Paging Mr. Rob! Fracas in Room 120! Please respond! Mr. Rob …?

‘We don’t have to listen to the police
and you can’t touch us,’ part 2

Out lunchWhat? a 12-year-old middle-school girl injured two police officers?

Good thing Mike Koval is not Jen Cheatham or those two cops would be O.U.T.!  Their careers OVER! like Mr. Rob, the positive behavior coach at another middle school who tried to neutralize an out-of-control student and paid the price — namely, with his career. (More here.)

Who is going to protect the police from the students? Maybe the police union should descend on next Monday’s school board meeting (6 p.m. 04-29-19 at Chavez elementary school) with their own “Cops Out of Schools” banner.

The unlettered field hands here at the Experimental Work Farm have stored the powerful Ariens snowblower in the garden shed next to Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. StaBil-ized the gasoline. We are NOT bringing it back out Saturday come what may. (Dammit!) Let’s move on …

The Russian collusion hoax, part 2,356

My old comrade John Nichols is pounding the corpse of the Russian collusion narrative in a frantic attempt at CPR. “What Mueller report reveals about meddling with Wisconsin elections.” 

John (one of the friendliest socialists you’ll ever encounter) admits that the Russkies couldn’t hack the ballot boxes— yet another virtue of our federal 50-state system. But, he writes: “Wisconsin and other battleground states were also targeted by “a sophisticated social media campaign” that “tapped into divisive issues like race, gun control and gay and transgender rights.”

Hmm. “Divisive issues.” Sounds like your average American political election, pretty much. John was ready to impeach the day after Inauguration but now, in wake of Mueller coming up empty on the collusion thing, is reduced to: “But there is still a lot that we do not know.”

Something you don’t know? John, we’ve never seen you so modest! We do know the big thing: no collusion. As for impeding an investigation, it does appear that the investigators were able to investigate, does it not?

Over on Facebook, N.c. Bill Gillette comments:

I was definitely going to vote for Hillary when out of the blue, a Russian man who told me he was Comrade StrokeMeHoff, demanded that I Vote for Comrade Trump. I did as I was told.

Or maybe it was the Russkies who told Hillary to avoid Wisconsin like gas station sushi. Switched the “Now Entering Wisconsin” signs the other way.

What if Hillary’s Steele dossier WAS the Russian collusion? At the Wall Street Journal, Kimberley Strassel makes this point:

Once Mueller established that the [Steele] dossier was a pack of lies, he should have investigated how it gained such currency at the highest levels of the FBI. … How did Mueller spend two years investigating every aspect of Russian interference … and not consider the possibility that the dossier was part of the Russian interference effort?

Spygate? This collusion business is flipping the other way. Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley Thursdasy (04-25-19) formally requested A.G. William Barr to investigate whether “FBI lovebirds” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were recruiting spies to surveil President-elect Trump’s transition team. (via PJ Media)


Politifact gave its own newspaper reporting a “half true” rating. RightWisconsin relates that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley reported, “Wisconsin would face $2 billion shortfall at the start of the next budget under Gov. Tony Evers’ plan.”

Sen. Dave Craig (R-Big Bend) quoted that statistic. The Journal Sentinel’s own Politifact jumped all over it and gave “Half True” rating.

Mr. Rogers

Is Joe Biden the next Tony Evers? The Mr. Nice Guy? Puts on a sweater and sings “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Hand puppet of Mean Mr. Trump.

Joe Biden’s announcement “is anchored in a demonstrable lie,” writes Ann of Althouse. That being that Trump exonerated the Charlottesville terrorists.

If you think college is expensive now, wait until Elizabeth Warren makes it free. You think we don’t have enough race and gender study majors gumming up the works, vote Warren.

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3 Responses to Paging Mr. Rob! Fracas in Room 120! Please respond! Mr. Rob …?

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Love the cartoon in the sidebar: renowned anti-semite & terrorist apologist Omar reading about the massacre of Christians in Sri lanka and thinking “Some people did something again.” When will some people get around to doing something to her–like ripping that scarf off her head and stuffing it down her throat? For starters.

    A few weeks ago a MUSLIM man claiming to be inspired by ISIS was prevented by federal authorities from carrying out a plan to drive a vehicle laden with explosives into a crowd at the National Waterfront in Maryland. In the news report I watched (on one of the national networks) the word Muslim was never uttered. Compare that with news reports on the bombings of mosques in New Zealand in which the phrase “white nationalist” was repeated ad nauseum.

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  2. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    So two professional police officers get injured by a 12 year old, but the Cap Times wants to have “security officers” who are presumably less well trained and unarmed, to handle these types of problems in the future, right? What could possibly go wrong?


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