Rebecca Dallet channels her inner Nancy Pelosi

But can she play the tuba?

At Pints and Politics on March 6, Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock gave a nice talk and then strapped on his tuba and tooted On Wisconsin and the Bud Song with other UW-Madison marching band alumns.

When you play Wisconsin, that says it all. Contrast that bit of down home Badgering with Rebecca Dallet dancing for dollars in Nancy Pelosi’s high-toned Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.

28167778_1914986975239244_4339178346896618406_n“Rebecca Dallet tells San Francisco she wishes Wisconsin shared their values.” (Story here) (Audio here.)

This is what is known as an unforced error. Michael Screnock thanks you very much.

In early voting around the nation, Democrats have gained ground when they treated Nancy Pelosi like kryptonite. The latest WSJ/NBC News poll gives the former Democrat(ic) Speaker a 21% positive rating —lower than the NRA (37%) and Donald Trump (37%).

Notably, blue dog Democrat Dan Lipinski beat back a primary challenge last week in Chicago from a darling of NARAL, the SEIU, Planned Parenthood, Act Blue, Emily’s List, and the Nation. Lipinski checks almost none of the boxes on the Democrat(ic) checklist, which is why he won.

The guy is pro-life in the party of abortion, he voted against Obamacare, he backed a bill to free businesses from birth control and some gay rights mandates on conscience grounds.

After listening to Judge Screnock on the tuba, our liberal visitors are welcome to cleanse the palate with a movie John Nichols’ magazine is promoting, The Young Karl Marx.

A pro-gun, pro-life, pro-coal Democrat?

Donald Trump may well be hurting the Republican brand but that does not mean voters are going full Bernie/Pelosi. Democrat Conor Lamb proved that in winning a Trump-heavy district in Pennsylvania.

Lamb is pro-gun, pro-life, likes coal, supports fracking, and opposes “single-payer” health care. (Read: socialism.) A $15/hour minimum wage? Are you kidding?! For good measure, Lamb promised voters he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Moving on to Texas, deep thinker Nate Cohn had predicted that Texas may “may emerge as a fairly competitive state in the mid-term elections.” Texas thought otherwise. It is refusing to turn blue. Republicans turned out 1,543,674 voters in their primaries —the GOP’s highest midterm total ever—compared with 1,037,779 in the Democratic primary.

Rewriting Conor Lamb, The Nation insists “Progressives have the right plan to win in November.” That being, identity politics.

“Fighting for racial, gender and environmental justice … poor people, working people, people of color, young people, women, LGBT people, immigrants … must be the heart and soul of the Democratic party.”

Trump, however flawed, has pre-empted the Democrats as the party of the working man and woman. He’s a billionaire who has shown the elites the sharp end of his boot.

Tooting the tuba is the kind of uncool thing San Francisco-style liberals like to mock. Like drinking the wrong white wine with brie. They mocked Tommy Thompson, too.

Blaska may be a RINO, but he writes a mean letter to the editor.

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7 Responses to Rebecca Dallet channels her inner Nancy Pelosi

  1. AnonyBob says:

    Yeah, and Tommy finally lost to a lesbian.
    (Link to your letter to the editor, RINO Dave?)


  2. coolkevs says:

    Connor Lamb was not primaries but chosen – do you think those like AnonyBob (the Dem base) would have voted him in? Not sure.


    • AnonyBob says:

      It’s speculative, of course, but in that district I would’ve gone for the Dem with the best shot at winning. I’m not that doctrinaire of a lefty. For instance, I’m not a Bernie supporter; I think he would’ve been slaughtered in the general.


      • Batman says:

        Bobo says:
        “I think he would’ve been slaughtered in the general.”

        Is that the only reason you are not a Bernie supporter?


      • AnonyBob says:

        Pretty much, Batty. I’ve never heard him say anything I really disagree with. For instance, we should make college tuition free, just as most of Europe does. But let’s be real, it will never fly with the 75% that don’t have a degree. After many years of working in the state assembly and listening to the wackos the GOP elects, I’ll go for any Dem that can be elected any day (even if we’re not eye to eye on every issue).


  3. Batman says:

    bobo says:
    I’ll go for any Dem that can be elected any day (even if we’re not eye to eye on every issue).

    Except Hillary, right.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If the Screnock campaign is smart, they’ll play that quote from Dalleck about San Francisco vs, Wisconsin values over and over again in their campaign ads.


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