The profane Unmaking of a President (or why words matter)

Now it begins. The great unravelling.

Will there be an intervention in the White House, perhaps led by Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham?

A palace coup led by Mike Pence? A mass cabinet resignation? Either you go or the rest of us go?

Where are we? Paraguay?

The Mooch alone.pngThe Trump Uber Alles crowd is silent, their Facebook posts fewer and more restrained.

Yes, John McCain is still a traitor (I blame his  health care vote on either spite for Trump demeaning his ordeal in the Hanoi Hilton or his brain tumor.) And Hillary still needs locking up, according to the Facebook bottom feeders. But no one is stepping forward to defend Anthony Scaramucci.

The Republican leaders who swallowed hard to accept “a different kind of president” are now girding their loins. Donald Trump is not draining the swamp, he’s breeding more alligators.

Who better to serve as communications director for a pussy-grabbing boss than someone obsessed with the male appendage? The profane Scaramucci talks like Tony Soprano wielding a baseball bat.

Who describes, for public consumption, the White House chief of staff this way: “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.” That’s Scaramucci, according to the report in The New Yorker. (Takes one to …)

The whacking comes when you least expect it.

A most incredible photograph on Page One of today’s Wall Street Journal. Preibus and The Mooch staring each other down from across the room. Scaramucci with thumbs in his belt like a gun slinger. Don’t need to draw little daggers — you can see them. If body language had bullets they’d both be dead. (UPDATE: But it was Preibus who bit the bullet.)

Now comes word that there was no leak. Politico got the goods on the Mooch via a public records request. Why do we make it so easy for Rachel Maddow?

Meanwhile, the Tweeter in Chief is letting Jeff Sessions twist in the wind. “Beleagued.” “Weak” Jeff Sessions, who is only the attorney general of the United States. The Jeff Sessions who was the first and highest elected official to endorse candidate Donald Trump and for a long time, the only one. That Jeff Sessions.

What Donald Trump does not understand is that Jeff Sessions has a constituency. Good on old Sen. Grassley of Iowa, chair of the Judiciary Committee. We won’t be confirming any more attorneys general for the coming year, Grassley informed the president in almost so many words, so you’re stuck with him because he was one of us and we respect the man.

Ben Sasse warns Trump, “No recess appointments.”

The irony is that on policy, foreign and domestic, the Trump White House is right on. Ignore it, David. It’s just background noise. But if words don’t matter why all the turmoil in the White House communications department? (Not that there isn’t turmoil everywhere else, either.)

We don’t need Theodore H. White to report the backstage machinations of the White House. The people who have their fingers on the nuclear button are working the Twitter “send” key.

Character will tell

The Mooch maintains he is not a backstabbler. “I’m a front stabber!”
O.K., we love the quote! 

Then The Mooch shows he has no business being a communications director. “I made a mistake in trusting in a reporter. It won’t happen again,” he said.

Wha?!!! A student council president at the local high school knows that if you don’t want to see it in print you don’t say it to a REPORTER!

That’s the other part of communicating. (Half of the Squire’s career was spent as a communications director in state government.)

What you don’t say can be as important as what you do say. Or, as Reagan adviser Michael Deaver once said, “Be a well, not a fountain.”

Allah Pundit at HotAir argues:

It’s amazing that Mooch went after both the establishment guy and the populist guy in Trump’s inner circle. If he had chosen one or the other and concentrated his fire, he would have gotten some “enemy of my enemy is my friend” support from one wing of the party. Instead he went after both. That’s either proof that he’s unhinged or proof that he’s alien enough to the right in his own politics that he doesn’t know where the fault lines within the GOP lie.

One last point. If reports are to be believed, there are a lot of unhappy campers in Trump’s cabinet right now: Sessions is upset for obvious reasons, Mattis is upset at how Trump handled the transgender ban, McMaster is upset at being frozen out on some big decisions, and Tillerson is upset at his Department being decimated and at Sessions’s humiliation. This could be the last straw for any of them. It’s one thing to work in an “unorthodox” environment for the good of the country but who wants to be part of a freak show when you’re that accomplished and respected?

Finally, about Sessions unwillingness to prosecute the Hildabeast, we turn to Charles Krauthammer: “In America we don’t lock up our adversaries. they do that in Turkey … Part of American greatness is that we don’t criminalize our politics.”

Krauthammer noted that the finest thing Gerald Ford did as president was to pardon Richard Nixon. America needed to heal. It did not need the spectacle of a former president in the dock, doing the perp walk.

The obsessive witch hunt over “Russian influence” is absurd. But it should be allowed to play itself out. People are smart, they are seeing it for what it is, a big nothing burger. Donald Trump is raining on his own parade.

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20 Responses to The profane Unmaking of a President (or why words matter)

  1. Mark Porter says:

    Agree with most everything Dave. However, I’m still a bit bemused that conservatives are able to wave away the Russian influence on our electoral process. From all I’ve seen, it was clearly there. Whether or not there was collusion remains an open question. But having a foreign government act as Russia has seems, to me, to be one helluva an issue for us to confront.


