It ain’t over till the leftist ladies sing

Led by Amelia and Nathan Royko Maurer, Brenda Konkel, Greg Gobbledygook, Sharon and Andrea Irwin, 140 signatories are demanding that Alds. Rummel and/or Ledell Zellers move to reconsider the May 2 vote to fully reimburse Police Chief Koval for defending himself against the frivolous lawsuit.

Leland Pan

Leland Pan: kill the rich

Rummel can move to reconsider because she voted in the majority [UPDATED] but there is some doubt about whether Zellers can. (She was absent.) The last thing a majority of the Council wants is another kick at the cat but if Rummel flips and Zellers (also representing a district on the Isthmus) votes no, reimbursement falls short of the needed 15 votes, losing 14-6.

Other signers are such reliable lefties as Z! Haukeness, Esty Dinur, Bert Zipperer, Leland Pan (former county board and CCB break-in facilitator), Matthew Braunginn and Alix Shabazz (BLM), Susan Pastor, Dace Zeps, Heidi Wegleitner (county board). What a cast of characters!

Otherwise, Madame Brenda has maintained radio silence at her usual stand. (It’s almost too quiet.)

The smug style turns to smut talk

His opening night was enough for the indentured servants here at the Manor. We have not tuned our Philco to Steven Col-BERT since. (Where have you gone, David Letterman? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Hey hey hey!) Apparently, like the rest of the Democrat(ic) party, Col-BERT has resorted to smut. Like Jon Stewart, his smug style helped elect Donald Trump. In case you were wondering, opinion polls now show Trump beating the Hildabeast in the popular vote.

When did the Democratic party become a mental illness? For further study (WARNING: NSFW)

  • “Why Democrats are dropping more F-bombs than ever; the profane has become mundane.” — Politico.
  • “Sh*t talking is Democrats’ new strategy” — CNN
  • “Make Profanity Great Again? Cursing Is Becoming a Staple of Dems’ Rhetoric” — Fox News Insider

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4 Responses to It ain’t over till the leftist ladies sing

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    The list of persons wanting to reconsider the Council’s good and just decision to pay Chief Koval’s legal fees is indeed noteworthy. The Good Book says: “By their fruits you will know them.”


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Speaking of smug, remember the ecstatic reception from the left when Michelle Obama delivered a remark dripping in smugness: “When they [Republicans] go low, we go high”? Apparently the bar for high among Democrats has lowered considerably since then. Along with Colbert, Stewart, and other liberal pottymouths, you might want to include Amy Schumer–yes, a relation to Chuck–whose every other word in her “comedy” monologues is “vagina.” Guess that’s what the Left means by women’s empowerment.


  3. Dave, not B says:

    Being a democrat became a mental illness back around 1965 or so. Coalbert is an idiot that is only trying to beat Kimmel and Fallon. Stupidity is the rule on CNN. I think if I was a democrat, I would jump off the highest building around so i could see what the ground looks like when my face smacks it. If we allow those idiot liberals to roam free, I fear civil war is coming.


  4. old baldy says:

    “If we allow those idiot liberals to roam free, I fear civil war is coming”. Who gets to make the decision as to who to lock up? What is the purity test that satisfies you? You sound like a Hitler wannabe. Sad.


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