AOC Green = full-blown socialist crazy

How did conservatives get so lucky? The great blackjack dealer in the sky throws down Donald Trump. The next card up is either Hillary Clinton or AOC. Dumb luck or Providence? We report, you decide. 

AOC named ambassadorRuss Douthat in the Sunday New York Times (02-10-19):

The first major policy intervention from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … is a quite-extraordinary document: a blueprint for fighting climate change that manages to confirm every conservative critique of liberal environmental activism, every Republican suspicion of what global-warming alarm is really all about.

… They’re actually seizing opportunistically on the issue to justify, well, #fullsocialismthe seizure of the economy’s commanding heights in order to implement the most left-wing possible agenda.

A conventional liberal, up until now, would dismiss that belief as simply paranoid, the product of Fox News feedback loops and the science-denying fever swamps. But the Green New Deal that Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey are sponsoring — and that four leading Democratic contenders for the presidency have already endorsed — responds by saying: Yes, that’s absolutely correct.

Thou shalt be expunged

UW-Madison graduate Fredric March — in his life and with this art — probably did more to fight fascism and intolerance than any of today’s virtue signalers. Nonetheless, Stu Levitan defends removing this notable artist’s name from a campus theater because, as a freshman student in 1919, he started a fraternity unwisely named Ku Klux Klan — a name that was a few years later scrapped when the horror of that hate group reached the snowy frontiers of Wisconsin.

Virginia's new gov

Virginia’s new governor named!

Gerard Baker in the Wall Street Journal: 

It’s tempting to indulge a bit of schadenfreude over the metastasizing crisis unfolding at the top of Virginia’s state government. Here we have all these Democratic politicians who’ve been quick to lambaste their political opponents as racists and sexists now desperately defending themselves against charges of behavior in their own past that is decidedly unbecoming. …

Still, whatever Gov. Northam’s transgressions, the rush to defenestrate him raises some difficult questions for our increasingly outrage-sensitive times. First, what is an outright offense, and what is merely offensively insensitive? There’s no evidence that Mr. Northam was ever a member of the KKK or any sort of bigot. Contemporaries attest to his racial tolerance. …

How far back in our past do we have to go before we can be forgiven for poor judgment? Does it make a difference if we were 20, 25? What if we did or said terrible things then but have spent decades in acts and words that atone for those behaviors?

I wonder what today’s virtue police would have made of St. Augustine or St. Paul. … Even criminals are entitled to rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, in socialist Finlandia

HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters)  — A basic income made recipients happier than they were on unemployment benefits, a two-year government experiment in Finland has found. But it did not, as proponents had hoped, make them more likely to work.

And in woebegone Ohio

The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reports that, after females fought to be included in the Boy Scouts, an all-girl Boy Scout troop has formed in nearby Wooster, Ohio.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Question: What did socialist use to light their homes before candles?

Answer: Electricity.

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37 Responses to AOC Green = full-blown socialist crazy

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    It doesn’t help AOC and her New Dealers that other such dire global warnings have been spectacularly wrong.

    “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate..”

    That was from “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich. It hasn’t happened.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Kevin Wymore;

      “It hasn’t happened.”

      ”It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra

      Why haven’t the resident Lefties haven’t weighed in on this yet?

      You’s wouldn’t think it would be fear of appearing hopelessly imbecilic; that’s never stopped them before…

      The Gotch


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Nothing illustrates the current death spiral of the Democrat Party as clearly as a comparison of the original New Deal–a sincere and practical effort to strengthen the lot of middle- and working-class Americans–and the Green New Deal–a cynical carnival act by clueless, arrogant elites–foremost among them AOC (aka the Bronx Bimbo)–designed to shift control from the individual to the State. I’ve heard the Green New Deal described as Marxist. It’s not. For one thing, Karl Marx was a world-historical thinker who devoted decades of mental heavy-lifting to crafting a theory so complex that few at the time were able to grasp its full argument. Whether or not you agree with Marxism, it has a claim to intellectual honesty that can’t be denied. The Green New Deal reads as if it were put together by a bunch of high school students (none of them on the honor roll): its intellectual vacuity is truly breathtaking. But must important, it, like Marxism, is posited on a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature–the notion that the majority of hard-working people with be content to see the fruits of their labor going to subsidize those “unable OR UNWILLING to work.” “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is one of those hollow maxims guaranteed to impress the AOCs of the world, fortifying their touching, childlike faith that governmental re-distribution of wealth is the answer to all social and economic ills–despite the numerous historical example that prove the contrary. In the end, the GND is just the latest tiresome example of liberals’ uncontrollable need to micromanage the lives of others (for their own good, of course).

