There was collusion alright, just not with Russia

Can you say ‘Fake news’?

Liberal political/media complex
scrambling to get their stories straight

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Werkes have been pre-occupied with more local affairs, if you catch our drift. (And we think you do!) 

So, on to the Mueller investigation …. add it to a growing list of the great hoaxes of all time:

  • Hands up, don’t shoot!
  • The Covington Ky Catholic boys taunting the Native American drummer
  • Bret Kavanaugh is a serial rapist
  • Jussie Smollett
  • Piltdown Man
  • The Hitler Diaries and, locally,
  • Mr. Rob the racist, positive behavior coach viciously beat a black child at Whitehorse middle school.

I was told collusion

For most Americans, we suspect, it’s over But too many politicians and their allies in the news media are too far down the rabbit hole to climb out now.

David Brooks is the kind of establishment conservative, safe for PBS, that gives RINOs a bad name. Still, Brooks decrees: “Many Democrats made grievous accusations against the president that are not supported by the evidence.” 

His examples:

“You have a president who, in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sought to, however ham-handedly, collude with the Russian government, a foreign power, to undermine and influence our elections.” — Beto O’Rourke, presidential candidate

“I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy in plain sight.” — Adam Schiff, chairman of House Intelligence Committee

“I called [Trump’s] behavior treasonous, which is to betray one’s trust and aid and abet the enemy, and I stand very much by that claim.” — John Brennan, former C.I.A. director

“The biggest scandal in U.S. history is coming into focus. On Friday Rachel Maddow made it clear. Donald Trump conspired with the enemy.” — Rob Reiner, film director.

All the news that fits their agenda

Politicians are supposed to be partisan. It’s part of our adversarial system. The national news media, on the other hand, has squandered its dwindling store of credibility. From what I could tell last night, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and Don Lemon at CNN were doubling down. Their guests pedaled furiously on bicycle whose chains had derailed. Their commentary can be boiled down to “There’s so much we don’t know” and “more investigations, STAT!”

The New York Times early on announced that it would be an adversary of Trump on all of its pages, editorial and news (and, for that matter, Style, Travel, Sports, …) And they won’t let up:

Michelle Goldberg in the Times: “Don’t let Trump pretend he has been vindicated.”

CNN: “Mueller probe ends and the gloating begins in Moscow.”

Rachel Maddow so deep into the weeds last night she needed a flash light and a pith helmet.

Hitler gets more bad news

If nothing else, the news media’s rush to judgment was good for some bitter comedy:

Q. How many Russians does it take to make Hillary lose an election?
A. None.

The Mueller report was bad news to Adolph Hitler in the Bunker. In yet another parody of the movie Downfall, The nervous generals approach their dear leader.

Mein Fuhrer, the report contains jack [F-ing] squat. A fortune cookie has more damning information.

After Hitler does his meltdown, he recovers to say:

We could always sue to get his tax returns. I mean there’s no law. It’s a tradition, kind of like when the president pardons a turkey. That should get us through the next two years.

Maybe there really is a deep state

Have you noticed? America now has a fourth branch of government: feral, free-range investigatory agencies. 

Those of us n Wisconsin know permanent probes. Armed police in the John Doe 1, 2, and 3 investigations held teenagers at pre-dawn raids on their homes  and rousted women out of their showers.

There’s something very rotten in America’s intelligence agencies … You think the House can launch investigations, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff? Sen. Lindsay Graham will show you what investigation looks like. 

Sen. Graham last night suggested Robert Mueller seized on an opposition file created by a Democrat(ic) party vendor as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign. He plans to do his own digging.

Hillary Clinton may yet go to jail. 

This just in from the Babylon Bee: “Atheist requiring evidence to believe anything knows for certain Trump colluded with Russia.”

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33 Responses to There was collusion alright, just not with Russia

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The Terminator/AKA Lindsey See You Soon! Graham (Bad@$$-SC) has a trembling former FBI Director James Comey in his crosshairs.

    It gets hilariously worse.

    Retreating like a Frenchman marches into war, former CIA Director John Brennan does his best Frank “Frankie Five Angels” Pentangeli after getting caught with his pants down around his ankles.

    To wit:

    “Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was. I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election. I think that is good news for the country,” (bolds mine)

    But, but, but, but, but, but, Hillarity won the popular vote, didn’t she?