  2. Balboa says:

    I do not care what or how it was said. He was brought in to get things turned around. Rahm Emanuel was not known to be pleasant to the people around him. He let them know what he thought and acted accordingly. Reince got the job because he was crucial to get a man elected, keeping him there is not so easy he is over his head and clearly has been given enough time to know if he is able to do the job. Clearly he cannot. Steve Bannon carries more excess baggage than bellhop for the Kardashians. Time to clean house and and fire every single Obama hold over now.


    • David Blaska says:

      A communications director who says he should have been more careful in talking to the news media does NOT strengthen the team. But we agree that Trump has made some poor choices for his White House team; we just disagree on which ones.


  3. AnonyBob says:

    Jeeze, Dave, this must’ve been painful for you write because I agree with most of it. (!)
    Kudos for bringing up Tony Soprano; I’ve long thought the Trumps operate like a crude mob family business. Also gotta say I agree with the first commenter. You conservatives poo-pooing the investigation into Putin’s efforts to swing the election to his candidate? Appalling. And unpatriotic. Almost as appalling as the evangelicals overlooking Trump’s (utter lack of) morality. Hey, maybe The Mooch could be the liaison with those so-called Christian leaders!
    Hey Splat! Still tired of winning? The country thinks you guys stink on healthcare.


  4. old baldy says:

    I, too, have to agree with most of what dave said. But I will wholeheartedly disagree with the comments about McCain. Maybe when they discoverd his tumor they re-installed his spine, as he hasn’t had one in the last 8+ years ever since they hooked him up with palin.

    bal: Just curious, who are the Obama holdovers in the WH?


  5. Balboa says:

    Hey Old Baldy,
    Sorry should have include extra words like Hold Overs in Executive Branch Departments. Deep State holdovers. The heads of these departments may have changed many of the underlings have not. If you leak you are fired and if you leak illegal items you are prosecuted. Both sides… As Shaquille O’neal once said. Period . P-E-R-O-D. Period!!

    and of course you agree whole heartedly you are a liberal. Trump is bad, all liberals are good. Again Rahm “deadfish” Emanuel did the same thing maybe not purposely giving an interview using truthful language to describe to a reporter for the the New Yorker Magazine. Mooch did not make a mistake he said those things knowing full well they would be printed. Personally I have heard more vulgarities coming from Democrats and liberals lately. Bill Maher talking about Ivanka. I just do not care anymore words are just words and nothing is fair in politics. Go Mooch Go.

    Reince just could not cut it. Bannon clearly is a self serving POS. They helped elect him but again, that is not good for a sitting president.


    • old baldy says:

      You have been in the sun too long, you aren’t making any sense. Nobody gives a rats patoot about Emanuel, he isn’t around the WH anymore. If words don’t mean anything any more what you just said is meaningless. Nice job of dismissing your own argument.


  6. Balboa says:

    You are welcome and clearly you have no ability to draw on my comparison of Rahm to Mooch. They are enforcers so my statements hold value in that regard. Your dismissal of it shows you cannot see the forest through the trees.

    It is a comparison of a person of similar disdain Rahm was and still is hated by the right for his bombastic ways. But he was effective in his job while in the Whitehouse. He made people fall in line or they were brutally chastized and let go. Any president requires that of his staff so if Mooch is similarly effective in his job I do not give rats behind if he said some things that were perceived to be Vulgar and Uncouth. He told it like it is to the reporter, and the perpetually offended side ran with it and printed it up, OMG shocking. Mooch is the new Sheriff at the Whitehouse and the president will be better served with him taking on the role of enforcer.

    Cannot have a chief of staff under cutting, questioning or worrying why he is not invited to every meeting. You cannot have a person or people in there not serving the president.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Your comparison of Rahm to Mooch holds no water. Rahm was a congressman, in leadership, he knew and understood Capitol Hill. He had sharp elbows, but he knew what he was doing. Mooch doesn’t have a clue about congress or policy, he’s just a crude loudmouth empty suit, like his boss. Also, Rahm’s boss had a clue. Finally, Rahm was Chief of Staff, not Communications Director. Mooch should be clearly under the new CoS’s authority. If he’s not, Kelly won’t stay.


      • Balboa says:

        Rahm E was a Chicago Thug Enforcer through and through. Yes I know he was the chief of staff. Still is a relevant comparison. Yes Mooch will be the enforcer to what ever Chief of Staff says. He is a welcome change.


    • old baldy says:


      The phrase you are trying to use goes like this, “you can’t see the forest “for” the trees”.
      And White House in this usage is two words.

      And you want us to take you seriously? Ha.