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  3. Gary l. Kriewald says:

    Your references to St. Paul and St. Augustine are apt indeed. Today’s progressives are all too eager to sneer at Christianity (though never at Islam), claiming it is based on oppression of the “marginalized.” That two of Christianity’s greatest luminaries were guilty of youthful sins is no accident; their lives are meant to be inspirational, demonstrating that anyone can be redeemed, that no one is defined by one’s history. It’s not surprising that progressives are quicker to condemn than God almighty, incapable of forgiving the sins, no matter how anodyne, of anyone that offends their puritanical sensibilities. The posthumous lynchings of Fredric March and Porter Butts are two local examples of the increasingly rabid intolerance of the Left.

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    The Green New Deal, like Obamacare, lets anyone on the Left channel their inner totalitarian.
    Meanwhile the Virginia Dems pay for the witch hunt against Justice Kavanaugh.


  5. There’s a really clear pattern that’s been in place for many years with socialists/progressives that y’all are missing. Socialist/progressive ask for the moon and then Conservatives compromise with something a lot less; the problem is, all those compromises are inching the USA towards socialism one step at a time; here’s a statement that reflects their process; “that’s one small step for socialism, one giant leap for totalitarianism”. Socialists are shrewd and we need to put the hammer down on their nonsense right here and right now.

    Do not compromise with the likes of AOC and their “Green New Deal” garbage!


  6. Bill Everley says:

    AOC craziness balances out Trump laziness…..equilibrium 101:)


    • Bill Everley wrote, “AOC craziness balances out Trump laziness…..equilibrium 101:)”

      I get that you’re trying to be humorous but Trump is lazy, that just doesn’t work.

      They both have uncontrollable loose cannon mouths; how about, AOC craziness balances out Trumps brazenness.


      • richard lesiak wrote, “Nope….trump is just a lazy dink with no desire to learn or lead.”

        At least Bill was trying to be humorous, you on the other hand haven’t learned are just trolling like a lazy dink.

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  7. richard lesiak says:

    The NGD has been around since it was proposed by Friedman in 2007. The UN in 2008 started the Global Green New Deal which is still going on today. Their purpose was to create jobs in green industries and help the planet. The Green Party put it in their platform in 2012. So; what AOC is proposing has been around for a long time. Her proposal is to form a committee on NGD which 40 others have signed on too. Schumer even added the “green infrastructure” ideas in his budget proposals. So just settle down. I know AOC has gotten under your skin and youse all love to take punches at her, but your a long way from seeing pictures of Lenin in the capital. Maybe youse all should worry a little more about why people in Wisconsin can’t drink their water, have animal waste dumped on the ground, etc. The 1% are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and not paying a penny in state taxes (Vos) etc. and your all worked up about one freshman congresswoman speaking her mind. AMIRIGHT?


    • HOLY COW, Richard Lesiak wrote a real opinion, unless he copied it from somewhere else. Just kidding Richard, thanks for offering an opinion. 😉

      The difference is that AOC is making these lunatic resolutions or proposals (whatever the heck they are supposed to be) in the United States Congress. AOC’s lunacy needs to be stomped into oblivion.


      • richard lesiak says:

        opinions; maybe. Maybe. But; as a member of congress she will be heard and voted on. It’s just our way.


        • richard lesiak wrote, “as a member of congress she will be heard and voted on.”

          This was a proposal/resolution not a bill so it doesn’t get voted on; what the proposal does do is virtue signal their utter pompousness and show us that that they are all a bunch of idiots.


        • old baldy says:


          “This was a proposal/resolution not a bill so it doesn’t get voted on”.

          Not true. It is a Resolution, and per my U.S. Representative, can be voted on.


        • old baldy,
          See my reply to your comment at the bottom of the comment thread.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @richard lesiak;

      “why people in Wisconsin can’t drink their water, have animal waste dumped on the ground, etc.”

      Strange, I can drink the water and have from every freakin’ county in the state.

      With caution in Milwaukee though, Tommy “Ima Gonna Rolla Uppa Muh Sleeves” Barrett tends to dump human feces in Lake Michigan.

      Now that I think about it, the people that Elizabeth ”Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas” Warren pretends to be a part of, the Red Cliff & Bad River tribes, dump human dung in The Gitch while the EPA looks the other way.

