155 years after their capture, imprisonment, and deaths — Mayor Soglin vows no rest for ‘traitors’

No doubt feeling the heat from fair-minded citizens and national ridicule, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin today doubled down on his unilateral decision to purify and sanitize the Confederates Rest section of Forest Hill Cemetery.

Soglin this morning (8-21-17) issued a 2,160-word exercise in finger-wagging (Mayor’s Statement Here) to justify ripping away a plaque describing the provenance of the southern Civil War soldiers’ resting place. Soglin also vowed to remove the much larger stone listing the names of all 140 Confederate soldiers buried there in 1862 after being held prisoner of war at old Camp Randall.

The larger monument at Madison’s Forest Hill Cemetery is not a Civil War monument. It was installed over 60 years after the end of the war. It is slab of propaganda paid for by a racist organization on public property when our city was inattentive to both the new form of slavery propagated by the donors with the Black Codes and to the meaning of that despicable fixture honoring slavery, sedition, and oppression.

Soglin labeled the private organization that erected plaque and stone as a “hate group.” The soldiers buried there were “traitors.” The whole thing, Soglin maintained, is part of a insidious national campaign to brainwash good northerners into accepting “the subjugation of blacks [and] to retain as much of the slave economy as possible.”

Confederate rest

Proper-thinking Madison progressives are safe! The insidious propaganda has been carted away. We may forgive the British but never the Mississipians!

The United Daughters of the Confederacy is “a racist and bigoted organization.” They and the Klu Klux Klan (Soglin lists them together) “spread their lies far beyond the boundaries of the rebellious states.”

Tell Paul Soglin and the Madison Common Council to let the dead Confederate POWs rest in peace.

Mayor's logo

The Daughters laid the plaque and erected the monument “as part of their national strategy of propaganda and determination to rewrite history providing a favorable interpretation of the Civil War” to honor “the treasonous rebels.”

Soglin cites the City of New Orleans’ removal of statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard. Its mayor notes that none of those three had a direct connection to that city. But the 140 buried at Forest Hill have a direct connection to Madison: they were captured by Wisconsin Union troops, many of them trained at Madison Camp Randall, were imprisoned and died there between April and July 1862 and are buried here.

Unlike New Orleans, there is no general resplendent in uniform riding high on a pedestal astride a snorting and stamping horse. Confederates Rest is a quiet, simple, and sorrowful.

Soglin, without input from the Common Council, absent any demand from Madison’s progressive community, acted unilaterally to scrub this obscure corner of the city of any hint of political incorrectness. He did so Wednesday, August 16, after a demonstrators engaged in a deadly clash in Charlottesville, Va., over the city’s  intention to remove a statue of General Lee. (And they say we conservatives have our talking points!)

Rather histrionically, Soglin linked Madison’s quiet, modest resting place to the 1916 movie Birth of a Nation which celebrated the Ku Klux Klan and 1939’s Gone With the Wind, which presented a benign view of slavery.

It may be well to remember Abraham Lincoln’s words as the Civil War was winding down: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.”

And not reopen them.

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22 Responses to 155 years after their capture, imprisonment, and deaths — Mayor Soglin vows no rest for ‘traitors’

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    In addition to all the differences you list between Madison’s Confederate memorial and those in other cities, you might add the fact that it is in a secluded spot, far from the eyes of citizens going about their everyday business. The only way you could be confronted by the Forest Hill memorial is if you sought it out (unlike those in public parks and other busy venues). Of course, none of this matters to Soglin and his minions; righting (supposed) historical wrongs is merely a convenient excuse for them to add Madison’s puny voice to the alt-left chorus demanding an Orwellian erasure of history–at least the bits of it they find distasteful. Lincoln’s famous line, “With malice toward none, with charity for all,” certainly rings hollow in these days of alt-left rampages fueled by exactly the type of malice Lincoln feared. At least the neo-Nazis and white supremacists howl their hate out loud; the hate on the Left is tarted up with large dollops of sanctimony and hypocrisy.

    An encouraging note in the article on Brandenburg, KY’s offer to provide sanctuary for the displaced statues of Louisville and elsewhere. I’d love to see the cowards on the Left try to impose their will on the hundreds of towns like Brandenburg that have monuments to the common soldier (like those buried in Forest Hill). If Trump’s election wasn’t enough to show them how far removed they are from those who reject their divisive ideology, taking their anti-Confederate crusade to the small-town South would certainly give them a refresher course in defeat and disgrace.


  2. Batman Lives says:

    Notice how much attention and PR our Mayor is giving to his acts of removal! Likely his political advisors decided that now was a good time to capitalize on the mass hysteria around civil war monuments. Only it is not mass hysteria but rather mass MSM coverage that belies the 62% of Americans who disagree about removal and the 11% who don’t give a shit because they are having trouble making ends meet.

    Nothing like a little obvious virtue signaling by small Paul.
    Soglin; never one to miss an opportunity to make political hay regardless of how insincere. He has become the consummate phony politician; exactly kind of the man he railed against while a student radical at UW-Madison.

    In comparison; rapes in Madison are dramatically spiraling upward but no any flashy commentary or Soglin driven local news reports about that. What is your strategy to combat that little man? Are you meeting with all appropriate people to address that despicable scourge happening on your watch? Is it even remotely a priority? Or are you at the cynical stage of your political career where you have already sold your soul and only care about personal gain regardless of who suffers.

    Apparently you care more about the decaying bones of some 152 year old dirt poor, terribly uneducated conscripted confederate soul without any perceived options, than the women of Madison.
    And because of this; you are a disgrace and a phony.


  3. AnonyBob says:

    Gotta say, I’m not impressed with the mayor’s statement. Seems hastily written, repleat with typos, to justify a hasty act.