    AND what about the Next Big Thing to which a mortally wounded Lefty INC clings desperately, a straight razor within reach-n-at the ready; the Southern District of New York?

    We live in interesting times….unless you’re a career Lefty, leastways.

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Comey in his crosshairs? I think not. That lying hillbilly can’t even get a possum in his crosshairs for dinner. It gets hilariously better. Trump has his yearly hardon and now wants to strip healthcare from millions. How’s that going to win more votes in 2020? He has no healthcare plan but wants to strip MILLIONS of coverage. Explain that to your old man Douchiee.


  2. AnonyBob says:

    And in the middle of spiking the ball with a side of ugly vengeance, the administration hands Dems an issue Dems win on, by going after repeal of the entire Affordable Healthcare Act (including coverage of pre-existing conditions they promised to protect!), threatening healthcare for 100 million Americans! Trump’s worst enemy is Trump and his base. Priceless!


    • richard lesiak says:

      You got it AB. Let prumpf and the repuks go after healthcare and SS. The voters in 2020 will tattoo a grat big f@#k you right on his scrotum. It gets “hilariously worse”. A “trembling” Comey? A life long repuke? That fat hillbilly going after him? Even rojo ain’t that dumb.


  3. Sprocket says:

    “Have you noticed? America now has a fourth branch of government: feral, free-range investigatory agencies.”

    This is an observation you could apply to the federal government as a whole. To assume that an entity that comprises slightly over 2.1 million people with a combined compensation of $270 billion doesn’t have it’s own agenda and interests is naive at best. To assume those interests necessarily coincide with those of America is idiotic.

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  4. Kooter says:

    C’mon Abob– I’ve been lurking on this forum for years and one of your consistent harps has been Russian collusion.. and NOW you decide to talk about Obamacare!? Step up to the plate, admit you were wrong and let’s move on to the next liberal hoax!

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Trump is the one who brought up the ACA and SS again. Beat that drum into 2020 and see what that gets you.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Ol’ Koot, Splat, Dave, et al,
      The problem for all of you is, I don’t think I’m wrong. Oh, Mueller, regretfully, couldn’t prove criminality on Trump’s part for working with Putin to get him elected (and all of this is filtered through his appointed AG – and hey, Mueller made no judgement about obstruction of justice. Let’s see the full report, donjathink?) But it’s established beyond doubt that the Russians did intervene in our election to help Trump. Why that’s acceptable to you is beyond me. Trump admitted he was pursuing a business deal in Moscow that would have profited him immensely, while he was running for President, yet repeatedly lied about it to the American people. Why that’s acceptable to you is beyond me. His campaign chair, deputy chair, national security advisor, foreign affairs advisor and the ever lovable Roger Stone have all been criminally charged, yet the mafia boss himself managed to skate. Why that’s acceptable to you…
      Beyond all that, he’s just a despicable human being. He has no character. He cheated on his wife with a pornstar and a bunny, and paid them off to keep them quiet during the campaign. He has no sense of humor. He’s petty. He kicks down. He spits on the grave of an American war hero and former presidential nominee of your party (who I didn’t agree with, but even I think he deserves respect). Why that’s acceptable to you…
      So no, Mueller didn’t deliver what I hoped for, but I’m not wrong in the criminality of Donald Trump. Hopefully the SDNY won’t be as constrained as Mueller was. I’m an optimist and a happy warrior.
      And yes, the Boob-in-Chief managed to hand the Democrats a winning issue by bringing up healthcare right now. Thanks.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Better take Jussie Smollett off your list–he was just let off the hook by a Chicago prosecutor. It’s called the intersection of black privilege and celebrity privilege–and a shining example of the quality of American justice..

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Gary L. Kriewald;

      Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Police Chief Slam Prosecutors For Dropping Jussie Smollett Charges

      Quoth The Talented Far Right Wing Chicago Mayor Rhambo:

      ”This Was AWhitewash Of Justice!”

      I anxiously await clueless Lefties trying to stupidly create an imbecilic false equivalency with the exoneration of The Donald!

      The Gotch

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      • richard lesiak says:

        A “whitewash” of justice?? Like ManaFART getting 42 months, like that traitor GENERAL Flynn still walking free, like trump loving up Kim from the NK? Where’s the justice there?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @richard lesiak;

          “A ‘whitewash’ of justice??”

