Name something after that President!

We understand the bid to name something in the Emerald City — anything, apparently — after the recent president.

Nothing salves the guilty white liberal more than naming a building after America’s first black president, which is why those proposing to rename the City-County Building after Barack Obama were white liberals named Al Matano, county supervisor, and Joe Parisi, county executive. Bonus: It’s a slap at the current incumbent.

But Madison’s African-American population ain’t buying in. How embarrassing.

Why, because the CCB contains jail cells!

“The building is symbolic of the extreme racial disparities evident in the treatment of African Americans by the criminal justice system of the United States,” pronounced the local NAACP.

Now, no one is proposing that the state penitentiary at Waupun be named for President Obama. The City-County building houses Madison police, offices of the mayor and county executive, common council/county board chambers, civil rights, the parks department, municipal court, the assessor, city and county clerks — in other words, the full panopoly of government.

In any event, Martin Luther King Jr. famously endured his own personal Gethsemane in the Birmingham Jail. It is part of his passion and suffering for a great cause.

But it is an article of the One True Faith in the Church of Liberal Victimology that the justice system is stacked against People of Color — even in liberal-progressive-socialist Dane County. The judges, racist. District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, himself a person of color, registered Democrat and originally a Jim Doyle appointee — racist.

Are there racial disparities in the treatment of African Americans by the criminal justice system? Probably, in the U.S. Probably not in Madison, WI. Are there racial disparities in the commission of crime? Yes and overwhelmingly, according to the data.

The hard truth is that African-Americans account for 7% of Madison’s population but 43% of its arrests for crime, according to 2016 Madison PD statistics. That is one helluva lot of “disparity” to be explained by the supposed Klan membership of Madison’s men and women in blue.

How about not break lawThe more whacked-out of our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances (a-Bob? Baldy?) would have to argue that the wealthy white folks of Nakoma and University Heights are shooting each other but just aren’t being arrested. How laughable. (Incidentally, zero arrests for loitering, curfew, or public drunkenness. Drug arrests? Whites were arrested  by a greater margin: 532 to 296.)

It’s why a 39-year-old black man named Richard Harris, coordinator of veterans services at UW-Whitewater, reached out to Your Humble Squire last week. Holder of a master’s degree in social work, Harris told me “liberalism can kill you.”

Madison is full of well intentioned white liberals and black extortionists, Harris told me over cofveve at Barrique’s on Monroe Street. Civil rights leaders who aim their fire at the criminal justice system really don’t care about black lives.

“We tell Moslems to call out the extremists but we won’t do that in our own community.”


Platinum Subscriber dross

The fake ‘Police war on black people’ — No riots, no looting, no angry speeches after a white woman, Justine Ruszczyk, was killed by Mohamed Noor, the first Somali-American black police officer in Minneapolis. The bride-to-be was shot to death IN HER PAJAMAS on Saturday after she called 911 to report a possible sex assault near her home. (Read & Weep)

It’s not just Republicans in Washington and Madison who fight each other. Quoting mass murderer Ché Guevera and the late old leftie Tom Hayden, The Nation laments: “The left is tearing itself apart.”

In order to have any chance of reversing the right-wing trends that began in the Reagan years [almost 40 years ago!], mainstream Democrats and progressives have to find ways to disagree without destroying the ability to accomplish their shared goals.

The Policy Werkes prescribes: Mitch McConnell in D.C.: put ObamaCare repeal up for a vote. Call the roll. Let the three or four Republicans explain their votes if they dare vote No.

Speaker Vos in Madison: if you want more revenue to fix our roads, insist that all 35 Democrats vote for it or you’re out. Sunset any tax hike after three years. Make the same deal with the Senate.


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11 Responses to Name something after that President!

  1. I vote to rename the CCB after one of Madison’s own, David Blaska!


  2. AnonyBob says:

    “The more whacked-out of our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances…” Why do you keep trying to drag me into these Madison racial issues? Not my thing. Oh, I’ve tangled with Splat the Hack about his and other conservatives’ naked racism toward Obama, but I don’t think all Republicans are racist. Just that all racists are Republican (if they’re not outright white supremacists, who you guys are also currently comfortable with – just check with Bannon and his President). I do think Black Lives Matter has some points to consider. After even a white yoga instructor gets popped, you don’t think the police have some trigger-happy ‘tudes and procedures to reconsider? And it was a Somali cop? How ironic. But as for Madison, I don’t live there and I don’t automatically fall in line with all things liberal when it comes to racial issues. So, lets show a little nuance here, shall we? (I know, anathema to you guys.)


    • old baldy says:

      I, too, wonder why blaska keeps trying to drag me into his race issue. I have never, and will never, make any comments on racial issues, or racism. Never. Ever. But it sure gets dave all stoked. If he wants to stir the race pot in his ‘hood I really don’t care. I don’t live in MadCity (but do like to visit), and if that’s his thing I guess it is still a free country. But that may change in the next 3.5 years if dave has his way.


  3. madisonexpat says:


    It is YOUR game. “Tangled” hell, you called me a racist because I pointed out the stunning incompetence of Barack Obama. You do worse than “fall in line with all things liberal” your RAY-cism detector is on full Rachel Maddow lunacy setting. But it was apparently not working during the Culver’s robbery/homicide. That is not “nuance” that is crap weasel evasion.
    Mind you, I’m not complaining, au contraire mon frere (hi Ballsy!). There are two reasons Hillary is not President;
    Obama (twice, he did it twice).
    You Lefties who ran off the working men and women of the upper midwest because they are white and you needed to signal your virtue by being sensitive to RAY-cism.
    For which YOU ABob are the poster child.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Ohhh…”full Rachel Maddow.” That’s going to leave a mark. Not.
      You’re getting a little excited here, Mr. White Male Rage. Let’s not have The Big One down there in the Carolinas.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Let’s be careful about how we toss around phrases like “White Male Rage,” which liberals delight in using to signify Republicans in general and Trump supporters in particular. It was an enraged white male supporter of Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump, who opened fire on members of Congress not long ago.


      • AnonyBob says:

        One outlier compared to the mobs at Trump rallies.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Rage? Hardly ABob.
    Gratitude for every day Hillary is not anyone’s president.
    Life is good.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    How embarrassing indeed! But always remember, when Madison/Dane County liberals make a gesture like this one, that’s exactly what it is: a gesture. Any desire they might have had to name a crumbling civic edifice after Obama was a pretext for their real purpose, which is to celebrate their glittering liberal credentials.. Does anyone seriously think that setting aside a room in the CCB as a “safe space” for undocumented “migrants” was motivated by a desire to shelter those who enter the country illegally? It was an invented excuse to parade their self-awarded virtue before the eyes of their adoring constituents (and one another, of course). By the way, how many undocumented “migrants” ended up in that room? If you guessed anything other than zero, you’re as deluded as the typical self-regarding Madison liberal.


  6. coolkevs says:

    I seem to remember a story about Trump getting some kind-of award from Jesse Jackson. That’s the most confused white supremacist I’ve ever seen.
    “All racists are Republicans” – let us not forget the origins of the Democratic party. And I fail to see how the attacks on everything white male have no racial tinge at all.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    I also remember Jesse Jackson wishing into a hot mike that he could castrate the president back then.
    “Mr. Jackson, Secret Service on line one.”


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