Will Madison vote to stick Chief Koval with the bill?

Will the Madison Common Council continue its war on police or will it reimburse Police Chief Mike Koval for the $22,000 he expended out of his own pocket to defend himself against frivolous charges?

We’ll get a hint today (03-27-17) from the council’s powerful Board of Estimates. A budget amendment co-sponsored by Ald. Paul Skidmore would recompense Chief Koval for defending himself before the Police and Fire Commission. Unfortunately, Ald. Skidmore is not a member of the Board of Estimates. Mayor Paul Soglin is the other co-sponsor and he very definitely IS a member. Unfortunately, he won’t be attending. Another commitment.

The remaining six members are these: Maurice Cheeks, Barbara McKinney, Sara Eskrich, Zach Wood, Marsha Rummel, and Michael Verveer. Only one of those, Verveer, has been endorsed by the Madison police officers union. Rummel is virulently anti-cop. All voted for the $400,000 study of police. Progressive Dane is urging a No vote.

The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes look for Cheeks and McKinney to cover themselves by voting Yes tonight and No when it hits the council floor, which will be after the election April 4. They’re running against two challengers endorsed by the police union: David Handowski and Steve Fitzsimmons, respectively. So they’ve got to behave. At least until April 4.

Because it is a budget amendment, it will require a 3/4ths vote of the 20-member council. The betting line on the Stately Manor’s poll (at right) says the alders stick the chief with the bill. Only takes six to defeat.

Hounded and hectored by a shouting and stalking woman, Koval responded by stating that she was a “raving lunatic.” That was the essence of the complaint that consumed the PFC for months before it dismissed the complaint on March 14 with no discipline imposed.

The BOE convenes Monday at 4:30 in Room 354 of the City County Building. It is item #15 on the agenda.


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