Just say no to Gobbledygook

Turning the Policy Werkes over to visiting professor Paula Fitzsimmons. She is absolutely correct: the new mayor appointing “Dr. Gobbledygook” to the police policy and review committee is a slap in the face to Madison police.

Chief Koval ought to withdraw his department’s cooperation from this dog and pony show. The City of Madison should be studying out-of-control kids.

Here’s Paula. Be sure to follow her link to take action.

This is really something the Madison PD police union (MPPOA) should be addressing. They made their endorsements, including of Mayor Rhodes-Conway, who had given a number of indications she wouldn’t be a strong alley of law enforcement – including this, per the Wisconsin State Journal:

“Rhodes-Conway said the department doesn’t need more sworn personnel . . .”

Water under the bridge, yet her intentions become clear with her decision to recommend Greg Gelembiuk -one of this city’s most outspoken MPD critics- to the police “review” committee.

Yet where is MPPOA? Will they be available to pick up the pieces, or defend the Chief when he’s tied to the whipping post?

Because someone has to stand up and say something, I ask you to sign a simple letter.


Aldar Bidar introduced a last-minute substitute resolution on Friday (four days before the next Council meeting) to create a position for Greg Gelembiuk to sit on the Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Ad Hoc Committee (you know my feelings on this Committee, responsible for the pricey OIR Group report.) The Mayor had previously submitted his name to be appointed to the Committee. Seven alders voted in opposition.


Why the Alders Should Vote No to This Resolution

It’s no big secret that Greg Gelembiuk is one of the city’s most outspoken critics of the MPD. Every time I’ve seen him speak, it’s been in strident opposition to MPD.

Having him sit on this committee would be divisive and send a negative message to our cops, that yet again, the City does not have their backs.

The Mayor said this, per the Isthmus:

“The first thing they should do is form a “blue ribbon commission” whose members represent a true cross-section of community stakeholders. That commission should be charged with reviewing a whole range of city policies — use of force, yes . . .

How is recommending a staunch police critic to this committee, unless it’s balanced an MPD supporter (nobody asked me), serving a “true cross-section of community stakeholders?”

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  1. madisonexpat says:

    ABob, state exactly what two sides President Trump equated then launch your lie.


    • AnonyBob says:

      The white nationalist rally organized and encouraged by the likes of Richard Spencer and David Duke as a show of white identity (and loosely against removing a Robert E. Lee statue from a city park), complete with a torch-lit march and chants of “Jews will not replace us” (a golden oldie from which 1930’s European political party?) versus the protesters who opposed them.
      But, that’s all fake news to you and Trump.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Well, Splat? Nothing to say? Finally too embarrassed by your guy to respond to what you requested?


      • madisonexpat says:

        Yes, busy. Had to attend a graduation and celebrate a Salutatarian niece. Lovely evening.

        Your charge is as pitiful as it is transparent.
        Nazis, Klansmen and Trump! Oh my!
        Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

        ABob, part of the Dems big problem is a lack of message. See how weak these are? C’mon kids! Let’s help our Lefty friends craft a message:

        Make America Weak Again?
        America was never Great?
        America. Meh?


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Wanna fact? Fact: in 1986 Trump received the the NAACP award for “Brotherhood,, Patriotism, Diversity and Tolerance” along with Muhammed Ali and Rosa Parks.
    See the difference between what I call a fact and what you consider a fact?
    Here endeth the lesson.


    • AnonyBob says:

      35 years ago. He also used to be strongly pro-choice. Those may be facts, but they have little relevance to today’s amoral Trump and his gullible supporters.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Then we must thank God that neither Rosa Parks nor Muhammed Ali never ran for the presidency against Hillary Clinton. God only knows what monsters they would’ve become.


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