Progressive Dane files complaint on cops in schools

This just in: Would-be car jacker threatens dad with box cutter

An E. Lakeside St. homeowner looked out of his window shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday (06-18-19) to see a teenager behind the wheel of his parked car. There were three other young people leaning into the driver’s side window.

The victim ran outside, inquiring: “Can I help you guys?” The teens began moving quickly away and the man followed. “Did you take anything?” The three girls said nothing, but the boy pulled out, what appeared to be, a box cutter indicating he would stab the victim if he did not back off.

The man, while frightened, tried to reason with the boy, saying he had a kid and just wanted the group to give back anything they might have taken. Neighbors were witnessing the confrontation and police were called.

The teens were located walking on area railroad tracks and taken to the Juvenile Reception Center. Arrested were one 16-year-old boy and three girls, ages 15, 15, and 16. 


We previously reported that Progressive Dane co-chair Brenda Konkel was vetting an ethics complaint against Madison Metro school board president Gloria Reyes for voting to keep cops in Madison’s four troubled high schools.

Late Tuesday (06-18-19) she followed through by filing that complaint with the school district. She was joined by two other anti-cop hot heads, Andy Heidt and Andy Olson. They allege that:

Gloria Reyes currently works for the City of Madison in the Community Development Division. The rules clearly state that she should not “participate in” the purchasing process involving this vendor [the City of Madison]. Furthermore, she did not state the nature of the conflict or remove herself from the table for the discussion.

Gloria Reyes

Gloria Reyes

The Madison Common Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday, July 2, on a three-year contract between MPD and MMSD. The contract would allow the district to opt one high school out of the contract with advance notice.

If the vote of school board president Reyes is invalidated, the proposed contract would fail on a 3-3 tie vote. However, the Blaska Policy Werkes cannot envision school district attorney Matthew Bell invalidating the vote of his employers. And he seems to be the only appeal at the school district level. That would force the troublesome three to pursue the matter in the courts.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Bad Blaska says Madison deserves Brenda Konkel, Muldrow-Mirilli, and chaos in the classroom. Good Blaska tries to remember his Christian faith in the essential goodness of mankind.





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17 Responses to Progressive Dane files complaint on cops in schools

  1. Batman says:

    Blaska’s Bottom Line: Bad Blaska says Madison deserves Brenda Konkel, Muldrow-Mirilli, and chaos in the classroom. Good Blaska tries to remember his Christian faith in the essential goodness of mankind.

    Indeed, Madison deserves to get what they voted for good and hard, and because few parents attended the relevant meetings, and devout Christian’ think this way.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Dare I ask who funds the time consuming/legal imbroglio these halfwits ardently seek?

    The Gotch


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, Christian faith teaches original sin, not “the essential goodness of mankind.” Humans are inherently flawed but can be redeemed. Compare this to the doctrine of the Left, which believes that mankind can be perfected (according to their own standards), preferably by force. For every story purporting to demonstrate the essential goodness of mankind, I can cite a hundred that demonstrate the validity of original sin, starting with the carjacking story at the beginning of this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Off topic, but the HoR is wasting its freakin’ time, and OUR freakin’ money, holding Slavery Reparations hearings.

    The good news?

    Burgess Owens

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      The good news it gets under your thin right wing snow flake skin. Just another thing for you to squeak about being a victim.


      • George's Son says:

        Richard-me-Boyo -It would be great if you & A-Bob could SOMETIME post a cogent reply, included some basic facts, your research and your conclusions. Your replies wouldn’t have to include ANY review of the latest criminal news, since that seems to frighten you both. But unfortunately, crimes committed by current juveniles, or their ageing counterparts, (who also graduated local and national HS’s) seem to emphasize the farrago of current school policies. It appears you support chaos by default.


        • AnonyBob says:

          “…a cogent reply, included some basic facts, your research and your conclusion.”
          Why should we be held to a standard higher than anyone else’s around here? You’re new around here, aren’t you.


        • richard lesiak says:

          Good point AB. Today is National Yoga Day…you can tell that by the way these posters are tying themselves in knots to sound cute. “The latest criminal news”; just go to the capital and watch the gop in action. That’s what I watch instead of beating this one trick pony about the school board to death.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Every time I read a story about Democrats in Congress “moving forward” on slavery reparations and see Democrat candidates lined up to kiss Al Sharpton’s a$$ while pledging their support for it, I gleefully imagine how many voters this issue alone will drive into Trump’s waiting arms.


      • Batman says:

        Observing the Dem candidates wet themselves in front of smug Al Sharpton literally made me throw up a little. At this point, how can any grounded rational thinking person be a Democrat. I mean seriously.

        God Almighty what is the world coming to.
        Let us pray…


  5. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I’m in agreement with bad Blaska. Madison deserves to get it good and hard. Nothing will change until it gets worse.


  6. Bob Dorn says:

    Madison has been on this path for 50+ years. Do we have to get to nuclear wasteland?


  7. Batman says:

    God Almighty; Konkel needs to get laid.



    • richard lesiak says:

      I seriously doubt she would be attracted to anyone calling themselves batman. Invite her to your batcave and have you mom bake up some roasted robin and bust out a box of wine. BAHHHHAAAAA.


    • George's Son says:

      Agree, Batman. But finding dainties to accentuate her zoftig qualities aren’t cheap, they require fabric in yards. When I say, “Yards” look out yer back window -that’s just ONE yard….


  8. Anne R. says:

    1. I think Brenda has a boyfriend.
    2. The ethics complaint is well founded.
    3. I hope they still keep the EROs in the high schools.
    4. The first paragraph about juvenile delinquents has nothing to do with the ethics complaint or the
    vote it emanated from.


  9. Batman says:

    1. I used an expression that I presume wasn’t lost on you.
    Still, Konkel could be directing her time toward something far more constructive. For example; advocating for public meetings where everyone gets to speak without being intimidated, assaulted, heckled off the podium, and our public servants are allowed to do their job.
    2. That remains to be seen.
    3. You’re batting .250
    4. Blaska often addresses multiple topics in a single post, the line between the two indicates the author understood the need to separate the topics, and there is nothing wrong with that.


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