Madison school cops vote is tonight!

Click to Sign the Petition!The Madison school board will vote TONIGHT at 6:30 (06-10-19) whether to retain school resource officers (SROs) in Madison high schools. The meeting is at Doyle Administration Bldg, 145 W. Dayton St. With option to remove one high school for 2020-21 school year.
Appears to be no opportunity for public comment, which is probably to the good considering the social justice warriors would filibuster, then bust up the meeting. I don’t expect much controversy; the thing will pass but who will pose for holy pictures by voting against it? Guessing three of the seven members, to include Ananda Mirilli and Ali Muldrow.
MMSD may amend this Contract to reduce the number of SROs assigned to MMSD as outlined in Attachment A. Section I. from four (4) SROs to three (3) SROs. MMSD shall notify the CITY in writing before the removal is to occur. Specifically said notice shall be provided by September 15, 2019, to effectuate a reduction on June 15, 2020 or June 10, 2020 to effectuate a reduction on January 1, 2021. The notice must include the name of the school that will no longer have a SRO assigned and the reason for said reduction. MMSD understands that the removal of a SRO from a school may result in reassignment of some or all of the remaining SORs among the remaining schools and that the assignments of the SROs shall be determined at the sole discretion of the CITY.
MMSD and CITY reserve the right, upon written notice, to cancel the contract effectiveJune 15, 2021. The cancelling party shall provide written notice of termination to the non-cancelling party no later than September 15, 2020April 1, 2021. In the event of termination under this subsection, MMSD will pay the CITY for all work completed by the CITY.

Madame Brenda is at it again

Brenda Konkel and Progressive Dane continue to hound Police Chief Mike Koval. The Madame is up today asking: “Did Chief Koval violate the City Ethics Laws?”

In his recent blog he talks about cops in schools and his concern about one of the clauses in the new contract. In doing so he says “At the end of the day, I am merely the contractual “signature” on a contract—whether this contract is affirmed is way above my head as the Mayor and the Council have to approve the City’s part of any contract with fiscal implications. But I have never been silent when I object to things that could impact public safety and I am against the clause that would provide the District the option of reducing our presence in ALL of the four high schools.”

Is it a violation?

He doesn’t go as far as to urge anyone to take any particular action – but his message was loud and clear that he disapproved.  I think he’s using his blog to get others to voice their disapproval.  Did he “engage in, organize, or conduct a grass-roots campaign to lobby any incumbent on any matter pending before the City.”  It’s a very fine line.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: That’s what you get for being forthright. For leveling with the people you are sworn to serve and protect. You get accused of being unethical.

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13 Responses to Madison school cops vote is tonight!

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    The talented Ms. Muldrow: “I think it’s developmentally inappropriate to expose children to incarceration.

    That SRO’s are there to maintain-restore order/deter P‘sOS/protect victims after unparented feral children “act out” aside, does that mean children should be unable to visit their jailed/criminal parents?

    ”Police are the only people within our schools who can expose children to incarceration,”

    Is she that effin’ stupid, or just that ideologically blindered? Lord help the MMSD if she’s both.

    I think arresting kids results in tremendous long-term harm to them.”

    Oy! If only the victims weren’t asking for it, am I right?

    Anywho, the long term harm (the result of coddled, disruptive, miscreant Thugs-in-Training kept in classrooms due to being held to different standards) to the education of the children that are there to, you know, like, actually learn, is acceptable collateral damage as we aspire to the Holy Grail of Equal Outcomes?

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but the fact that Muldrow’s brats aren’t forced to endure that sure helps me sleep better at night!

    The Gotch


  2. richard lesiak says:

    So it passed 4-3 with the option to drop one cop, but only after a review and agreement that the officer isn’t needed. Now it goes to the City Council. Hopefully the right wing pearl clutching will end and the maids can finally clean the fainting couch.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Nothing to see here huh poor richard? Would you send your kids into this?


    • David Blaska says:

      If you mean to infer, Lesiak, that the school board was always going to keep the cops, tell me why all the school board pearl clutching?


    • “Hopefully the right wing pearl clutching will end and the maids can finally clean the fainting couch.”

      Gotta love the irrational ad hominem attacks targeting those that were using common sense about behavior problems and the need for the ERO’s in schools as opposed to targeting the lunatics that were literally publicly screaming bloody murder and racists smears against white people and all police.

      Richard Lesiak’s moral priorities are all screwed up.


  3. Bob Dorn says:

    right wing? in madison?? you make me laugh


  4. White Hills says:

    Does Brenda Konkel have a job yet? Or is she still grifting?


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Suffocating imbecility and a functioning keyboard should be kept as FAR apart as possible.

    To wit:

    If, after surrendering ALL one’s I.Q. points and jettisoning one’s critical thinking capacity, one still believes that “right wing pearl clutching” aptly describes the activity of those preferring the safety & stability that SRO’s provide & instill in schools, one must then concede that:
    *most MMSD teachers,
    *nearly ALL MMSD school nurses,
    *nearly ALL MMSD student’s parents,
    *ALL local Black Leaders (excluding FreeDUMB Inc, et al, grifters),
    *the majority of Über Lefty rag The Isthmus commentariat,
    *the majority of the MMSD school board,
    *a majority of Madison citizens,
    *Lefty blogger extraordinaire Greg Humphrey (AKA Deke Rivers, and
    *former Mayor Freakin’ Bike Shorts himself are ALL right wing pearl clutchers.

    C’mon; the odds of anyone possessing an above shoe-size I.Q. believing that are Slim-n-None.

    And Slim just left town!

    Wait a minute.

    A regular TROLT
    here actually DOES believe that?

    Never mind.

    The Gotch


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