Psst! (Did you know that Hillary was female? Pass it on)

The curse of identity politics that has consumed and devoured the Democrat(ic) party is sanctioned by none other than its most recent standard bearer. Hillary Clinton’s rationale was always thin gruel — it was her turn as a woman. A compromised, ethically challenged, spinning weather vane of a candidate. An under-investigation by the FBI candidate. But her turn nonetheless. “I’m with her.” The woman is owed!

Now, in her first extensive post mortem, Hillary confirms it: she lost to Donald J. Trump because of her gender. The lady says so herself. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tees up this spongeball:

What does that say about the challenges that one faces in women’s empowerment, that in effect misogyny won with a lot of women voters?

Oh, sure, there were other factors. Maybe she could have done a better job reaching working class voters, Hillary avers. Her voters were struggling with “tumult in their lives” as Kristof words it (whatever that means), but “you layer on the first woman president over that and I think some people, women included, had real problems,” the first female major-party nominee for president cavils.

It was a contest between two of possibly the most flawed candidates in history, so perhaps it is natural to blame the defeat on voters choosing someone who “looks like somebody who’s been president before.” (It’s just a guess but I’m thinking Millard Fillmore.)

David French of National Review is extra special deplorable.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Nimrata Randhawa has a far, far better chance to be the first female president of the United States than Hillary Clinton. But here’s the question: When or if Nimrata (she goes by “Nikki”) — a conservative, Indian-American daughter of immigrants who married Michael Haley, became governor of South Carolina, and is now the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations — wins a presidential election, will Hillary’s friends and supporters hail Haley’s ascension to the White House as a tremendous achievement for women? Will the fans of intersectional feminism laud the ultimate success of a woman of color?

The answer, of course, is not on your tintype, lady. For, you see, Nikki Haley is not authentically feminist any more than Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal is authentically black. French explains:

Identity politics works like this: Progressives do everything in their power to explicitly and unequivocally stoke race- and gender-related resentments and grievances. Any pushback against identity politics is labeled denialism at best and racism or sexism at worst. Progressive ideas are so self-evidently superior that opposition is best explained as grounded in misogyny or the always-reliable “fear of change.” Opposition, even from women and even from people of color, is proof of the awful and enduring power of sexism and white supremacy.

Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz is right. Democrats have to STOP playing identity politics because it is killing them. Well, not in Madison, maybe. But statewide and nationally, for certain.


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