          Only a bespawling addlepate would neglect to note the significance of the ideological leanings of both those officials quoted, and ESPECIALLY the previous employer of one.

          “I anxiously await clueless Lefties trying to stupidly create an imbecilic false equivalency with the exoneration of The Donald!” (bolds mine)

          Annnnnnnnd right on CUE!


          The Gotch

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        The Green new Deal was never intended as a serious piece of legislation–it’s the Mein Kampf of the radical left, a manifesto in which the villain is not International Jewry but the fossil fuel industry and the capitalist economy whose success it drives. The original Mein kampf was initially dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic–which it was–but that didn’t prevent its paranoiac rants from becoming the official ideology of the State.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Jussie’s the Yin, the reality of the Green New Deal is the Yang!

      ”Green New Deal Vote Fails To Pass, Gets Zero Votes (57-ZIP), 43 Democrats Just Vote ‘PRESENT”,’ Mike Lee Gave Hilarious Speech Against It”


      The Gotch

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  6. madisonexpat says:

    David, you should add Lysenkoism as settled science to your list.
    Whooo! Today’s schadenfreude express is powered by the many and most fun clips since Hillary found out she lost Wisconsin.
    Just watched Glenn Greenwald eviscerate another Pullet-Surprise winner who said its not over and President Trump is a “Kremlin Agent.”
    The Useful Idiots on the Left and their media whores (thanks Wikileaks) are their own worse enemies. Their clumsy conspiracy has unmasked the top floors of the FBI, State Dept., the previous guy’s White House, CIA, etc. etc. etc. IE, the Deep State. Was it Andy McCabe or Pete Strzok who texted his paramour “Potus is very interested in what we are doing” while speaking of the FBI’s “insurance policy”.
    That is what we mock banana republics for.
    President Obama, what did you know and when did you know it?”
    ABob you have innoculated President Trump by your frequent cries of wolf! Then pointing at a titmouse. Your Collusion Delusion has collapsed after you and poor richard and OB have invested so much of your hopes, your dreams and yes your lives into it.
    Thank you US media and Democratic Party and yes, I repeat myself.
    C’mon 2020.

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  7. madisonexpat says:

    Not tired of winning but enough already with the popcorn.

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    • AnonyBob says:

      Splat, please see my response above.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Imagine my surprise. Meanwhile you have a major outstanding balance with Acme. Time to pay for the hot air balloon, rocket skates, bird seed, anvil, catapult. magnet, bomb, a lot of dynamite, rope and all the detonators.
        Keep up the good work.

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        • AnonyBob says:

          I’m an optimist and a happy warrior. Your guy’s a boob. Which one of us lives in a cartoon world?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          ”Which one of us lives in a cartoon world?”

          That’d be you. And the overwhelmingly viscid irony? You’re blissfully unaware.

          But fear not, you have beau coup company; including, but not limited to, the 43 Lefties voting Present (the Hopey Changey signature move!) for the Green NO DEAL, which got beaten like the red-headed step-child it is!

          The Gotch

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        • Bob Dorn says:

          ABob: Happy warrior and optimist as Trump fills Ginsburg and another couple Supreme Court Seats by Jan 2025


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The talented David Brooks: “Many Democrats made grievous accusations against the president THAT ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THE EVIDENCE.” bolds/caps mine)

    Kinda sounds like Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne when stating he wouldn’t file charges against the EVIL White Whitehorse MS positive behavior coach Robert Mueller-Owens: “Some members of our community have coupled this information with their own experience, DRAWING CONCLUSIONS THAT ARE SIMPLY WRONG” (bolds/caps mine)

    Hmmm; two career Lefties (Brooks is a token/faux-Conservative) trying to tell clueless Lefties (forgive the redundancy) that the latter’s perception of a fact-based reality is not only wrong, but spectacularly so.

    Will they listen?

    Not exactly.

    Guess why?

    The Gotch

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  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Can You Say ‘Fake News’?”

    We ought not speak ill of the DEAD!

    The Gotch

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  10. Batman says:

    Q: What is the only similary between Bernie and Hillary’s speeches?
    A: They both inspire you to vote against Hillary Clinton.

    Q: What do Bernie Sanders supporters call their roommates?
    A: Mom and Dad.


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