
  • Cite racism, patriarchy, sexism and/or homophobia
  • Promote socialism
  • Demonize police
  • Cherry pick history
  • Name-check Donald Trump.

Ms. Oladokun hit on all cylinders. A word cloud from “Surviving America:”

Word Cloud never greatUnited States is an imperial power … in the land her founders stole, soaked in the blood of indigenous people they nearly wiped out in entirety; nourished herself on the blood, bodies, and sweat of enslaved Africans  … the languages, cultural traditions, … shed in the service of eventually becoming “white” … under the tyranny of Jim Crow … Black people continue to live under the brunt of militarized police violence …  Trump [is] the inevitable result of 243 years of whiteness and capital

Not exactly ‘I hear America singing’


Ms. Oladokun

Somehow, Ms. Oladokun survived Gulag America to be rewarded a fellowship in poetry, no less, at that notorious penal colony, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Proving that the UW is as attuned to the same politically correct frequency as that of Your Progressive Voice.)

The America Was Never Great movement is counter-intuitive (to put it mildly). A real whack job (to put it plainly). To those of us less woke, this nation’s great domestic debate is how to properly account for the hordes of people trying to cross INTO the U.S., legally and illegally. Insofar as the Werkes’ sophisticated intelligence-gathering devices (tin foil on the T.V. rabbit ears) can ascertain, no one is fleeing Trump’s United States for Venezuela or,— despite several Hollywood celebrities’ promises (Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand) — Canada.

Does your America ever smile?

What We Love America

Subversive in its own way

Thank you to National Review magazine for bringing some early September sunshine to our mail box. (And NR is not exactly the Trump band wagon.) As welcome as Reagan’s morning in America, as optimistic as Tommy Thompson’s “Isn’t it great to be from Wisconsin!”

Thirty-one short, celebratory essays from authors as varied as Jonah Goldberg and Victor Davis Hanson, Lance Morrow and Nikki Haley,  Kathryn Jean Lopez, and Heather Mac Donald. A few examples suggest the flavor:

Road Trips, The Middle Class, Freedom From Envy, Ancestral Diversity, Mount Vernon, Fifth Avenue, Vegas and Environs, Football, Plays at the Plate, Baseball on the Radio, Westerns, Irving Berlin, Motown, ‘When You’re Smiling,’ Dive Bars. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Your America-bashing is electing Republicans. Does your America ever smile?

What do YOU think?

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25 Responses to Some Americans are never grateful …

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Liberty. The right to worship, speak, petition the government, to pursue happiness…….
    Some folks can’t stand it.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I wonder what the surviving members of “the greatest generation” think when they hear pampered elites like Ms. O trash the history, traditions, and values of the country they fought for. America is (and was) great and its people have proved its greatness many times over. It struck me as odd that
    she uses the feminine pronoun to refer to the country that she clearly hates; also her use of “brunt” demonstrates questionable diction–but since she’s a poet, I guess we can assume she’s exercising poetic license. In the gushing profile from the CT, she states, “Of all the suffocatingly white cities I’ve spent time in, none more than Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin serve as more viscerally relentless reminders that ‘diversity’ is for the benefit of white people and white consumption.” (The syntax of that sentence must be another exercise of poetic license.) Which raises the question, “Who held a gun to your head to force you to live in those suffocatingly white cities? Why not decamp to Detroit or Baltimore or better yet to the South Side of Chicago?” Finally, it’s worth noting that the taxpayers of Wisconsin, a suffocatingly white state that voted for Donald Trump in 2016, have the privilege of paying this woman’s salary while she browbeats her students with all the platitudes and falsehoods of leftist ideology.

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  3. It’s becoming clear that the “Change” that Obama inspired was that the United States of America is evil and must be destroyed. His Change speech was the proverbial pebble in the pond.


    • When you get right down to it Trumps campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was genius, it’s forced every progressive, every social justice warrior, every ANTIFA member, and a LOT of Liberals to show their anti-America colors. Since President Trump is pro America being great then anyone that wants to politically oppose President Trump must join in the anti-America wackos that say America has not been great and never was.

      Candidate Donald Trump trolled the “Make America Great Again” bait in front of the eyes and ears of stupid people in the political left and they swallowed the bait hook line and sinker now they have to continue down their anti-American path (like they’ve always been heading) or completely reverse course and eat crow for a hundred years.

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  4. coolkevs says:

    I LOL’ed at bloody-eyed Biden…er Blaska – great visual for our times

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      So did eye–sorry, I. Dave, you should do a whole series on Biden’s bloody eye–think of the scores of mugs it could grace.


  5. Sprocket says:

    I suspect that the goad that drives the likes of Muldrow and Oladolkum is that, deep down, they know that they produce nothing of value and owe their position to the patronage of white lefties. In short; they are house pets. They depend for their livelihood on pandering to whitey, this must produce massive resentment.

    People that produce nothing anyone would willingly pay for, living off the largess of society, complaining about the unfair and oppressive nature of society seems to be a recurring theme. This illustrates the folly of telling the useless they have value and rewarding them for uselessness. Eventually they believe they are entitled to what they have not earned and will demand it be handed to to them. This is how you wind up with Muldrow and Oladolkum, whose only accomplishments are producing spoken word jibber-jabber and poetry no one will read, feeling entitled to lecture others on the evils of society, all the while leeching off the same.

