Catch and release proves fatal to municipal employee

The Emerald City, my home these last and wonderful 25 years, is in the grip of a false secular religion: identity politics and the Cult of Victimhood.

Adherents of this faith hold that there are too many black people in our jails and prisons. Never are these faith adherents troubled by the possibility that the disproportion may be traced to a commensurate commission of crime.

Thus can a noisy group affiliated with Black Lives Matter hold up traffic, including ambulances, and confront the Madison Common Council to demand the release of (pick your number) black jail inmates, only. Name the Madison alders who have denounced BLM. Or the mayor. (For the perplexed, the answer is None of the Above.)

Instead, majorities on both the city council and the county board devise ever more clever work-arounds to incarceration. Restorative justice, first-time offender programs, you name the diversion program, we’re doing it. No, when Madison city government studies a problem, it studies the police.

So it might be instructive to turn our gaze 90 miles to the east. Our friend, the essential Ms. Vicki McKenna, posits that Madison is well on the way to Milwaukee-style violence. Our largest city actually has a homicide rate greater than Chicago’s. Peculiar to Milwaukee is the phenomenon of car jacking.

The latest victim is a city building inspector named Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz, shot to death by three young men as they ′jacked his city-issued vehicle while he was on the job.

Deshaun Scott and Qhualun Shaw, both 17, and Eric J. Smiley Jr., 21, have been arrested. All three are frequent visitors to the cop shop — always to be released by guilty judges with a slap on the wrist, often with mere signature bonds. The Journal Sentinel reports:

  • One of the teens charged in the fatal shooting of a city building inspector was free on bail after he was found in a stolen car.
  • Another had been charged four times in the past three years for illegal gun possession — in addition to felony theft, carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, and bail jumping.
  • And the accused triggerman, a teenager, had violated juvenile probation numerous times, but nonetheless was no longer being supervised by the county, according to sources.

Legislators (yes, Republicans) introduced a bill to make it a felony for anyone who has had three misdemeanor convictions in five years to possess a gun. Please do not blame poverty. The father of one of them is quoted:

“It hurts bad because I didn’t raise him like that. He didn’t have to take nothing, he had everything he wanted: shoes, cable TV, Xbox, whatever, he had it.”

But did he work for what he had? That’s the problem, isn’t it, folks? Liberals, progressives, and socialists — chime in! (Dan B., Annoying Bob, stand and deliver!)

Next time at the Stately Manor, we’ll review a similar instance in Madison.

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8 Responses to Catch and release proves fatal to municipal employee

  1. Dan B. says:

    I’m not your monkey. You want more jails and prisons? Pay for them and build them. Keep siphoning money from education and send it all to incarceration. Just do me a favor while you’re at it: Change the name of the Department of Corrections. They don’t correct jack.


    • David Blaska says:

      I.E., Dan B.’s got nothing.


      • Dan B. says:

        What exactly do you have, Dave? If there’s an idea in that post, please bold-face it for me. You’re suggesting that the city/county/state lock these guys up and throw away the key. Go for it. Failing that, please suggest that sending them to choice schools will help. Please. Or wait, will bringing manufacturing back help? I was told that Wisconsin is now open for business, so the jobs should be arriving any day now, right? I got it! Let Gogebic Taconite destroy the north woods! That will surely lead to a drop in crime in Milwaukee.


  2. Carmine says:

    Thanks Dave! Maybe you should run for Mayor. Unfortunately conservatives are way outnumbered in this town and Liberals generally just don’t have anything in between their ears. They can’t use Logic whatsoever. What are we to do. For me and my family I guess we are thankful for the 2nd amendment and the castle doctrine.


  3. David Blaska says:

    The idea, Dan. B., is we re-locate the thugs to your neighborhood. Where you can practice your catch and release. (Nice how you worked G-Tach into the conversation, NOT!) BTW: the jobs are here, the workers are not. (Or have you missed the unemployment stats?)


    • old baldy says:

      davorino: The proper name is G-Tac (Gogebic Taconite). Look on your stock certificates.

      Your former boss TGT overbuilt prisons years ago and we still have the problems with crime. You probably wrote some of the smarmy press releases. Guess those R’s aren’t so smart. Look at the incarceration and recidivism rates in MN and tell us all how we are doing better in WI. Use actual data and facts.


  4. Balboa says:

    Dan B.

    Agreed we cannot lock up everyone forever, depending on their offenses. But these 3 were clearly not one time offenders, and when they were one-time offenders they did not own up to their crimes and change their lives for the better. 2 of them were under 18 and decided that thuggery was a better option than earning a High School Diploma and the opportunities that come with that document. They instead choose to continue down a path antisocial behavior which will lead them to being locked up away from society for a very very long time.

    What does G-Tach and\or job numbers have anything to do with this current topic. I am not sure what your point is except that somehow the Wisconsin’s is currently loaded with job opportunities and it is getting stronger. Just think these kids could have had an entry level job, learning work ethic and responsibilty to allow them to take the next steps and chances in the workforce after they graduated high school. Learning how to save for the future instead of acting on hedonistic urges and lifestyles. Instead they will be sitting behind bars going nowhere fast.

    Keep focusing on 250,000 jobs number and ignore everything else and your democrats will keep losing elections. That number will be reached by his next election so you will no longer have anything else to rant and rave about.


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