Who will be the lucky high school?

To get rid of those pesky school police!

Madison East high school? Madison West? La Follette? James Madison Memorial?

Police EROs 2019

Justin Creech, West; Rod Johnson, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial H.S.

One of those lucky schools — more particularly, their students, parents, and faculty — will be freed of those troublesome school resource officers under a contract the school board is proposing with the Madison Police Department. This from the Madison newspaper monopoly:

Under a newly proposed contract between the city and the Madison Metropolitan School District, MMSD has the ability to move away from having an officer in each of the city’s four high schools starting in the 2020-21 school year.

Under the new language in the contract, MMSD would have until Sept. 15 to tell the city if it would like to reduce the number of SROs assigned to Madison schools from four to three. The district would have to select which school should have a reduction. The reduction would then take place the following school year. 

The new contract language follows a negotiation strategy the Madison School Board broadly supported last month to move towards removing an SRO from at least one of Madison’s high schools. 

The Ananda Mirilli/Ali Muldrow school board will talk about this next Monday, June 10, at 6:30 in a special workshop meeting. By law, no action can be taken at such a meeting. But here is a softball prediction: this “split the baby in half” measure will please neither parents nor the social justice warriors allied with Freedom Inc., Progressive Dane, the Amelia Royko-Maurer Experience, nor the Socialist Internationale.

Tell the school board you support school resource officers at all four high schools school board members as a group here.

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2 Responses to Who will be the lucky high school?

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Regrettably, the petition has been closed…just like the feebly fevered minds of the mental midgets @FreeDUMB Inc, et al.

    The Gotch

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  2. Sprocket says:

    The Madison Police Department simply needs to pull the plug on the school resource officer program. There’s no reason police resources need to be wasted babysitting the ferals. The educational establishment in Madison lit the match on the dumpster fire we are observing, let them deal with it. I would suggest school board members be required spend time in the schools responding to student incidents.


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