A tough election night in Madison

A tough night at the Stately Manor. Our candidates lost all across the board.

Bob Dylan sang that the times, they are a’changing. But in Orchard Ridge’s case, it is the neighborhood that is a’changing. In driveways on my street and the next one over moving pods await, one of those residences took my candidate’s yard signs. We read the obituary of another neighbor, who also took a Fitzsimmons yard sign.

In three straight campaign visits of good supporters of mine, widows answered the door where, in my last campaign 11 years ago, there had been husband and wife. They are being replaced by younger families who, being younger, tend to vote liberal. No amount of redistricting can change the fact that liberals are self-selecting Madison and reinforcing its political monoculture.

Another teachers union clone, Kate Toews, joined the Madison school board. Don’t expect many charter school approvals from that bunch.

The police bashers were returned to the Madison Common Council in fine fashion. The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes thought it ironic that voting was extended to 9:30 from the standard 8 p.m. closing at the polling place in Allied Drive — “due to [an] extended police presence.” Police were investigating a shooting. Of course.

It was thought that the presence of police would be “intimidating.” Tell me when law-abiding, voting citizens (natural-born or naturalized) are intimidated by the police.

But hey, Ald. Maurice Cheeks got low-cost, high-speed internet for Allied Drive. For that, the Wisconsin State Journal decreed, the incumbent deserved re-election. Apparently, the voters agreed. So as ye sow … 

Is county zoning opt-out in trouble?

An unreported story is the carnage in the Town of Middleton. Town chairman Bill Kolar and supervisor Tim Roehl were defeated — both by write-ins, Cynthia Richson and Richard Oberle, respectively. The issue was town governments opting out of county zoning. Kolar maintained he was neutral but sounded supportive. Roehl in particular, as a lobbyist for the Realtors Assn., got the state legislature to enact enabling legislation.

Middleton Town residents showed up in force at a legislative hearing to oppose terms of the opt-out process. The legislation’s author, Rep. Keith Ripp, R-Lodi, was considering changing the requirement of an opt-out from a referendum or annual meeting (where citizens can vote) to a specially called meeting. But Middleton’s vote remains scheduled for the annual town meeting on April 18.

Another big upset, Fitchburg turned out incumbent Steve Arnold, who is Progressive Dane, in favor of challenger Jason Gonzalez.

Tom Consigny, requiescat in pacem

We were talking about long-time neighbors leaving for a better world.

My friend, neighbor, and Blaska campaign treasurer Tom Consigny passed away last Thursday, two years after his beautiful wife, Jean. Tom was a vice president at Wisconsin Power and Light and — I just learned — a high school and college track star and all-round athlete into adulthood — golf, swimming, skiing, and racquetball. And a singer. Tom was a happy warrior; he enjoyed politics. Well, it was his profession, after all. I well remember Tom stapling political signs high up on utility poles, where they remained for many years. He and Jean had a zest for life. When I first visited their house, one street up, in my first race in 1994, Tom ran down in the basement to retrieve two shoeboxes full of note cards — his supporters from his two terms on the Madison Common Council in the 1960s. His obituary.


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9 Responses to A tough election night in Madison

  1. DON says:

    If you think Tuesday night was tough for the Manor, just wait til the midterms……………


  2. old baldy says:

    Dave: There is still time for you to hire a moving truck and boogie off to some bastion of the alt-right like Waco, Sandpoint or West Virginia coal country. Maybe Washington County will take you. But then you wouldn’t have as much to whine about, and folks in those places wouldn’t abide by the name-calling that is your trademark.

    FYI: In my rural, northern, all red county I won in a landslide for Town Chair, so your endorsement really helped.


  3. Dan B. says:

    Your previous blog about the local elections played up this fear/anger that you and your peers have. Maybe the rest of the city feels differently. Maybe it’s not because they’re liberal, but because they are living in a world without retirement benefits and afternoon gossip. The wide defeat of Steve Fitzsimmons proves that pretty much everything you’ve written about your part of the city these past six months is just false. Will free internet halt crime? Who can say? But why is it worthy of being scoffed at? It’s an idea, isn’t it? Remember those?


    • David Blaska says:

      The police conducting a dragnet around the Allied Drive polling place, did Your Humble Squire just imagine that? Madison living without retirement benefits? With all the state, county, city, school, university, and federal employees? “Will free internet halt crime. … It’s an idea, isn’t it?” How do you come up with this stuff?


  4. Rick Remeschatis says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts in remeberance of Tom and Jean Consigny. Both classy folks and an inspiration to many of us that knew or worked with them. Learned many important lessons from Tom and found their relationship inspiring. We will miss them.


  5. Dave, not B says:

    Mob rule seems to be the law in Dane Co. One editor at Cap Times says they’ll vote for the idiot liberal, so everyone else does too. No one seems to be able to think for themselves and realize they are being led down the sewer. No one wants change. They just want the same miserable conditions they have grown accustomed to. Talk about the frog in the pot of boiling water…


  6. coolkevs says:

    Not to say that it would change anything, but if only 16 percent of your citizenry turn out to to vote, not much is going to change and Progressive Dane, MTI, etc. can run the table.


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