  7. madisonexpat says:


    Obama did not have a clue, he had Valerie J. who ran Rahm (who once called Progs effing retards) and Mike Daley off faster than a woman scorned. Yes, Rahm was a congress critter so was Anthony Wiener. So? That makes them smart?
    The Russia! Russia! Russia! narrative is extremely useful to me. I will miss it but apparently not soon. It is a great barometer of derangement and credulity. Every NYT, WaPo article bloviates for 15 paragraphs before coughing up the fact that there is no evidence or citation or named source. None.
    Rational people don’t write, believe or need this silliness. Those that do are still this off balance since November. I like that.
    Here’s the genesis of the Russia narrative. On election night, the minute RoJo was named senator, Robbie “Metadata” Mook looked at Jenn “What’s Our Message” Palmieri and said,
    “We promised “Off With Their Heads” Hillary she would be president ever since the DNC put Bernie down. Now what? Racism? Misogyny? Comey? That’s not enough.”
    “Russia! Putin hacked the election!”
    “Its all we got” Jenn said. “And we sure need something.”

    The second thing that makes this story useful is …… credulity. Who believes it? Obama said it wasn’t possible and he is right.
    ABob, did Russia get into a voting machine in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio? How did Putin fail to give the popular vote to Hillary and hack the Electoral College for President Trump? Do you believe it and how would you imagine it could be done?
    Ballsy, did you believe the pissing hookers dossier like your new hero John McCain? Did anyone believe we had 17 intelligence agencies that all believe any one thing?
    Did you believe it when Project Veritas got the CNN producer admitting there was no evidence for Russian anything but it drove ratings. Or when Van Johnson called it a Nothing Burger?

    So I ask who is so deranged they need this story to be true?
    Who writes it as a true thing?
    Who believes it without any evidence what so ever?

    And ABob, if Obama ever had a clue how did all this happen on his watch?
    You’re damn right it is still winning on our side.


  8. AnonyBob says:

    Whoa, Splat the Hack! Calm down, you’re a bit wound up.
    That is quite the fantasy view of reality you have there.
    We shall see what Mueller comes up with. No one thinks he’s a hack, is sloppy or wastes his time. The biggest tell that there’s a LOT to this Russia corruption? How freaking guilty and defensive Trump and his campaign people (including his family) act.
    I’m looking forward to a lot more “wins” like you just had on healthcare. Here’s some reality for you; only a few tea-swilling extremists (and most GOP congress-critters) want to get rid Obamacare. The rest of the country thinks you’re all nuts.
    P.S. If it makes you feel any better, I’d be surprised if the pissing hookers part of the dossier is true. Trump’s a well known germaphobe. But Putin obviously sure has SOMETHING on Trump.


  9. madisonexpat says:


    I asked you six or seven fairly pointed questions and you have zero answers.
    You have no evidence after the ocean of ink spilled over RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! But you can read President Trump and his family and see a LOT of stuff. Remember when you saw Hillary’s landslide? Me too.
    Yep, Obamacare is still the law and still collapsing. Its popularity and its namesake are the reasons the Democrats run the country, per your many certainties. The only people that like it are the ones that went on Medicaid, a whole nother entity. You aren’t on Obamacare or you’d see how few insurers there are and how many swathes of the country that can’t get coverage even though it is mandated. So much for your government “market place”.
    Look what the Tea Party has done in a few short years. Eight short years ago you had the House, Senate and Presidency and gave us the gift of Obamacare.
    The rest is history.
    But RUSSIA!
    Keep up the good work.


    • AnonyBob says:

      “Did anyone believe we had 17 intelligence agencies that all believe any one thing?”
      You’re in your own strange world. There’s nothing I can point out to you that you’ll accept as fact.


      • madisonexpat says:

        YES! We’ve found a limit to ABob’s credulity. He does not believe the pissing hookers dossier. But whoops! Just when Bob takes a baby step towards rational here goes Ol’ Ballsy running off and believing 60% of people like Obamacare.
        If you believe that then you can keep your plan, your doctor and save $2500 per year while adding not a dime to the deficit. Oh yes, and the cost curve will bend downward.
        Heckuva job Barack.


    • old baldy says:


      You know what is really cool? That Obamacare is still in effect, and that the R’s had 6+ years to come up with something better and couldn’t. Nothing, Nada. Zilch. And trump promised us something way better and way cheaper, and guess what, he folded. It’s popularity is undeniable (60+ %) and trump, ryan. mcconnell et al can’t find anything better. Amazing ! How is that winning feeling working for you??


  10. AnonyBob says:

    Splat, I just said I didn’t believe the pissing hookers part. Non-pissing hookers and the rest of the dossier could be true; I hope Mueller examines it thoroughly along with all the Trump finances and tax returns. And I’m afraid old baldy does have a point. The majority of the country now supports Obamacare and the GOP can’t seem to come up with anything that doesn’t throw 10’s of millions of people off health coverage. You guys screwed yourselves with your empty promises. The free market doesn’t work for this. There are things that need to be fixed and Dems would welcome working with the few responsible Repubs to stabilize the markets and adjust premium subsidies so that people that missed out on help, like you, could be helped. But if you guys follow Trump down the rat hole of screwing with it, you’ll pay bigly. He doesn’t care what happens to anyone else, he doesn’t even know how any of this works. We have a self-centered idiot for a president. Winning? Riiiiight.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    Well ABob, at least we’ll always have Russia.


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