    And as long as I’m feeling ranty… No, America did not “nourish(ed) herself on the blood, bodies, and sweat of enslaved Africans”. Slavery retarded the growth and enterprise of every state it was practiced in, until we stacked up 600,000 dead ending the abomination. This was one of the reasons the South got it’s ass so comprehensively kicked.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Well said. Either these people are consumed by “massive resentment” for living off the people they profess to despise–or they’re laughing up their sleeves at the limitless gullibility of the guilty white liberals in Madison who make their livelihoods possible. BTW, I found it odd that in the CT profile of Ms. O. (someone who claims to be a poet), the reader will search in vain for a sample, however brief, of her poetic efforts. Can it really be that bad? Not that the quality of her poetry played even the smallest role in her hiring. The sanctimonious bureaucrats at UW-Madison, front line soldiers in the crusade of identity politics, were concerned solely with adding another entry under “Woman of Color” to their roster of employees.


  6. coolkevs says:

    In my inbox today…

    To our campus community,

    Friday morning, what was intended as a protest to inspire action on environmental climate change had a very different and negative impact on many who witnessed it. Two students displayed nooses tied around their necks outside the Humanities Building.

    The students involved have since apologized for their actions and committed to rectifying the impact they caused. We commend the university staff and members of our campus community who immediately intervened with the protesters and helped them understand the impact they were having. The protesters then removed the nooses.

    The fact remains that members of our community were harmed. While the First Amendment guarantees the right to free expression, our community best succeeds when we express our views and promote a campus climate that is welcoming and safe to everyone.

    We hope this experience can serve as a learning opportunity. Regardless of whether the display of a hateful symbol is based on a lack of cultural understanding or an expressed intent to promote fear, the lingering legacies of what these symbols represent create visceral and painful reactions among many. That harm is especially acute for people of color, for whom this history is very real.

    Let’s be clear: ignorance is not an excuse. We can and must do better. For those of us who are members of majority communities, our campus offers many resources through Student Affairs and the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement to learn about racism and injustice and about how to be strong allies.

    And for those who are impacted by incidents like this, we want you to know that we support you and have resources to help.

    Any students, faculty and staff who were impacted by this incident are invited to attend a discussion session at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at DeJope Residence Hall. It will be facilitated by staff from the Dean of Students Office and University Housing.

    The Dean of Students Office is available in 70 Bascom Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, by phone at 608-263-5700 and by email at University Health Services is available by phone at 608-265-5600 and offers in-person mental health services Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (evening hours Sept. 30 – Dec. 20); Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Lori Reesor

    Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

    Patrick J. Sims

    Deputy Vice Chancellor, Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement


    • Sprocket says:

      Imagine being these people….

      “The fact remains that members of our community were harmed. While the First Amendment guarantees the right to free expression, our community best succeeds when we express our views and promote a campus climate that is welcoming and safe to everyone”

      Translated: “We believe you are free to express yourself, as long as it promotes narratives we approve of, in a manner we approve of.”

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      • madisonexpat says:

        So much for sifting and winnowing.


        • Gary L. Kriewald says:

          Oh, the lefties at UW-Madison do plenty of sifting and winnowing. Unlike the kind that is supposed to get one closer to the truth, however, theirs is designed solely to advance identity politics (academic version).
          The noose incident, like the cancellation of this year’s gay pride (and cop hating) parade, demonstrates that karma is indeed an unforgiving mistress. And that campus ‘activists’ are a bunch of sorry-ass losers. For another example of victimhood at work in our midst, check out the sick-making cover story in this week’s Isthmus.


      • old baldy says:

        And the winner is……… Donald J. Trump!!!

        He can pin this on his personal map showing the track of Dorian, right next to the Presidential Sharpie with the Best Ever Oak Leaves First Class. .


        • madisonexpat says:

          Let’s ask Al Baghdadi and his warriors what they think. OOps. Apparently they’ve gone from JV squad to NBA finalists to random atoms.


      • madisonexpat says:

        1st Class includes a pussy hat.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Impact, impact, impact, impact. Verbose, wordy, melodramatic hyper sensitive twaddle. Where’s the English Dept. and get a Psych teacher for her stat.
    Better therapy, watch Dave Chapelle’s “Sticks and Stones.”


  8. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    It is apparent that these anti-American folks are persons of inferior intellect who are ignorant of history, and they know it. They try to compensate and “put on the airs of being somebody”, by launching fantastic and outlandish assaults on history, misinterpreting western civilization, and blindly attacking time-proven mores and values. They are emboldened and encouraged by the “power academics” and progressives, knowing that they will not only be tolerate their asininity but also encourage and praised it. They can only exist in this charade of importance by being protected by “authorities” from the much the deserved ridicule of sane knowledgable persons bold enough to call them out. These are weak-minded, insecure, bullies, deserving of ridicule, not submission.

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    • old baldy says:


      What a great description of the current occupant of the WH. I especially like the , “persons of inferior intellect who are ignorant of history, and they know it. They try to compensate and “put on the airs of being somebody”, by launching fantastic and outlandish assaults on history, misinterpreting western civilization, and blindly attacking time-proven mores and values”.

      Good job !


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