      And only confused addlepates don’t know that manure is spread on farmland; has been for millennia

      The ONLY aspect of the pie-in-the-sky NGD that most mindless morons are interested in is the stipend for those UNWILLING to work.

      Pretty easy pitch to terminally LAZY layabouts, am I right?

      I wonder why Paulie Krugman hasn’t publicly slobbered about the NGD. There just HAS to be a reason…

      “The 1% are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and not paying a penny in state taxes (Vos) etc.”

      Citation, or STFU!

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        gooothiee; the whole of southwestern wis is having problems with their water. Just ask them. Red Cliff and Black River dumping crap and polluting their own land? No way. Prove it or STFU. I’m confused? Check all the reports of manure being dumped on farm land. There is NO pie in the sky stipend in any of the NGD proposals. Vos citation? Open records that say Vos enterprises hasn’t paid one penny in state taxes in over a decade. Check One Wisconsin website for more info. You ahead of your skies here gotch so just find another line of bs to try and safe face.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @richard lesiak says: “I’m confused?”

          FULL STOP…fade to black…cut…wrap…print…in the can!!

          The Gotch


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Poor @richard lesiak, sad @richard lesiak, eminently ButtHurt @richard lesiak.

          This is what happens when one doesn’t occupy a fact-based Universe!

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          Typical goootch. Take two words from a post and make a series of gibberish out of it.


        • AnonyBob says:

          Gootch: nothing but gibberish and insults. Points for consistency.


        • To quote richard lesiak, “For the love of god [AnonyBob], if you can’t post anything that adds to the conversation then STFU.”


        • richard lesiak wrote, “the whole of southwestern wis is having problems with their water. “

          “The whole of southwestern Wisconsin” Poppycock!

          I’ve got in-laws that are still on the family farm in southwest Wisconsin, they have been spreading manure on their land for well over a hundred of years and they aren’t having any problems with their water at all. Just because there may be a couple, even a few farms having water problems does not mean it’s wide spread like you claimed.

          richard lesiak wrote, “Prove it or STFU.”

          You’ve got to be kidding me? That kind of challenge coming from Richard, aka Mr. I Don’t Support/Prove Anything I Write, is rich.

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        • richard lesiak wrote, “Red Cliff and Black River dumping crap and polluting their own land? No way. Prove it or STFU.”

          Gotch provided a link that included the following statements;
          “Federal records show numerous violations of water quality standards at the tribe’s wastewater treatment system serving residents of Odanah in Ashland County.”

          “The violations include excessive levels of E. coli and phosphorus, as well as periods when the tribe failed to report data at all.”

          “E. coli is a type of bacteria and a marker for the presence of fecal contamination.”

          “The Bad River’s plant is currently operating without a permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The tribe has not been fined by the EPA.”

          “EPA records show that among other problems, the Bad River’s plant exceeded standards for E. coli 38 times between Oct. 1, 2007, and June 30, 2012.”

          “In Wisconsin, the Bad River had the highest number of violations between 2004 and 2008 – 241. It was followed by the Red Cliff Band with 159. Five of the top 10 violators were Wisconsin tribes.”

          “A project slated for this year will replace equipment that for years failed to pre-treat raw sewage, according to an attorney for the tribe.”

          Gotch provided sufficient proof that you demanded like a hypocritical crow barr and you don’t have the integrity to thank him for his efforts or acknowledge that what he wrote was accurate based on the proof he provided.

          So richard lesiak we see once again that those you constantly attack here support their claims but not you; where’s your proof to back up these statements you made; “people in Wisconsin can’t drink their water” and “the whole of southwestern wis is having problems with their water” and “the 1% are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down”. So should we be say the same thing to you, “Prove it or STFU.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Alas; when Lefty generally, and @richard lesiak & @AnonyBob specifically, are head-to-head with a fact-based reality, it’s the fact-based reality that must pull over.

          The former Marion M. Morrison put it best:

          “Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid.”

          The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      The phrase “speaking her mind” applies only to someone with a mind. And your demonizing of the 1% is as transparently ludicrous as AOC’s demonizing of anyone who declines to embrace her brand of environmental radicalism. The GND is just a lefty wet dream tarted up as a policy statement. Let’s hope the Dems keep rolling out this kind of elitist utopian nonsense–it only means more votes for Trump in 2020.


    • richard lesiak wrote, “not paying a penny in state taxes (Vos)”

      Directly implying that Vos has not paid any state taxes in his personal taxes.

      richard lesiak wrote, “Vos citation? Open records that say Vos enterprises hasn’t paid one penny in state taxes in over a decade.”

