Character matters, even in Alabama

Blake Gober says “Steve Bannon just did the unthinkable: got a Democrat elected in Alabama!” A pro-abortion, Tammy Baldwin strain of Democrat.

Friends who believe Trump died for our sins, arose on the third day and ascended into the White House will blame sun spots, Don Lemon, and “RINOs” like Mitch McConnell who, nonetheless, manages to get elected. Unlike a certain Short Eyes from Alabama.

The Policy Werkes dusts off its old yardstick, on which reads: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything.” We rightly hectored Democrats for excusing Bill Clinton’s moral transgressions because he was supposedly good on policy.  A kind of hostages-for oil-tradeoff. Yes, character matters.

We’re all for draining the swamp but this is breeding alligators.

There is no recovering the political capital squandered by the President and the RNC on a fatally flawed candidate/human being. Cheers to the Republican Senate Committee, chaired by Cory Gardner of Colorado, which walked away. And to Wisconsin’s Republicans, especially Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan.

A jury of his peers in Alabama passed judgment on the Republican candidate Tuesday. Hellz bellz, Alabama’s other senator, Republican Richard Shelby, wouldn’t endorse Roy Moore.

Bannon also struck out trying to defenestrate Speaker Ryan in last year’s First District race. Bannon’s hobby horse, Paul Nehlen, got a whipping 16% of the vote in the GOP? primary.

Bannon NicholsonIn Wisconsin’s Senate race 11 months hence, Kevin Nicholson is “doubling down” on Bannon’s endorsement. That’s according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That’s enough to get us even more firmly into Leah Vukmir’s camp.

Let’s hope Republicans don’t carve each other up like they did in the last race against Ms. Baldwin.

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4 Responses to Character matters, even in Alabama

  1. AnonyBob says:

    I’ve never understood how an Ivy League-educated former Goldman Sachs exec, former Hollywood producer can consider himself a leader/provocateur of a populist movement. When he tells rallies that the coastal elites consider them “a bunch of rubes,” I think it’s pretty obvious HE considers them a bunch of rubes. Splat, you’re a “pox on both their houses” kinda guy against, as you say, the Washington Party. How do you justify drinking the Bannon Kool-Ade? Pretty bitter stuff after yesterday, no? Even Dave seems to consider him a destructive huckster.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Bannon and Trump committed the unforgivable sin of being well inside the cool kids’ club then leaving it and giving up the fact that our “betters”…… aren’t. They are often corrupt, hypocritical, power hungry, greedy and reprehensible. Trump and Bannon are showing us how awful the media, Hollywood, Wall St, K St. et al really are. The price of admission to the club is that you must condone its corruption to get power and adulation. These two hugely accomplished men have come from the belly of that beast and shown us how bad it is.
    You ABob, see power receding when the club was so close to having it all. The fear, loathing and hysteria on the Left is a gift that keeps on giving. The tea bagger, deplorable, bitter clinger, racist, misogynists can’t wait to see the news every day.
    We cannot spare these men, they fight. Every day. Alabama? Can’t win them all but neither did Unconditional Surrender Grant.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      ”The fear, loathing and hysteria on the Left is a gift that keeps on giving.”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      To that point, from “The Fearless Voice Of The American Left Since 1993” ( that ‘gift’ takes the form of the funniest freakin’ thing I’ve EVER read, and which synthesizes how Lefty has been herded these past 15 months.

      I caution Lefties to secure a crate of tissues prior to reading it. Especially @old baldy, et al, whose…um…conduct clearly provided the inspiration.

      “The Year Of The Headless Liberal Chicken.”

      The Gotch


  3. dad29 says:

    Gee. Was it Bannon or Moore, that pushed Mo Brooks out of the primary? Mo Brooks, who could have blown out the (D) on Tuesday?

    Nope. It was Good Ol’ Boy McYertle of Kentucky.

    As to RoJo: I remember that he ran on ONE promise: to get rid of ObamaCare. He’s still a failure on that promise, isn’t he?

    You may wave the NeverTrump banner as long as you like. But he’s the President. Ryan, Walker, McCain….they’re also-rans. My guy Cruz? Another also-ran.


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