    • David Blaska says:

      I’m going to have a heart attack.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Don’t get the vapors, Dave. I just said I didn’t care for his statement. Further, I agree with Kriewald that the plaque and graves are in a quiet corner of the cemetery, not in a public square. It’s not worth bothering with. (Where are those nitro pills?) That doesn’t mean I’m joining in and agreeing with the histrionics from you and all the other commenters.
        Now, as for all those other statues glorifying the generals of the mythical Lost Cause, erected to intimidate blacks and support Jim Crow? Pull ’em down!


  4. Go Batman Lives, Gary L. and ABob! Soglin is a hypocrite, a true phony pandering to his people – not voters like me though and certainly not working on solving real city problems like emergency detentions either or answering emails from constituents. This is the American traitor who loved Fidel Castro. I won’t repeat what the NY Times said about Fidel. You can read it here https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/26/world/americas/fidel-castro-dies.html


  5. Earl Kielley former Madsion School Board Member. (long time ago). says:

    Dear Mayor Soglin your phony display of concern about Confederate grave site memorials and statues is repulsive to any thinking person.. Always showboating, wanting to grab a headline. Where is your disgust for Margaret Sanger the woman who created Planned Parenthood. You know, the woman who practiced eugenics and implemented Planned Parenthood’s goal to abort black babies because they were “subhuman.” What is your stance against her and the Planned Parent organization. You are a racist of the worst kind.You say deplorable things about Confederate Statues that are mostly Democrats. Democrats voted for segregated policies in the South constantly in opposition to Republicans to do otherwise. Your buddy Richard Byrd the Senator from Virginia was a KKK grand Wizard. Have you objected to his statue being displayed?Hillary Clinton and Byrd were the best of friends. Have you asked her to disavow him in public? Have you railed against Black Lives Matter who sang a song in New York City Streets ,” what do we want ? Dead cops. When do we want them? now.” Of course not; no guts. The KKK , white supremacy, neonazis and Antifa all belong in the same garbage pail of hate. You don’t do things that bring people together but only do things to obtain a political end.You are the disgusting politician of the past that has to go; you simply are devoid of an ounce of integrity. I say to all black people and people of color don’t be fooled by the opportunist. We can become hated by the Soglins of the world and despised by LOVING EACH OTHER. He and people like him don’t want us to get along, but only to hate each other and stay divided. Don’t let the Far Left communists, anarchists and socialists divide us and make us fight each other (people of color and whites) with pretended concern about Confederate Soldier Statues and grave site memorials needing to be removed.. Expose them and cover each others back. May God bless the people of color and principled whites who stand with each other in LOVE and understanding not hate like our politically motivated Mayor.Sincerely, Earl Kielley


  6. Sprocket says:

    One needs only read Soglin’s statement and then read the memorial itself to understand what an opportunistic grandstanding crap-weasel he is. Being unfamiliar with the monument, I went looking for some images of the offending monument when Soggy started flapping his word hole. Given the fit of the vapors it had given our dear mayor, I was expecting a monumental granite construction replete with confederate flags, martial iconography and heroic statuary. I’d like to say I was surprised that this horribly offensive marker is, in truth, basically a mundane historical marker noting who is buried in the cemetery and how the came to be there. However, surprised I am not.

    Soglin’s actions are just another example of the grasping craven nature of our political class. They also demonstrate that no slight is too small to escape the attention of the leftie cultural apparatchiks. In cases where a slight does not exist, they will manufacture one to satisfy their insatiable appetite for grievance.


  7. FightingBob says:

    Mayor Soglin is demonstrating an unmatched bigotry against US Military Veterans. The soldiers buried there are veterans of America’s worst war and they were recognized as US Veterans by Congress. This simple memorial recognizes the lives lost by men never who got to go home after the war. It is a disgrace to remove a part of history that simply acknowledges and pays respect to these men.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    Mayor Soglin, as a Jewish mensch, when will you demand Dachau be destroyed?
    If not, why not?


  9. madisonexpat says:

    Pssst, Old Baldy, THIS is hypocrisy. Now you know.
    You’re welcome.


  10. FreeMyBro! says:

    Stop, if King Arthur and the progressive knights of the round table want to save us from the sins of the past. Then let them, If they remove these long forgotten memorials to the dead maybe BLM and YGT will be cured of what ails them and all will be right with the world. My educated guess is all it does is strengthen their resolve to rid us of all micro-aggression and fan the flames of more B.S. and empty symbolic gestures to appease their voting constituents. Maybe on the Madison Website they can put a footnote. “Madison come to visit one of the whitest most accepting city in america we are micro aggression memorial free since 2017. **
    **disclaimer, if you disagree with our policies or ideas, you are immediately labelled a racist, bigot, evil human being.

    There is no wonder Madison was the home to the “The Onion”

    Still waiting for the “Dairyland Chicks” and “edible landscapes” to arrive.


  11. Lud says:

    Soglin along with all his left wing draft dodgers and Jane Fonda traitors should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanor’s and sentenced to hang for their deeds IMHO.


  12. coolkevs says:

    If Soglin runs for gov, the campaign ads will write themselves


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  14. Batman says:

    I read the fairly insipid essay from the URL you posted.
    What is your position on what Soglin has done and intends to do?


    • old baldy says:

      I guess if the inclusion of historical fact makes it “insipid”, you are right.

      I don’t care much either way on what Soglin did. Making a fuss about the graves of 140 CSA soldiers seems a little silly, as does memorializing traitors with monuments. Historical fact says that is what they were.


  15. old baldy says:


    For the umteenth time, Lee and the CSA were traitors, and caused the deaths of thousands. Can’t you read, or do you care not to comprehend?


  16. madisonexpat says:

    Then you don’t care about traitors and mass killers?


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