Queer woman of color elected to school board!

Extra, extra, read all abouddit! First queer woman of color elected to Madison school board!

That’s the pitch a good Madison liberal contributed to this morning’s (3-30-17) Wisconsin State Journal.

“Ali Muldrow is a candidate for Madison school board who, if elected, would be the first queer woman of color in the board’s history,” his letter to the editor proclaimed.

Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Fannie Lou Hamer step aside! A new civil rights icon is born! But wait, there’s more!

If the city would elect a queer woman of color to the school board, it would evidence [verb, transitive] an awareness and a commitment to progress that Madison has heretofore failed to show … etc. etc.

Are you getting the blatant appeal to white liberal guilt, members of the peanut gallery? Are you grokking the identity politics written in boldface.

Not since James Watt was Reagan’s secretary of interior have so many boxes been checked. What, no wheelchair?

That she is a queer woman of color dictates that she must be a true blue liberal-progressive-socialist. Such is the subtle racism that lies in the corrupted heart of identity politics.

Or could she be a supporter of the Urban League’s Madison Prep charter school (jettisoned by the teachers union and its compliant school board)? She said so on Mitch Henck’s show.

Did she take her child out of the public schools in favor of a private school? Yes she did.

Her opponent, Kate Toews (pronounced “taves”) is a teachers union sycophant. That will get her elected. (Forget it Jake, it’s Madison.)

The irascible squire, for what it’s worth, is voting next Tuesday, April 4, for the queer woman of color.


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5 Responses to Queer woman of color elected to school board!

  1. coolkevs says:

    I will vote likewise. $25 for a yard sign – democracy ain’t cheap.


  2. Marsha Rummel's cisgender midget boyfriend, I refuse to be defined says:

    I’m ecstatic that I can covertly usher in segregation, via an all-black charter school (what blacks and their progressive handlers really want, keepin’ it real and all that), while inoculating myself against the charge of racism by voting for a black.

    This will keep the blacks out of the white prog neighborhoods and their schools, all while appearing like racial social justice. Genius really.


  3. Scott says:

    Queer woman of color!! That’s all you need to know. Screw the children… Well get to them in good time….


  4. Dan B. says:

    No identity politics on this blog.


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