Is the bottleneck in the D.A.’s office?

UPDATE: D.A. Ozanne responds to County Exec Parisi. But does not deny that the district attorneys lobbied for more pay, not more prosecutors. Here is Ozanne’s response.

Is the weak link in the law enforcement chain Dane County’s district attorney? Ismael Ozanne is threatening to quit trying unspecified crimes due to lack of prosecutors.

“Dane County DA calls prosecutor shortage ‘public safety crisis.” (WI State Journal video)

The Dane County Police Chiefs Association is lobbying Dane County to provide more funding. County Exec Joe Parisi retorts that Dane County has increased funding by 40% in the last six years to pay for support personnel. Parisi correctly observes that district attorneys themselves are state employees. They’re on the state legislature’s tab, not the county’s. Dane County is not about to set a precedent by funding state responsibilities.

The dispute broke out into the open Monday when Parisi expressed “my extreme disappointment and concern with your media announcement that I fear both misled and and unnecessarily scared the public.”

Make no mistake; prosecutors are state employees. … Suggesting as you did last week that somehow county government has denied your office resources that have always been funded by the state is misleading.

Parisi noted that the state legislature recently wrapped up its budget deliberations. The exec questioned why Ozanne did not lobby the state for more prosecutors and why district attorneys lobbied for higher pay, instead.

At Ozanne’s press conference last week, Sheriff Dave Mahoney blamed the state:

It’s inexcusable that our state leaders, our lawmakers who are entwined in petty name-calling and arguments at the state level, fail to meet the needs of our citizens who are victims of crime.

But then again, where would he put the lawbreakers convicted by these extra prosecutors? Has the sheriff spoken out for a larger jail? Dane County is well on the way to approving a more humane but smaller jail — with a capacity of 9% fewer inmates.

Read Parisi’s letter to Ozanne.

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10 Responses to Is the bottleneck in the D.A.’s office?

  1. AnonyBob says:

    Dave, I’m sorry to see you retreat to blogging only about local racial and criminal justice issues these days. I guess I can’t blame you; you were a local govt. guy and at the state level the Republicans have been embarrassing, while the Trump administration has proven to be a complete horror show. As a NeverTrumper, I’m sure it’s been tough on you.


    • Batman says:

      “while the Trump administration has PROVEN to be a complete horror show.”
      Show your work; what proof?


      • AnonyBob says:

        Comic Book Boy, I’ve put time and effort in to responding to you when you were ignorant of or misinformed about basic news of the day, to which you blithely replied I wasn’t worth your time. Why would I continue? You are not worth MY time.


  2. Balboa says:

    Yes it is Embarrassing how badly the Republicans in the State of Wisconsin keep winning over Democrats. And will keep winning elections for the foreseeable future.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Hi ABob.
    Today we see a tax reform proposal that eliminates State and Local Tax deductions from federal income taxes. You’ll be good because Texas subsidizes California, Madison, Illinois, NY, CT NJ etc.
    in that you don’t pay state income tax. High tax states will have to spend less and/or tax more.
    Today in Politico Donna Brazile whacks Barack, Hillary, Debbie Blithering Schultz et al.
    HaHaHa. The schadenfreude gets even sweeter a year later!
    Hillary writes a book titled “What Happened”?
    Donna Brazile writes a book titled “Hacks” apparently named after
    every Democrat operative.
    Woooooo! Comedic gold.
    National enough for you?


    • AnonyBob says:

      Splat: is your name Dave?


      • madison expat says:

        How very Progressive of you, ABob…. you get what you asked for and are still unhappy. Be sure and scream at the sky on Nov. 7th, OK?


      • AnonyBob says:

        You bet I’m screaming at the sky tonight; cries of joy, Splat, cries of joy. After the election results in VA and NJ, you still think you’re winning? Guess what, people don’t want Obamacare repealed and replaced, they want BETTER Obamacare. The GOP under Trump is SO screwed. Hee-hee.


  4. Batman says:

    Indeed, I did not connect your label “the pow” with McCain and thanked you for the clarification.
    The part of your post about Kelly (gleaned from the MSM) really wasn’t worth any more of my time because we disagreed on his off camera remarks and there could be no resolution.
    So we should be on good terms.

    “while the Trump administration has PROVEN to be a complete horror show.”

    So, what proof?
    Show your work.

    BTW; name calling is childish. You can do better.


    • AnonyBob says:

      If I said “Trump has proven to be a reckless, know-nothing fool,” would you demand my proof? Or would you more accurately want to know why I make the statement, what I’m basing it on? I’m not interested in a discussion of the semantics of “proven.”


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