      This is only talking about Vos Enterprises’ taxes not Vos’ personal taxes; do you understand that there is a difference? Do you know why Vos Enterprises hasn’t paid taxes in a decade? Did One Wisconsin share the entire tax returns of Vos Enterprises to explain why the bottom line was not paying taxes for a decade? Are you just spouting this to smear without any real knowledge of what’s going on?


  8. madisonexpat says:

    Who in the Progressive-Industrial Complex is going to implement the diktat in the GND to eliminate cow farts?
    What’s that gonna do to jobs in Wisconsin.
    (Psssst. I don’t think the Green’s intend to use beano.)


    • madisonexpat says:

      poor richard channels his inner Mazie Hirono.
      I’ll take comfort in his beliefs that I am dumb and he takes the Green New Deal as good policy.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “I’ll take comfort in his beliefs that I am dumb and he takes the Green New Deal as good policy.”

        Bravo India November Golf Oscar!!!

        BTW, I posted PokaHonkey at another site (with hyper link citation**) and youse (and this blog!) now have fans in Australia!

        Popular Front to YankeeBubba • 3 days ago
        ” ‘PokaHonkey’ – that’s brilliant!”
        YankeeBubba to Popular Front • 3 days ago
        ”Ain’t the first time I’ve lifted material, won’t be the last. That said; the right thing to do would have been to include citation** in the interests of being properly up…um…Front, PF. Which is to say, the creative genius for that less-than-flattering-though-more-than-accurate-and-highfuckin’larious reference was not Bubba. Yet every poet is a debtor to Homer…”
        Popular Front to YankeeBubba • 2 days ago
        ”That’s cool YB, we should always share our laughs. PocaHonkey is now causing mirth in Australia. (bolds mine)


        The Gotch


  9. madisonexpat says:

    G’Day Oz but I didn’t originate “Pokahonky”.
    Still…. 50% of creative writing is “borrowing” no?


  10. madisonexpat says:

    AOC launches AOC and every Democrat and every Socialist goes right over the cliff with it. Spartacus Booker asked about bovine flatulence started to gobble like Senator Blaldwin on CNN.
    C’mon Corey, make America Newark again.


  11. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Republican Leader Says Senate Will Vote On Green New Deal

    Brilliant move by McConnell; the Lefty crazies will be left without a chair when the music stops for all the world to see.

    And the Lefties that hide under their desks will be set upon by the Lefty Twitter Mob AND the Lefty crazies; too freakin’ funny!

    Welp, I guess not all the Lefty crazies will be voting. Head LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand crazy extraordinaire Alexandria Ocasio-cortez isn’t in the Senate.

    Perhaps Fat Boy Michael Moore can get the Constitution changed to allow her to vote in Senate proceedings?

    The smell of EPIC LEFTY FAIL is heavy in the air, am I right?

    The Gotch


  12. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The Elephant in the room, staring down the layabout/taker members of the Jack@$$ Party?

    Who will do the heavy lifting for this Brave New World with the soon-to-explode numbers of democrat Lazy $#!T$ opting in to the Green New Deal Unwilling-To-Work demographic?

    The Gotch


  13. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Ruh roh! Clean-up in LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand!

    Bill Gates Has Some Harsh Words For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Plan

    Will Lefty be forced by their handlers to do the same laughably contorted Back-Flip/Flip-Flops they were forced to do with the Koch Brothers, John McCain, James Comey, Mitt Romney, et al?

    Stay tuned!

    The Gotch


  14. I wrote, “This was a proposal/resolution not a bill so it doesn’t get voted on.”

    old baldy wrote “Not true. It is a Resolution, and per my U.S. Representative, can be voted on.”

    Other than your sophomoric name calling, thanks for the input.

    Actually we are both sort of “correct”. Until 5 minutes ago my understanding of resolutions was that they aren’t voted on, my understanding was incomplete, now my understanding had been updated. Only the Simple Resolutions don’t “require” action, the other Resolutions (Joint and Concurrent) are more formal in their nature where the Joint Resolution can be voted on and can have the force of law but even though the Concurrent Resolution can be voted on it does not have the force of law.

    Due to the fact that the Resolution that AOC presented is numbered, it is either a Joint or a Concurrent Resolution and not a Simple Resolution, so in that regard you are correct that it can be voted on and I was incorrect that it doesn’t (my meaning should be read as can’t) be voted on.


  15. madisonexpat says:

    Let’s all agree that stfu means “speak the eff right up.”


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