Madison is in trouble! Girls soccer game breaks out!

I, David Blaska, candidate for Madison Board of Education, do hereby apologize for over-dramatizing the difficulties our public schools face every day. Sure, kids are beating on teachers, even on the school resource officers and “positive behavior coaches.” Sure, kids are overturning bookcases at the library, shooting up the neighborhood around La Follette high school, and disrupting classes on a daily basis.

Girls soccer

Girls just wanna play soccer

While I, David Blaska, candidate for Madison Board of Education (name recognition!) was selfishly focused on our public schools, I should not have ignored the blatant disregard for what’s right and wrong at the private Catholic high school in town, Edgewood. I should have condemned the flouting of city ordinance. In violation of the school’s Master Plan, which is on file at city hall.

Seems that the other day, girls were playing … Are You Ready for This? — SOCCER! On the Soccer Field! In broad daylight where anyone driving by on Monroe Street could see them.

It’s all right here in the Wisconsin State Journal. Soccer, the story warns, will be played through May.

Not since the martyrs in the Colisseum thumbed their noses at Nero has there been such Catholic insubordination.

What’s next, girls la crosse!


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3 Responses to Madison is in trouble! Girls soccer game breaks out!

  1. John Popanz says:

    Maybe if parisi was allowed to control the concessions it would be okyed.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”What’s next, girls la crosse!” (bold mine)

    And risk Cultural Appropriation? Fuggedabboudit!

    Unless ALL participants met the necessary requirements to avoid giving guilt suffocated White Lefties and Elizabeth “Lieawathe Fauxchahontas” Warren the violently virulent vapors:

    DNA proof of (questionable) 1/1024th heredity of some nondescript indigenous North/South/Central American population AND a Great Grandparent that may, or may not, have had high cheek bones.

    The Gotch


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